I need recommendation for external hard disk and camerashop in KL

Quick, please give me an idea which brand to buy.  I am going to buy an external hard disk to store all my photos and kids’ music.  Super big, super kick ass, super stable and tahan lasak.  Meaning that it will not rosak for years.  But not too expensive, ok?

Which shop gives best deal in Low Yat?

Second thing -  Which camera shop has the widest range of lenses in KL?  I am still hunting for Tamron macro lense with Minolta mount. (Sony DSLR now).

Can tell me before tomorrow noon?  Please.

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  1. my colleagues recommended Boeing in Sg Wang Plaza for cameras cos usually they’ll throw in better deals, sorry I’m not sure which floor they’re at. else the shop at pertama complex will be the best bet. cant recall the name but could be selangor photos i think.

    as for hardisk, cant really advise for the brands but in terms on tahan lasak, dat one depends on how u jaga it hehe

  2. Yeah for the hard disk is sort of like the thumbdrives nowadays. All of it is about the same quality with different brands.

    My friends go for those that look really cool or slick.

    Normally sell in Low Yat separately – the casing and harddisk. Casing should be RM50-80 and hard disk depends on capacity. About 80GB can be around RM265

  3. Aunty, go to http://www.photomalaysia.com/ and ask all the sifu there. If you get any answers, you might have to call the shop to check whether they keep stock.

    Aiyah! I am in Melaka now, if not I can help you. I trash a digicam every year for my work purposes. 300++ shots a day/every day. I am very popular at camera shops. 🙂

    As usual, email me lar.

  4. I would suggest U get a DIY kit for the HDD,
    RM600+ for a 500GB Seagate HDD+RM100+ for the enclosure.

    that is with standard 3yr Seagate warranty, so problem, go to seagate direct (in Bagan also got).

    Maybe if u need, during my trip back for raya, can kirim one from SG instead.
    Me myself will need a extra HDD cos darling missus used up all my extra space, trigger happy, snapping away.

  5. azrin – I read that seagate HDD is good also. Let me check it out and see.

    terence – I dare not join photography forum ‘cos all the sifus talk Greek, I cannot understand ler. LOL, you so kerng wan?

    Jenny – I got two 40 GB and one 20GB HD in my desktop and another 60 GB in my laptop but almost all 75% full. Just like Mrs. Azrin, trigger happy, got too many pics, videos and downloaded stuffs.

    wuching – Tenkiu anyway.

    babe – I will check out Boeing then ‘cos I am going to BB a lot ‘cos my sons like to hang out at the skateshop outside Metrojaya. Tks for the info!

  6. Get a Seagate. For the casing, get a Zynet Color Polar. Cheapest ‘effective’ casing that you’ll get. I leave mine plugged in 24/7 and it hasn’t burn out on me yet.

    However, if you’re getting a huge HD (like the 500GB hd suggested), then you better spend more on the casing.

  7. Buy External DVD writer. and make 2 copy with 2 different brand of DVD-ROM. For the hard disk, don’t buy the huge one and put all egg in one basket. 200GB/250GB drive price is good at the moment.

    And remember to put hard disk SMART checking program such as HDDhealth(though it doesn’t give info for external usb drive) from
    So you will know when your hard disk going to take a long vacation.

  8. “Super big, super kick ass, super stable and tahan lasak. Meaning that it will not rosak for years. But not too expensive, ok?”

    Koh hoe chiak, koh tua teh, koh pang gji right? I rest my case. LOL. Wa pun si penang lang.

  9. NOOOO .. lilian …. u still need back up for your photographs like keeping em on CD .. We just lost a whole load of Amira’s photographs and a lot more .. all 60G of em .. go to arnet33.fotopages.com to read about poor hubby’s photograph woes …….

  10. I’d say, DON’T Use a hardisk as backup! Put it onto DVDs or something. Then store them in a dry cabinet. The type you’d keep your camera in to keep them from becoming mouldy. A hardisk can fail at any given moment. Never know when. Unless you’re willing to invest in a SCSI hardisk which is more reliable and robust which will definitely stand up to years of continuous running which bring up the question of cost=high. Otherwise, an IDE or SATA hardisk can’t give you that reliability. Not yet. Too unpredictable.

  11. Nigel: standard 2yr reliability (as long as U don’t make that yr primary HDD or C: or)..even with DVDR..same problem.. I kena Kann by HMRC for the receipts I scan 7yrs ago cannot be read by the CDRW…

    Else, I do RAID 10 Striping… and install a NSLU (external) so not to clutter yr pc. Even with SCSI, it still uses a motor, so it will break down. and DON’T buy EXTERNAL DVDRW… crap yr system, cos sooner or later, the driver will mati liao and there burnt yr Mamaboard cos the USB port surge, so = NEW PC.

    I kena with my DELL, thanks to both HP External and Freecoms.

  12. Lyza, data stored CD/DVD also have life span one depending on the disks used ranging from 5 – 10 years. do print out photos that you loved as insurance

  13. Azrin, wow, bad luck. Have 2 DVDRW in my office for 2 years, no problem yet. For important stuff, we just burn it to 2 different brand DVD.
    BTW, every 3 years, you must take out your CDROM, reburn it or transfer to DVD, because CDR dyes will deteriot over time.

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