My car floated in the flood!!!!!

We were/are/still are in KL.  My eldest son who is in Penang reported that our other car had floated up in the Friday Flood, causing the car to dangle from the kerb.  Water had gone into our car because it was knee high!  Enjin mati adi.

So tune in later today when I got back and post some pics!

Tata!  Writing from Sungai Buloh rest-stop.

8 thoughts on “My car floated in the flood!!!!!

  1. aiya…why didnt ask neigbour to move the car for u….anyway, like the saying “lama tak pergi, baru tak mari”. hope yr insured..

  2. hahaha wuching

    (sing to “row, row, row your boat” tune)
    row, row, row, your car
    gently down the flood
    if you are not filthy rich
    i hope you are insured!

  3. u-jean – Yeah, we are insured so that’s why kena flooded on Friday, Sunday I baru come back.

    wuching – True you know, it floats!

    budokid – None of us were at home and the car was parked outside out apartment grounds, far away ‘cos it is a bitch parking around our area.

    mott – Hehehe, worry not! It is covered by insurance.

    Shooi – Only a few places get it so bad.

    azhan – The only thing I regretted was I was away when the fun was happening right here! St. Xavier primary school must have had their tables and chairs swimming in the classroom.

    astrosurge – Tks! Had a good lunch in Ipoh before we actually come back.

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