Peeping Toms

I don’t know if you all have encountered Peeping Toms in your life. You see, there are some people who have no jobs and spent their time peeping. This is especially so in rural areas.

So, once upon a time…when I was about 21 yrs old, I went to Pulau Perhentian with my ex-boyfriend and new boyfriend. We went with a bunch of auditors, ok? Not happy threesome, ok? Back then, Pulau Perhentian has no water, no resort, no electricity (except at night and only illegal fishing boats to ferry us there.

Think ulu, really, really ulu.

(This is not Pulau Perhentian but good ole Pulau Pinang. Photo taken this afternoon. But I sort of remembered this old story.)

So, the new boyfriend (who is my husband now ok?) and I went phaktoring by the beach. We sat down and beromen. As in talking lah! You know lah, new boyfriend got plenty of things to talk mah. So, we were very engrossed kelentong each other up.

As you know, beaches have huge bolders and we were sitting down amongst boulders. From my angle, I notice a bunch of locals creeping up on us. They were waiting for some hot romance, you see. And they creep, creep, creep closer and closer. Slowly, hiding behind the big boulders.

And then….

Do you know that this yellow flowers grow on swampy areas? They are found by the beaches. The tree is very huge and very berimbun (shady). But there are lots of caterpillars dangling on them. Just today, one greenie, crawly, caterpi stucked to my t-shirt while we were trudging through the swampy area to reach the beach. Ewww…I shake and shake but it sort of stucked to my shirt. Oh did I tell you that while we were at the beach, under the hot sun, my eldest son called. All my kids went to the beach with us but he stayed home. He said, “The flood alarm has gone off again!!!!” This time, the rain was very heavy and the roads started to flood again. So, the guards rang the alarm. Turned out to be false alarm though ‘cos the rain stopped after a while. We rushed back, hoping to snap some dramatic photos of those grandly renovated, semi-detached houses flooded. You know…their Mercedez masuk air and their rosewood furnitures floating in the water….Ok, ok, I digress….

SO WHAT HAPPENED TO THOSE PEEPING TOMS???!!!!???? at Perhentian Island, 21 years ago?

Hehehe, back to the story, ok? So, they were standing very, very close to us, the lovebirds. They peeped. It annoyed me. But my boyfriend wasn’t aware because he was turning the other way. When one is walking on beaches, you can’t hear footsteps. With the waves roarings, he can’t hear a thing. With such a beautiful girl, right in front of him, he probably had lost his senses. Only see leng lui mah.

I stood up in mid-conversation, put my hands to my waist and shouted, “Apa tengok-tengok, tak pernah tengok kah?” (what are you looking at? never seen before?)
It got everyone surprised. The boyfriend. Those Peeping Toms-wannabe. They scrambled. And until today, I am still amazed at my ‘auntie-mode’. Heh, with a girlfriend like me, who needs muscles and brawn? *those were the days*

Now, back to the present time. A couple of weeks ago, we went to Queensbay Mall area where the Jusco shopping mall is coming up. It was a very dark place as most of the shophouses aren’t open yet. So, we went to have some food at this Shanghai dimsum place. After ordering our foods, my two kids went to the next door to look at some precision machines (duh, males and their love for machines). Both came back, giggling. One of them couldn’t contain his little secret and after a while, blurted out. “Mom… know….just now…we saw some people kissy-kissy in their car. Afterwards, their car also can shake-shake.” I gave them a killer stare but also found it funny but brushed it off and did not want to give them too many chance to merepek. They thought I did not believe them and asked, “You don’t believe? Give me your camera, we go and take video for you.” (Hell, of course I did not allow them to go back and check what happen next lah!)
So, moral of the story : Peeping Toms nowadays no longer just peep. They take video. So, don’t pway-pway hor? Don’t kiss and end up on You-tube.

11 thoughts on “Peeping Toms

  1. Lol aunty. I thought you were gonna twist the story by making the caterpillars the peeping toms. Actually, peeping toms are ppl who sneak into private places. If the car shake shake in public, then it’s not called peeping tom, right? šŸ˜‰

  2. Ahpek – Haiyor, dun spoil my reputation la. i told them,” If you all go check somemore, tomorrow both your eyes sure bengkak! Or later, the man pulled you into the car and kissy-kissy you. Bwahahaha.” I talked to my kids to beware of men!

    wuching – Yahor, you make it your profession liao.

    CY – Ya, that one is a blatant disregard for public places.

  3. If people do in private and got people come and sneak sneak and watch.that’s peeping tom..if people do in public and car shake shake..that’s exhibitionist šŸ˜›

    Good story though..something to start my first day at work after the Raya break with a good laugh

  4. Hahaha.. even handphones can be used to take video. In fact, these videos are probably most often taken with a handphone.

    p.s. Auntie, you went with your ex-boyfren and new boyfren together ah? Jialat!

  5. Hi just looking at yr blog think it is cool… like yr stuff man! like those pictures of food hope the dieting worked.

  6. One time I was out with my 6 year old cousin when we saw a couple kissing. She started yelling, “I can see you, you know!!! Stop that!!! You should just go home and do that!!!” Luckily the couple went in their car and didn’t hear her.

  7. wah..can become “Kwan Ku Low”, i mean “Kwan Ku Lian”…story have suspence wan..But i have a good laugh though..


  8. aiya, 21 yrs ago they din have vcd or internet to watch porn…so the pantai was their best bet,hahahah!

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