1) Quality of our Malaysian blogs (2) Condoms survey

I read fellow blogger’s Helen very ‘chim’ post today about some religions matter. (you have to search yourself where it is ‘cos I don’t want too many intruders 🙂 to kacau Helen) And that sort of makes me wonder why lately I write siao-siao posts that doesn’t require anyone to think or re-read to understand. Even AhPek also got into deep, meaningful, full of wisdoms, ‘I eat salt more than you eat rice’ kinda posts lately.

But I had stayed off those kind of posts. Whenever I checked on PPS, the kind of posts there sort of turn me off from thinking hard or wanting to share deeper meaning of life. What you see there sort of turn me off from bothering to even write. I am a snob. I like to associate my posts with those on par with mine. Not some kind of copy and paste jokes that never ends. Like doh what’s so funny about copy and paste jokes anyway? I’d rather log on to real jokes sites and have a good laugh there. At least those sites worked hard to make their site interactive and full of colourful pages. Not some ciplak blog with no effort but copy, paste and publish bullshits.

Then, whenever I feel enlighten and wish to sing praises for my God, I again got turned off with sharing it amongst those who makes fun of my beloved Lord. No, not the Muslims like Mahaguru58 and Menj. In some way, I do applaud both of them for their convictions in upholding their beliefs. I don’t feel offended in anyway with what they wrote because they have their rights to defend their faith and I have my faith in not taking what they said. But it is those anonymouse that blab about religion but with no direction. Like doh, why bother to challenge Christianity or any other faiths if you don’t believe in any? So, as a snob, I hate to ping side by side with such craps.

Many times, I have thought not pinging PPS anymore. But, the traffic whore in me still needs that miniscule traffics. Like 30 visits each day? Haih…I don’t know lah. Maybe it is because I have been blogging for almost two years and I expect quality of blogs, standard and intergrity of bloggers to improve but nay…I think we are much worse now than before (two years ago).

What do you think? Are we Malaysian bloggers going backwards?

Haiyor…my post very boring, issit? Then, if you don’t want to get involve in the above, how about telling me where you get your errm….

Mamak – Where the mamak gives you dirty looks?

7-Eleven – Where the shy, tudung girl dare not make eyes contact when she give you your change?

Supermarket – Where fat aunties watched over your shoulder, giving you knowing looks?

Vending machine like the above?

-somemore where else?

(ok, ok, disclaimer before I kena fried backside. Catholics are forbid to practice birth control but adopt natural rhythmic method. Otherwise, it is abstinence from sex. And no pre-marital sex. Me? I long time kena mandul by doctor because of health, so none applies to me. And please don’t question about what Catholics practice.)

32 thoughts on “1) Quality of our Malaysian blogs (2) Condoms survey

  1. One thing here in NZ is that Durex Condoms are given out free at student health centre and student or anyone who needs it can just go in and take it, although it says that one can take two only but some take 20 which is like a box,saving students a good 13 NZD. During orentation and sex awareness week,its being left on tables an campus to let student take it for free!!And if one goes to Family Planing Centre one can get a bunch of condoms for 3 dollars!!Can’t remember how many liaw.. =)

  2. I usually buys them from 7-11’s, pharmacies, Jusco, Watson’s – anywhere. Often I will try different brand every time I restock, so I can decide on which one I and my partner is comfortable with.

    So far I never noticed any cashier or sales attendant being shy or giving me weird looks when I’m paying, and neither do I as well.

    Right now, I kind of like the “Shoot! Just Come” brand 🙂

  3. i don’t bloghop as much as i used to, anymore. just to my favourites (like yours!). ntahlah… some of them just aren’t interesting enough… i don’t mind reading heavy stuff like religion and politics, but i do mind when people start slamming other’s faith & political beliefs. to each his own, lah, kan?

    but at the same time, i like reading about what people do everyday, as well. saja jer. menyibuk, haha. i prefer that to those ‘cut & paste’ posts.

  4. i blog for fun only so i never post any “chim” posts, what for? waste my time & no fun summore! thus my stewpig posts! hehehehe..ok, ok, time for some fun! i buy my condoms from mail orders so never paiseh wan! hahahahaha..if u choose to believe!

  5. agree with you on blog quality. well, considering that there are more blogs now than there were 2 years back (i’m a newbie myself), we are bound to run into copy-and-paste blogs more often. i’ve even run into a property, self devt blog that copied straight from a book that i’m reading! i left him a comment to please quote his source. i’m sure my comment would be deleted.

    on a lighter note, i buy those from 7-11, carrefour, watson or guardian. whichever is convenient. they got this new line with numbers on the package. forgot the brand ’38’ something….it breaks easily le. dont buy dont buy. and mayb its my imagination or im not ‘paranoid’ enough, no one gives me funny looks or looked over my shoulder. where can we find the durex vending machine? and do mamaks really sell them? considering they dont even understand when i ask for salt, if i asked for that, they’d probably bring me a rubber band or something.

  6. woi… i where got write deep deep post? I write nonsense oni mah.
    then hor, i never enjoy wering caps wan. I practise “quick draw”
    Yeeehaaaa!!! i’m the fastest gun in the wild wild west bed

  7. Wuching buys his Condom from mail order? HAHAHAHAHA

    Well, I guess most guys wld get it from 7-11 or pharmacist like guardian or watson…I remembered when Calvin Klein First launched its CK perfume, they gave a free pack of CK condom with it… interesting gimmick, wear this cologne and for sure you will get lucky and will need the free condom hahahaha

    Catholic Method of birth control? That’s the Billing’s Method loh..

  8. Ermm….how does one rate the quality of a blog? Excellent command of England? Superior foto taking skills? Very the sui cam-gigolos?

    Scratch head liao!

  9. Catholics are forbid to practice birth control but adopt natural rhythmic method – i’ve been told that this is also called the withdrawal method

  10. Hi Fi! – LOL, I never attend any kursus perkhawinan as I am a convert. By the time I was baptised, the doctor already tied up my tubes. But I am sure they teach all these in the Engage Encounter and Marriage Encounter formation.

    pablopabla – Anything as long as it is written with passion and real writing. Yingrish never mind. Looks like frog also never mind. Not stealing something from the net and pass it on as theirs. To know if a blogger do that, easy. Just copy what was written and go to Copyscape and paste. Voila, hundreds of blogs come out with the same wordings. Got one blogger, his Yingrish is so bad but sometimes, wah…the Queen’s English posting. So, that’s how I found out lor.

    QV – Wuching buys too kinky ones so not available storewide. LOL. I was expecting a long sermon from you but no. Phew..

    Ah Pek – Oi, that one not 100% gerenti wan. I think it is like 80% proof only. Kids – Never listen to AhPek and follow his method. He is a faithful married man mah. Correct or not, ahpek?

    budokid – Ya, it is a shame if some bloggers caught one of our Malaysian blogger for plagiarism. Lately, there’s a lot of plugin on WP to catch these kind of thieves.

    Hahaha, mamak here means the little sundry shops we have around town. I think these are rare in KL but here in Penang, these Indian Muslims open tiny corner shops selling everything.

    wuching – You buy from adult stores one issit?

    zyrin – It is like one big boxing ring out there.

    Fird – LOL, I am so out of touch! Got so funny name as Shoot! Hahaha.

    Angeline – These used to cost RM1 for three. Now it is so expensive! Hehehe, just ignore me.That is is like 20 years ago.

  11. erm i also blog no quality stuff ler. well, blogging was meant to be freestyle mar, not kah? like rap freestyling? i also lazy to get deep in most subjects cos getting deep into a subject need to do lotsa thinking n homework. thats why i lazy to think so much so i mah come out wif some puns that can perli perli or tease tease an issue lidat, esp regarding to the gomen. ya..that MatCha.


  12. Aunty: HEHEHE no..no long sermon on contraceptives…as too many Catholics around me I know do not follow the Vatican teachings on contraceptives, so it will be like shouting to the wall. hahaha

    Shimmer, the rhythm method is based on your ovulation period while the withdrawal method…err..oh dear..aunty..don’t mind ah..a bit vulgar here.. is basically withdrawing your KKC before you want to shoot…and the withdrawal method or coitus interuptus is NOT recognised or accepted as birth control of the Catholic Church..only the Rhythmn or Billings Method, which is founded by Dr. Billings and his wife which not only gives u a safe period for sex for pleasure without chances of procreation but can also assist during procreation to determine type of sex of babies you’ll have.

  13. Honestly I love your blog. Not too serious – serious stuff can read from other site or newspaper. Work like cow everyday, lagi mau so serious. Aiyah! Because we have people like you lah – make our life more interesting. At times I and Lawrence will laugh after reading your article and last time, I only read articles from your malaysiabest.net but now everyday, I will login to this site to read more interesting things. Anyway, I love it. You just say what you feel and this is what make us like your site. I saw that machine sometimes ago at Pulau Tikus – in front of the pharmacy. Both of us make a joke out of it and we start telling people don’t have to be ‘paiseh’ anymore. Can just put money inside and take – cepat cepat lari. Hahaha. Once again, your blog is fantastic

  14. mott – Yeah, the most potong stim invention of all. LOL.

    Erina – Ya lor, run there after midnight. Hahaha.

    QV – How come I never heard of Dr. Billings wan? So interesting ah? Ya, about that Catholics and birth control. Even before I was converted, I was against the idea of tubal ligation. But just before I had my #5 baby, I kena pre-eclampsia and it is fatal (for both mother and child) if not detected. So, last minute, I had to sign the approval for the doctor to mandul me or else, he said I can die if I get pregnant again. So, I thought every Catholics would look at me in horror when I tell them I had ligated before my baptism. But some said, “Huh? Really? Catholic cannot practice birth control? Aiyor, I baptised 16 years already, how come I don’t know wan?” Eheh.

    mumof2 – Save getah malaysia, have more babies. LOL.

    astrosurge – What? Your blog is one of the funniest on politicians. Blogs of yours la should go public on PPS. Not some copy and paste. Who can forget Sami Blue hor?

  15. hi, first time here

    anyway, when me n missus went for the pre marriage course, we were taught the Billings method – good thing cos missus don’t like “rubber feeling” but then i have to check the schedule for our next “bed date” hehehe. but one thing for sure, i can have peace of mind knowing i didn’t go against the church’s teaching on this

  16. there is vending machine at the garage at upper penang road. one for RM2.00. strategic location. they put outside the toilet. in case THE URGE comes.

  17. I copy and paste a lot of news about the haze into one blog so as to centralize all haze related news.

    It’s sort of my personal scrap book news collection.

    So is that wrong being a copy and paste expert 🙂

  18. Buy condom from anywhere! I don’t mind the shy / worried / shocked looks of the cashier. Just as long as he’s (HE!) not the perverted type whose fingers “lingered a little too long” on my hand as he gave me my change. Complete with “mentel” look. Yikes!!

  19. Lillian, nice commentary. I’m new to writing on the net. I write to inform readers about things that I think are worth knowing. Plus, I write about things I enjoy. Also, I write to record events. And, not forgetting, utter nonsense. In that order (hopefully that’s what readers think so too. Hehe)

    I think that readers can choose what they read. The power is theirs to pick and choose what interests them. I bookmark interesting blogs and come back often to read them.

    About birth control… quo vadis is right. Just wanted to add that withdrawal is also called “onanism” because of the record in the bible that Onan did that.

  20. Bernard – Issit? Which chapter of the Bible is Onan mentioned? I am still learning each day.

    moby – Hahaha, mentel look somemore?

    Jenny – Hahaha, that’s not what I am referring to. Oh well, the person knows what I am talking about so my post is sort of served its purpose. Good on you to gather all the contradicting news on the haze. Over here it is so gloomy and dark due to the haze.

    buaya69 – Just bored liao so cari pasal lah. Hahaha.

    u-jean – This one is along Kassim Mustafa/Maxim in Pulau Tikus.

    wingz – Wuah…you rasa pedas liao hor? Ok lor…I won’t add more lor.

    silverstar – Over here, they have having a seminar on this issue about abortion, birth control, IVF and etc. Too bad I can’t afford the time to attend to learn more about it. I really like to learn how to fit in our faith with the challenges we face each day.

  21. Aiyoh, I’m just blogging what is on my mind. I used to worry about whether if my post will rub ppl the wrong way or not lar and so on. That is why I stopped blogging for a little while. Because if there’s too much consideration and not being able to voice what is on my mind, I did not find reason to blog anymore. lol

    I try to make my blog read more interesting by going to new blogs. At the moment I’m hooked on political blogs..lol

  22. Christal – Hi! Tks! I am flattered. BTW, your surname is the same as my kids!

    helen – I know the feelings. Sometimes, we shoot no one in particular but 10 perasan. *wipes sweat* In the end, keep biting the tongue. I have lots of posts which I wrote and press delete after some thoughts. No more spontaneous already.

  23. Hi, Aunty! Since discovering your blog some time ago, I’ve been returning ever since! Keep on blogging 🙂

  24. Billings Method, as mentioned by Silverstar is thought during the pre-marriage course that all Catholics who plan to get married has to attend.

    In your case, its not a sin to have your tube tied, because, primarily, its for medical reason that it was tied and secondly, at the point when it was tied, you were not a Catholic nor aware of the teachings of the Church with regards to birth control, so nothing to be shy about lah.. just that maybe u might want to add before u announce..”hey guess what, my tubes are tied” is the fact ” but it was done for medical reason.”

    Billings Method is explained at http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Billings_ovulation_method and more can be sourced at their official website:

    FYI: Did you know that Dr. John and Dr. Evelyn Billings are from Melbourne? Hmmm..maybe that’s what Wuching and his Mrs practise 😛

  25. Lillian, here:

    8 And Judah said to Onan, “Go in to your brother’s wife and marry her, and raise up an heir to your brother.” 9 But Onan knew that the heir would not be his; and it came to pass, when he went in to his brother’s wife, that he emitted on the ground, lest he should give an heir to his brother.

    Genesis 38:8-9

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