Confirmation 2006

Sacrament of Confirmation. Seek wisdom. That’s the message from the Bishop to the confirmants. Wisdom is the Light. The world today is ‘something wrong’ and the only way is to seek wisdom.

Offerings. Symbolic offerings in the form of salt, light, fruits, flowers, dove, heart, books (knowledge) etc etc.

Son (the orange tie) with 43 other confirmants. The red robe is the Bishop, flanked by two priests on his left and right and the rest the cathecism teachers. Lady in light blue blouse is the head of the cathecism teachers. Psst….That’s Nicole David’s friendly, devoted and sweetest mom.

The father aka atm. The cameraman and once in a blue moon church goer. Hehehe.

You know what is the next Sacrament after this?ƂĀ  The Sacrament of Holy Matrimony.ƂĀ  Whee!!! I am going to be the mother-in-law in the near future.

16 thoughts on “Confirmation 2006

  1. Wah, very nice church lah! I received my Sacrament of Confirmation when I was 14, while my younger brother received it when he was 15 or 16, I couldn’t remember. Haha! I was born a Catholic, that means I received Baptism when I was barely 1-year-old. Hmm! Can say that I received Baptism twice, first was when I was still in my mum’s womb (when she was converting) and second time was when I was 1-year-old. Double blessing, mum always says.
    The Bishop is right about WISDOM. Confirmation means a more mature Catholic and therefore the need of wisdom. Not only as Catholic but also in daily live…especially when people (esp friends of other churches) attack our faith and practices – this is obvious in uni when others don’t understand our belief. So, as a Catholic, as in a WISE one, its our responsibility to defend our faith and make them understand, in a nice way of course.

  2. matrianklw – I do have lots of pics but am not putting online ‘cos I am not sure about the privacy of the other candidates. The Chinese Apostolate confirmants put up a very jazzy dance.

    clare – You are so right. Even I myself sometimes get confused with the news from the international media and needs the assurances from the church through The Herald to know the actual picture.

    wuching – HOI, HOI, I sure nice nice MIL lah. I fatten up my fture dils. LOL.

    JM – Yeah, our church got this octagon shape so it is very majestic. His name? Hehehe, J.E.L. LOL that’s the initials now. He should use Kevin and end up as JKL (mnopq)

    u-jean – The Cathedral of the Holy Spirit in Jalan Besi, behind Caltex (near Convent Green Lane). Blue cross at night?

  3. YAY! finally i can see the interior of the church! usually every sunday and monday night my mum drives around nearby and i can only see the door. now i see the inside of it! *wheeee* i’ve entered most Coptic churches in egypt and none in malaysia. sad kan? too controversial if i do so. sigh..

  4. oooh, i know that church in island glades…u live near town centre rite? a bit far innit? and i see the girls outnumber the boys in the cathecism…don’t worry, i think ur son won’t be missing from the church anytime soon, LOL!

  5. oops, on second inspection, i saw there’re quite a number of boys standing behind too! hehehe…

  6. Congrats on your son’s event.Was confirmed a couple of years back and did not find much Wisdom.or Counsel.Or Awe of God.Or any of the Gifts la šŸ˜›

    Bishop Selva still looks young lei.But the Cathedral looks quite small.Oh well either way, Ad Multos Annos to you both.

  7. Nice Cathedral, like the painting of the descent of the Holy Spirit behind the High Altar.

    Congrats to your son on his Confirmation, he’s now an adult of the Church. šŸ˜›

    Like the joke you posted on the post before this one..really reflects the view of most normal Catholics, little do we realise that being a Catholic is a permanent ongoing education to strengthen and better ourselves. Even priest, after their ordination still has to continue expand their studies and go for refreshers course šŸ˜›

  8. Your son look like you ha? Handsome loh. Wasted lah my daughter still very young – ha ha ha

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