Bloggers are weirdos – Two years later, they are even weirder (wei, my 2nd blog anniversary, come wish me lah)

My very first blog post on 23rd October, 2004 which is exactly two years ago. Come to think of it, I already started on a very controversial note even with my first post. But you know what? After two years, things get even weirder and bloggers get meaner. I like!

October 23, 2004

Bloggers are weirdos

I thought bloggers are weirdos who talk to themselves ‘coz they have no human friends to talk to and they are attention seekers. But heck, I lurve blogs and stalk blogs so might as well join the bunch of weirdos.

What am I going to blab in my blog? 5xmom = is mom, mom, mom, mom and mom. Which means I am best in blabbing about my role as a 5 times mom. To me – parenting just need one ingredient – LOVE. Anything else is ‘kiasu’ and ‘kiasi’ driven. Oh no…. I do not subscribe to the two things. Or rather, I am trying hard to stay away from it in bringing up my children.

(kiasu = afraid of losing, kiasi = afraid of dying but actually also means afraid of losing)

Along the way, I had been guided well by some veteran bloggers. The number one person to thank is my sifu, of course. I am not sure how I stumbled on his blog but back then, it is THE ONLY BLOG to read. The others are just copycats. Thank you, sifu. I wish you will put back all your old posts.
There are other bloggers that I learned from. But I shall not mention names or else people will say I build cronies. 😛 But my siheng (we same mahaguru mah) was my prime enemy when we started blogging. Thanks siheng!
The fun of blogging starts when flamewars got blown out of proportion. It was super shiok to see people slinging mud at each other. I got some myself but those are what turn bloggers into real tough cookies. If you can’t stand the heat, get out of the kitchen. That’s one good advice I got from AmericanMuslim. (heh, I lost his URL though)

KSTang, a Penang blogger and the most non-controversial blogger once told me, “If we are going for any blogmeet, please don’t sit near me because I don’t want flying daggers meant for you to kill me.” Heh, I hope that no longer applies because I am trying to be a non-controversial blogger too. Boh lam pah is better than boh mia, hor?

I didn’t know the reach of my blog until last Thursday morning. I set up a blog for my eldest son and without reading the fine prints, I changed it to beta blogger on blogspot. He was supposed to get his friends to continue with the site (meant for scouts). Early morning at 9 am, his friend called me because they can’t log in with the password I gave them. Turned out that when I changed to Beta Blogger, I have to use my gmail password. Duh. So, I had to change my pw temporary so that they can do something. When I read out ‘the5xmom at gmail dot com’, this young man on the other end of the phone went, “Huh, you are 5xmom the blogger ah?” Die lah! That’s the reason why I hardly show my eldest son’s face clearly on this blog. I don’t want him to have a blogger mom. LOL. Now you know….

So, here’s to another year of kwai-kwai (as opposed to kwailan) blogging. Abuden hor, I cannot live with writing mundane things wan lah. Few days only I get bored liao. Once in a while must cari mangsa and tetak puas-puas. Cos seriously lah, in real life we are so Miss Prissy, so what for blog with the same personality? Let the inner devil crawls out once in a while for entertainment sake, right?

Yammmmmmm Sengggggggg!

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  1. Now that your son’s friends know you are 5xmom the blogger, I hope you will not change your style, but instead be more kwailan.

    And I meant it in a good way 😉

    Happy bloggiversary!

  2. Congratulation and well done!

    A friend of mine introduced your blog to me and i find it is interesting. I am not a person who enjoys reading blog but some good blog will certainly worth to take a read.

  3. happy blogganiversaraya! (cos so ngam ur anniv fall on raya) hohoho..

    eh, Lilian..go see mat rempit clip i create wan based on hitz fm’s spoof of tokyo drift song. 🙂

  4. Wah how do you stop you kids from using chor hwa? But I must say you are one ‘progressive’ mum with all you interesting terms!
    Happy 2nd Anniversary.

    P/S: warped from penang bloggers

  5. I think kwai-LAN applies more to the males! (I m not MCP!) Rather, I think she is un-orthodox in a mischievous (loosiao) way! Happy Anniversary!

  6. Happy blog anniversary to you, 5Xmom! I discovered your blog only recently, I am beginning to be a fan. Great posts! Cheers and here’s to many more! (controversial or otherwise!) 😉

  7. Best wishes and happy 2nd anniversary with many many more to come. My friend pointed your main (and other) blogs to me a year ago and I’ve been enjoying the reading since – keep it up!


  8. Congratulations!! lol

    Hey, if we ever meet, can have the honour of sitting next to you? I can wear bullet vest… padded on the chest of course. (to add inches lar…)

    I bet I can learn alot from you. 🙂

  9. hapi blog-day! keep on blogging! my routine at office: chk 5xmom’s blog entry of the day, baru start work. else whole day feel tak sedap one…!

  10. Happy Birthday and continue to be more ‘kwailan’. Wah! Really miss you leh while you were away for holiday. Everyday login to check whether you post in any new article. Everyday I switch on my pc, I must login to your site first to check is there any new article for the day. Just love reading them 🙂

  11. is it just me browser or is anyone else having problem reading ur blog? i miss it leh….today just realise i cant view it. is it becoz ted’s got IE only?? if so, then i have to sabo him into getting FF liow…

  12. Kwailan or kwai kwai,controversial or non controversial,you will still be my favourite blogger. Happy annivesary 5Xmom!!!! Luv your blog! Muax.

  13. Wingz- You sudah potong? Sayap bin Abdullah?

    Oli-Looks like many of doc’s forum members started around the same time hor?

    Eve- Ok,ok, I go tumbuk cili padi.

    JM- Kamsiah!

    Soleilina – Terimakasih

    Bernard- Baik,doctor!

    Yvy – Something was wrong with the code just now. I corrected it already.

  14. azhan -Tks!

    Erina- LOL, you meet in person and knows I am not like that but the most cincai person hor? Only over here I dare.

    laundryamah- You too, keep blogging. Once the blog is a few years old, it is fun to look back and reassess ourself.

    budokid – Aiyoh, I dem kembang like that. Tenkiu!

    helen – Aiyor, I show you my lebam-lebam next time so you know how to avoid.

    Fabio – I where got KL wor, you don’t bluff my readers lah wei.

  15. doc -*gives 3 cups of tea*

    Jason- Tks!!!!

    mott – But I pick up my share of ‘haters’ wor. That at least makes me proud la, got a little sizzle.

    moby – Thanks a lot!

  16. david – There is another one- sehmor.

    Ahpek – Yalor, old ginger mah. But we also get more patience mah.

    Wormie – Hehehe, in real life I no cuss so often wan lah. And kids nowadays all their mouth very ‘busuk’ wan. I used to have kids from the school dropping by after school. I notice if the parents control more, they cuss more behind their back. So, I give mine freedom so they don’t do it behind my back. Hahaha.

    astrosurge – Ok,ok, I baru come back sure to visit now.

    crazygrrl – Tenkiu

    CL- I hope I can continue to churn out stuffs like right now.

    Cy – I don’t think I will. But I do think twice now ‘cos dun wan to be bad influence all the time.

  17. YYYAAAAMMMMM SSSEEEEENNNNNNGGGGGGG!!! Happy 2nd anniversary!!! I can’t remember when I started blogging di but ever since then, my life’s been nothing but about blogging. Siow liao!!

  18. happy blogirthday! with more than a thousand posts under ur 5xmom’s belt, this blog is very matured for its age!

  19. ah, october 23rd! i remember last year punye anniversary. happy blogday! here’s to more lilian-like posts and lilian-like photos!

    not to mention the the good ones like crazy neighbours and pix of ah lians at the supermarket.

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