He is taking his father’s name

My eldest son is getting his Confirmation tomorrow. Before that, they have to choose a Saint’s name for their confirmation. All my children were given an ‘English’ name in front of their surname followed by their odd sounding Chinese names (picked by some fengshui master before they weren’t even born), all of which are registered in their birth certs.

Eldest son is the most cincai guy and dilly-dally with picking a name. I suggested, Stephen and Kevin. But he doesn’t like it. So, my hubby did something that surprised me. He asked my son to use his name! Well, his Chinese name sounds like ‘English’ name and everyone knows and call him by that name.

Hubby said all the other sons are going to use the name. How nice! Just like some dynasty like that.

There is this joke about two pastors, a Methodist and Baptist and a Catholic priest. They were having problems with bats building nests in their respective churches’ roofs. The two pastors told the Catholic priests that no matter what they do and how they chase the bats away, these bats still return to build their nests and dirty the churches.

The Catholic priest then smugly told the two pastors that he doesn’t have the problem. So, they asked him what he had done to the bats. [tag]Catholic[/tag] priest said, “Easy, I just confirmed them and they flew off and no longer return to church.”

Bwahahaha…you see, once these 16 years old youngsters are confirmed, it spells the end of their weekly religious (cathecism) classes. So, most of them disappeared from the church altogether.

Have a good weekend to all!

10 thoughts on “He is taking his father’s name

  1. Ohhhh…. have to change name even though they already have an ang moh name from birth? What if they have a saint’s name already?

  2. Bernard – It is not a compulsory thing lah but usually they take one one more angmoh name. I did not choose one for myself when I converted/baptised/confirmed (when I was 39 yrs old) because I couldn’t make up my mind. There is already at Saint Lilliane so, I am also very saintly liao LOL.

    azhan – Usual lah, youths kan….

    Alex – My hubby’s name is a Roman Pope in 654 AD. Patron of dysfunctional families.

  3. My parents’ names are so common that I dun take either their names as my confirmation name. Even though I oredi have a Christian name in my birth cert, ic, passport, etc…I add another name, only for fun. St. Clare is my patron saint. I chose St. Nicholas as my Confirmation patron saint, the female version lah – Nicole. However my brother didn’t take extra name for confirmation even though I suggested a few long and weird sounding names. Haha!

  4. Actually, in St.Francis xavier and Chapel Of Kurnia Kristus have this program called Post confirmation. It is for those confirmands who got confirmed, so that they dont’ dissapear like those bats from the church. This will be a 1 and a half program (seeing the last half the teens will be busy preparing for spm and we would not want the program to affect the teen’s studies so they finish it half a year early).
    If you are interested and would not like your kids, cousins, nephew or niece stray away from church after confirmation, maybe you can email me and i will direct you to the person in charge.

  5. Elaine – Tks. Our church also started the class this year where all the Form Fivers still attend the weekly classes. This means my son will still go next year.

    Clare – That’s a nice name! Now I regret a bit that I did not choose one for myself during my baptism/confirmation. I wanted Karina but cannot live up to that Karina Lau’s image.

    Emmaneul – Yeap!

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