Of tow trucks, insurance and how TV3 irks me (all unrelated, of course)

This is the tow truck from the movie The Cars. The name is Tow Mater and is Speed McQueen bestest friend. With a goofy guy like Tow Mater, you sort of forgive those aggresive blue and green hairs Ah Bengs and believe that every tow truck operators are nice guys.

Chewah, penuh bergaya! Toddler is of course so thrilled to have a REAL tow truck towing our car away. He insisted to take his photos and even videos.

Another shot. Ok, those are the good vibes of the post today.

Now, the bad vibes. I happened to tune in to TV3 and watched the 8pm news. At first, they showed our ex-PM, Tun M. I listened to all that he said. It makes sense. Tun M said something like, though we may not believe, whatever he is doing, he is doing it for UMNO to save it from bad leadership.

Then……the interviews with all the Ministers, DPM and even a quote from one Sultan. “Kalau nak pencen, pencen sajalah. Buat apa bising-bising lagi.”

Doh! This is the first day of Hari Raya. It is about forgiveness. And respect. But we have young men kutuk-ing a leader that is not only respectable but senior as in old. Whatever happened to all those virtues that we Malaysians and especially Malays are taught? Hormat orang tua? These young men probably may not realise it but their characters are very harmful to our young generations. Imagine a small kid whom probably had been waving flags at every Commonwealth Game, Merdeka and etc, giving respect to [tag]Tun M[/tag]. Now, this kid is watching a very, very much young man kutuk Tun M and get away with it. What kind of message do you think the child will receive?
I don’t care much about the political side of things but I do care what kind of behaviours our children see on TV. We certainly do not want a generation of kurang ajars and ular dua kepala, do we?

15 thoughts on “Of tow trucks, insurance and how TV3 irks me (all unrelated, of course)

  1. My favourite line of Tow Mater is when he asks McQueen: “Is your name Mater too?” xD

    On the Tun M-PM feud, their meeting was supposed to end with forgiveness b4 raya. Unfortunately, our hopes were too high.

    Your son’s kasut cap buaya actually looks nice in the 2nd pic.

  2. hope you’re enjoying your hols there and your kid looks really cute indeed 😉 as for the other part of your post, i couldn’t agree more to be honest 😉

    Cheers!!! 😀

  3. his kasut is so blueeeeeeeeeeee!!! so gaya one!!!

    as for the other thing… ntahlah, i don’t know what’s gotten into malaysians these days… -sigh-

  4. wuching – With your face so ‘rusty’ (seh sien), you will look like those Ah Bengs lah. Very fitting. hehehe.

    ahpek – I think you missed the show of those double-headed snakes. If you see, you also naik api wan. Fuwah, last time bodek, now kongkek. I don’t care about their politics but those kind of behaviours shown over prime time TV is very disgusting. It sends out message that it is ok to bite the hands that feeds you.

    mott – He dem shiok and thrilled to see the tow truck. Insisted we follow the tow truck right up to the workshop. Hahaha.

    azhan – LOL, no lah, he very big liao. It is from my car. When they tilted it up on the tow truck, the water came pouring out from the exhaust pipe.

    u-jean – It came out with those words and a photo of the Sultan of Johor.
    zyrin – We are getting more like the US lah. Can kutuk without regards wan. Sudah hilang budaya.

    terence – Hehehe, you also gaya kah? Wah… BTW, the insurance adjuster on holiday and will do the valuation in another few days. By then, the whole engine sure karat until total loss liao. The gears jammed, the doors jammed, semua koyak.

    Hyelbaine – Hey, it is always nice to see you around. Cheers to you too.

    CY – The whole gang used it to benefit them instead.

    Adam – Ya, the meet makes it worse, I think.

  5. hmm at first i thought that the rest of the Malays will follow suit kutuking Dr M but one of my fren message me while the news is showing, saying that it is sad to see that in tv.

    Well, all is not lost then.

  6. I believe Dr M has his rights, but of course, some are correct in saying that it should be done in private lah..but bottom line, they should show some respect and instead of talking so much against Dr M, perhaps go and talk to him privately, I mean, if you want him to settle things in private, go and see him privately and tell him don’t do it lah, rather than blabbing it on TV and making things worse

  7. chewah, ur toddler is growing by the months…his features are getting sharper each time i see his pic!

  8. sooi sooi – I also think so too. But that means, my baby is all grown up and I cannot smell that baby face like I use to. Aww..you will understand me in a few months.

    QV – Ya, if they have any decency. Which there is none.

    lovepixie – Hehehe, I think in general a lot sympathise due to his age, his position and his 22 yrs.

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