Kasut cap buaya (no! not Crocs shoes) and how money-eye are you?

Aww…isn’t that the most adorable little feet? This little guy here was enamoured by those ugly looking piece of rubber in Parkson Grand the other day. Oh my God! It is RM129 (or something like that) per pair! *wipes sweats* He put on a purple pair of Crocs shoes and ran around Parkson looking for his papa (who is on the opposite aisle), “This one got expensive?” Whenever he asked this question, he would put on the most endearing smile, puppy eyes and timid voice.

I tell you. If we are not jaded parents, we would have scooped him up, shoes and all and head straight to the counter and flipped out our platinum credit card and drawl…charge it! No need plastic bag, we are wearing it now.

But heh, we are five times parents, yo! You think it is so easy to get conned by puppy eyes and sweet, pleading voice meh?

So, we gave him back the same puppy eyes and sad faces looks and said, “Darling…this is too expensive. It is ONE HUNDRED DOLLAR. Papa must work many many days only can get the money to buy wor…..”

To which, our little darling said, “Never mind, Tesco sell cheap-cheap wan.” Heh, we have trained our kids well, no? He usually get paficied with his own reasonings like “When got sale only we buy ok?” or “We go other place and see got cheaper or not.” Gee….I love that kid.

Ladies and gentlemen…Let me present to you.


Kasut buaya cap Asadi.

Buatan Malaysia.

Getah semulajadi.

Ada duit, jangan sia-sia.

Beli kasut murah

Lama-lama, pasti kaya

RM12.90, sepuluh kali

Lebih murah dari

Croc shoes!


Now, don’t expect me to give freebies over here lah. I am not paid by Asadi to lelong kasut murah lah. Do you all remember Fung Keong rubber school shoes? I think I was about in Standard Three when this was the rage. Wuah..back then, kids can get canned if our school shoes were dirty. So, rubber shoes is heaven-sent because we can wash them every day. Until….the stench of dirty feet in a pair of rubber shoes made us realise it was quite a dumb idea. I don’t know about the real Croc shoes but it reminds me of Fung Keong Kasut Sekolah Getah.

Anyway….both hubby and I have brought up our kids without being brand conscious. Probably because we can afford most of the things they wanted. Also maybe because we usually buy the best quality and not the brand name. So, thank God that we never have to deal with kids demanding branded goods. If my kid is the eldest, probably I would get him the real Crocs because his younger siblings can use the hand-me-down. But since he has no one to hand down these shoes which he outgrows real fast, Asadi will do. No one cares, really, whether it is branded or functionable goods. What say you? Do you have the insecurities and egoes that need to be cushioned by brandnames? (referring to this news) Gaya mesti ada, poket kosong tak apa.

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  1. Fung Keong! yess….the old days. wah lilian? ur zaman got Fung Keong dy?? But i dun wear fung keong that much cos we got Pallas Jazz…any of u remember Pallas Jazz? i got at least 2 pairs – 1 white & 1 black pair. White pair for ordinary wear to school & black pair for boy scouting.

    im not so brand concious to be honest. quality matters most just like you said. my parents never encourage me to see things by brand, only after working & earn my own pocket money only then i dare to venture around buying a few branded stuff.

    Is good lah to educate them about hardships in life lah, if want something, must work hard for it.

  2. Bought 3 cap buaya polo shirts in HK, for HK$30 ! Problem is the colours on the buaya fades away 🙂 after a few washes!!
    Got a few factory(real one) rejects from HK, very cheap n they are OK. Juz to show that u dun have to pay thru ur nose all the time.
    Brands are important for adults but not for kids. Get better treatment if u put on ur Armani n Rolex.

  3. i always go for the el-cheapo stuffs not becoz as if i’m gonna outgrow them anytime soon! but becoz i’m too kiamsiap! juat ask stp & qv! hahahahaha!

  4. nice shoe…even match with the shirt. But hor, i dun enjoy your last paragraph leh. Being the youngest in the family myself, i also ended up with plenty of second/third handover. Eh auntie ah, once in a while don’t forget to spoil spoil ur youngest one ya.

  5. U r right, Lilian! No need to go for branded stuff. I once wore a cap buaya watch to office where my colleagues commented it must be expensive n I was so rich to own it. I quiet quiet say thank u lah! Guess what, it was bought in pasar malam! Ada gaya boleh ler. Hehehehe…..

    P.S. Very entertaining blog u have, read it every day. 🙂

  6. haha..i wud hv bought cheap cheap “croc”s for kids fm carrefour / some hypermart also. who gives a shit abt brand when it comes to kids… they’ll rip em up only.

  7. Me too. I am not brand conscious. What is important to me is, I look nice in it, feels comfortable with it and it is of acceptable quality for the price I pay.

    Actually until your post, I did not realize that such shoes can be so expensive. Frankly, I find them uhgly until I saw them on your son’s feet. It changed my perception now.

  8. im frm the pallas and bm2000 generation. these croc shoes really expensive. @ the curve flea market, the price for these are rm299!> RM299!! i thought flea markets mean the price will be cheaper. i dont mind paying rm100+ for a comfy pair of good shoes but these croc shoes look like rubber moulds with holes poked in them. (no offense to ppl who like them though, its a free world) wat to do, i’m the miserly type who thinks if the shoe costs > Rm100, it better be a shoe i can wear for formal occassions.

  9. I bought a pair in Singapore. Those crocs are really comfortable though. Much cheaper in Singapore even after conversion. More models to choose from also.

  10. Good for you ma’am,teaching kids not to be brand conscious.You reminisced a lot about the good old days of Fung Keong, Bata badminton shoes. Those days the choice was easier then. We only have Giant Robot and Ultraman toys to look for,but nowadays, I can’t even remember all the Ultraman permutations, and then you still have to deal with pokemon,digimon,doraemon with all the paraphernalia that comes with i.e. t-shirts, school bags, toys etc.

  11. You taught your kids well. Hope I’m able to do that in the near future.

    As for me, I try not to be brand conscious. My 1st priority is the item has to look nice or comfy, then the cost, after that’s the brand. I wear POWER shoes & drive a Kancil, so how to be branded? Wear REAL Rolex, peeps oso say from Chinatown lah.Lol.

  12. When I was half way reading, I immediately thot of Tesco coz i saw it the other day. Obviously your boy knows better! lol

    I’m tempted to get myself a pair…

  13. Of course-lar brand important. Especially if the kid goes to those stuck up, high nose school like my dotter.

    She keeps telling me that everybody must gaya to show individuality. This individuality is shown through certain brand conformity.


    Atcherly my dotter know nothing about brands but she likes pictures of BABI doll etc. etc. etc. (Sorry no free advertising…) So unlike her friends, her BABI doll prints may come from one of those obscure pirate t-shirts or pants.

    Unless her mudder buy then most possibly it will come from those boutiques in Mid Valley or One Utama. (Fadder no money maa…(read stingy…)).

    No kidding one, my dotter who is now in Standard One has been collecting those Samsonite School Bags since kindergarten. She now got Turtle, Penguin, Giraffe, Ladybird and Lion courtesy of Mudder.

    I say if your dotter got No. 1 in school what you want to give? everything also give without reason or earning it? So coming December they going to Gold Coast for the third year in a row…SIGH…

  14. fire80 – I notice girls stuffs are even more expensive like those tiny doll houses. OMG, pengsan when I see the prices. My two sons wears BAPE and all those branded street wears but it is only because one great guy, BadBoyBen (a deejay and online biz man) gave them 50 pieces at one go! I langsung no need to buy t-shirts for that middle two guys anymore.

    u-jean – Everyone wears it! There is a big crowd gathering at Parkson to buy them wor….It is so over-rated.

    helen – It is real comfy la and I would too, if I don’t worry so much of it getting stolen. LOL, looks like I must tie a string and wear it around my neck if I go into temples or places where I have to leave the shoes behind.

    TehSee – Ya, he is quite a charmer.

    IMMOM – I wanted to buy a real one for my eldest son but he said, ‘Siao ah?’ and he too happily wear the cheong one around.

    Jem – Ya, now if I take them to the movies, means I have to buy the bed sheet, books, cups, DVD, shirts etc etc. For e.g. The Cars, I must have spent like over RM300 in the goods.

    terence – I saw one with laces and they do look good on small feets.

    budokid – Hahaha, the owners of real Cros must say we are a bunch of sour grapes.

  15. ajab – I too wanted to buy for my eldest son but he couldn’t care less it is Asadi or Croc.

    WMD – Crocs do look good on small feets and some girls look really sweet in them. But aiyor…not everyone can carry it off lah. Like wearing clogs only.

    mott – After 3 days, he went back to his Japanese slippers liao. He said hot.

    AhPek – I think so lah, who ask them to come up with that rubber school shoes. So smelly.

    shooi – Hehehe, we drill into him that money has to be earn.

    KGC – Hey, thanks! Wuah, your cap buaya don’t have brands on it? Actually, I wonder how Asadi differs from Croc in design too.

    Prometeuz – Aiyor…that little fella got The Cars watch, bedsheets, licensed t-shirt (as in expensive) and the whole range of McD The Cars Toys lah. Very pampered one but not all the time lah. Oh ya, he got a pair of RM120 FILA sneakers too! OMG, he is spoilt lah.

    Wuching – Foochow kiamsiapness.

    David – I buy RejectShop! Made in India, export to USA. Hahaha.

    astrosurge – It is good to pamper ourselves after we earn it lah. But like that bus driver who drove all his passengers to the police station for a body search because he lost his prized, expensive handhpone, too much lah. Why lah, go spend that kind of money and feel so sayang when they lost it. Kesian oni.

  16. I always think we are being “exploited” by local businessman : less choice to choose. Some item is just either plain cheapo or plain expensive, without a “middle ground”. BTW, I notice Malaysia is one of the leather shoes exporter country, also OEM croc,etc brand 😉

  17. as long as it’s comfortable n nice on us – don’t have to buy expensive one. We should b the one wearing them and not the item wearing on us. I also don’t go for branded stuff for my kids.

  18. heh. my parents are the ‘masters’ of not spoiling kids, i think. even now that i’m working, i still wear hand-me-downs, hehe. the only thing that’s not a hand-me-down for me is probably books, lah. i mean, why buy all those expensive, branded stuff when you can buy cheap, quality stuff as well AND have money left over to buy books?? oohhh…

  19. even Asadi is already branded. Carrefour used to sell those unbranded one for less cheaper, then, asadi came along and hijack them.

    and i can’t find any without any brand now!

  20. I got ciplak Crocs for my kids at 9 bucks! Beli fr market. Macam ini la… cari merata for same look n feel ones and this is the cheapest I can find 🙂

  21. Lol at Bernard’s comment! So true 😉

    Honestly, the “croc” shoes don’t look that good, but I guess it’s popular cause it’s comfortable?

  22. Nowadays got lots of under counter stuff. Real stuff but they smuggle out to sell still with the ori packing and label intact.

    I ask my 4y/o son if he want to wear the shoe. He say “NO! so ugly”. Thanks God. But pasar malam RM10 also can get la.

  23. i prefer to buy lots of food rather than the croc shoe..hahaha..when u are walking..did people ask u is that crocs???did people take the shoe from u to make sure it is crocs??? hell no!!i dont care bout the price…as long as i like it..but it should be reasonable la…n get the cheapest 1..huhu..

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