Photos of our flooded car

OMG, the flood in Penang was much worse than we thought! The first thing when we reached home after a SEVEN hours trip from KL was to zoom straight to our other car which was parked outside of our apartment grounds in a residential area across our apartment. The residential homes there have piles of rubbish outside their home. We lived on the 3rd floor of an apartment so we aren’t affected but our elevators aren’t working (and it is a bitch to carry up all those luggages!)

Condensation everywhere inside the car. Snails making their homes on the car.

This is the compartment between the driver and passenger seats. LOL, a whole lot of water inside. It must have been one hell of a big flood ‘cos everything floated up and ended up on the car seats. Even our boot which is relative high was flooded. Thank God, my hubby’s briefcase with his passport did not get wet. (We were in a rush  to leave for KL on Thursday so he forgot to bring it up to our home.)

Every little nooks and corners are filled with water. The whole car stinks!

But heh, guess what?

  • The car is insured against flood
  • It is a company’s car
  • The car is due for trade back (i.e. no longer belonging to atm soon)
  • He was about to change the leather upholstery because the stitches have spilted (cracked)
  • He has a week off and has another company’s car at his disposal

And I thank God, many times, because you know what? Originally, we thought of driving this Perdana because it has cruise control and since one son is not going with us, we don’t need that much space. We wanted to leave our Ria at home (our apartment also flooded). Otherwise, pengsan mannnn….Then, kena tanggung sendiri.

My son had a scout camp preparation on Friday and by the time he got home to discover the flood (only certain places flooded), it was too late to move the car. He said the water was knee high which is VERY HIGH. The next morning, he went out early again for the scout camp. And by the time, he got home in the evening, he only found that our car was no longer lock. All the doors were unlocked because the whole car wirings konked-out liao. And he found the briefcase there, dry. Because it was placed on top of a box. Thank God! Hallelujah!

Tomorrow the tow truck is coming to tarik masuk workshop. Phew….so adventurous! When we heard of the flood, we thought of returning home on Saturday but fulamak, lucky we did not because it was a mad jam on the highway. We came back today with less traffic but there was an accident which caused a crawl between Rawang and Bukit Beringin.

Penang people – Are you all affected by the flood?

19 thoughts on “Photos of our flooded car

  1. Wah, you very lucky lah! My friends in Ayer Itam said their neighbours got washed away and had to be rescued by firemen – that was really scary!

  2. i live in between pantai jerejak and batu uban. on hill area so.. =) but i bet my best friend’s house in SXI cawangan got flooded and no one is at home since they’re all in new house in USJ. my mum’s friend lives in Kampung Melayu kena also, kesian her kenot Raya well this time..

  3. wah,so teruk your car kena. My house dry dry nia. Btw,your son go which scout camp coz i oso got go scout camp.

  4. JM – Jota-joti.

    shooi – Ya, it has been a weekend filled with grace from God.

    azhan – Ya, memang teruk this area. A lot of houses kena.

    fishtail – My neighbour said the rain came suddenly and it pours with no mercy. Scary weather we have these days.

  5. Poor you.
    My car was having a top head overhaul cos the gasket blew..thus had water seeping… but the damage caused…will be severe if U START THE CAR after the flood. meaning: whole engine gone!

    Dang! There goes my raya budget….$2500 to fix all the problems….(cash no card taken at that shop) but this raya..alot of places are flooded up north…. poor people who are already poor, kena haze..and then wham! Again rain like buckets today….

    Now the dang AIRCON died on me…MATI LIAO!
    Time to find somewhere high on the hills…. like me, nice hilly Kulim. L:)

    Happy Holidays.
    (it could be worse,thank Uncle Samy for his never ending roadworks and clogged up sanitation system)

  6. wow, i didn’t even know it was raining so heavy in Penang – an island of all things. must check my car insurance whether it covers flood or not.

  7. Aiyoh …. that looks nasty!

    Wouldn’t it be cool if cars had like emergency floats so that they can really float on water like those ducky tour buses/boats they have here? But then you’ll have to anchor your car too, not just park it, right? Hehe!! 😀

  8. Wah…… so bad har. My place in Greenlane ok leh. My shop in Tanjong Tokong also tarak apa. Phew, thank god. But, sad for you lor – sure clean all those stuff sampai siau.

  9. Looks like a blardy screwed up car u’ve got there. Lucky lah, don have to foot the bill. If not, really pengsan case.

  10. Lucky you. I was bracing for the worst, takut2 kalau bah lagi macam end of last year. Masa bah last Dec, rumah kat Perlis masuk ayaq sampai 10 inci! My parents spent a fortune renovating the house. Tapi, yg paling tak larat the cleaning up lah!

  11. The road infront of my home in Penang got flooded. My brother used 2 hrs to get from Batu Lanchang primary school to Convent GreenLane. Terrible -.-||

  12. i kena like your car before, between Old Klang Road & old town Jalan Puchong. Around April, 2006. I was driving halfway & the water came till almost reach my seats. My car look like sampan, surrounding was all muddy water.

    Thank God I could still reverse out. My engine did not died on me. Hallelujah!!!!

  13. eh,da area tht u’re staying FAMOUS for flood 1,tht time i was at the flyover near da state mosque,looking down feels lik looking at a river,da flood was so terrible no one dares to use da road except sum motor oni,wah,i think tht nite Mobile ppl duduk atas meja loo,there so low.

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