Sacrament of Confirmation. Seek wisdom. That’s the message from the Bishop to the confirmants. Wisdom is the Light. The world today is ‘something wrong’ and the only way is to seek wisdom.

Offerings. Symbolic offerings in the form of salt, light, fruits, flowers, dove, heart, books (knowledge) etc etc.

Son (the orange tie) with 43 other confirmants. The red robe is the Bishop, flanked by two priests on his left and right and the rest the cathecism teachers. Lady in light blue blouse is the head of the cathecism teachers. Psst….That’s Nicole David’s friendly, devoted and sweetest mom.

The father aka atm. The cameraman and once in a blue moon church goer. Hehehe.

You know what is the next Sacrament after this?  The Sacrament of Holy Matrimony.  Whee!!! I am going to be the mother-in-law in the near future.