Techie mama updates

Hey folks, have you upgraded to [tag]Firefox 2.0 [/tag]yet? (I’d prefer the previous version though.)

Have you installed[tag] Internet Explorer 7.0[/tag]? (I like! 70% of my surfers use IE so I probably am going to go along so that I know how my sites look on IE. BTW, they have phishing security now. Oh ya, I use only licensed Window XP so I can upgrade, kut? Cos they asked for validation. I don’t know about errm…other versions.)

Do you notice that I have put in ‘Get this blog by email’ box in the sidebar? (I don’t know if it will end up as spams, though. But it is from Squeet/Feedburner so I hope it is ok.)

Do you know that I am putting up recipes for download? Go get the first of my series.

Are you aware that I have specialised search engines on my blog? You just need to make one search and all my 10 (or is it 12?) blogs will appear on the results page. (check the sidebar)

Do you notice that I had taken down some Google Ads placement? I have tracked and notice they hardly get any clicks, so I took them away. I listened to my dear readers so I won’t torture you with too many ads. (But hey, I need 30GB so someone has to pay for it, using the ads, I mean.)

You may notice the very bright TextLinkAds banners on my pages. Take my word for it, TLA rawks! I earned over USD500 this month. And I do not have to worry kena sabo. So, if you have a blog hosted on your own, do sign up. I hope TLA pays you well too.

I have said it and I am going to say it again. Sometimes, I do blog for money. But only in my parenting blog because no one cares anyway. Hehehe, there are hardly comments so I suppose no one reads. I get like USD12 per post which is sometimes only 200 words. I sold my soul for US dollar, meikam, beekim, and I tell you so!

Recently, I threw my Netgear router and got myself a Linksys 2.4GHz with SpeedBooster. Woohoo, now I can write even faster because I do not have to wait for the anal-retentive sites to load. And my laptop which previously doesn’t work with the Netgear (b series) can now get the wi-fi signal even in my toilet. Yeah, my kids tried it.

One last thing – For the past few days, I have not been able to auto-ping PPS using my trackback on WP. I put it in the list of pings and also none of my posts get through. I am beginning to suspect that PPS hates me and had banned me. I signed up with a new name, new blog and still, the ping URL won’t work. Oh WTF, I will just ping manually and I am sure the next seconds or two, all my old posts are going to flood PPS. Who gives a shit anyway ‘cos so many bloggers are double and triple pinging the same old posts over and over again for days. So, what’s a few more, right?

Is that techie, or what? Hmm…should I find a new name?

18 thoughts on “Techie mama updates

  1. melvin – Hehehe, read and understood. But hor…I am far from owning an e-store so it doesn’t worry me. However, I like the clean look of IE7. Especially the fonts.

    Keen – Only manually. But the funny thing is, one fine day, the old posts will ping themselves if I happened to edit some old postings. Duh. Give up already with PPS pinger.

    Shooi – šŸ˜›

  2. That’s techie, first time here and first time knew that a mum is so techie. Haha…that’s good ! Wonder when will my mum start to blog…

  3. Gua really marvel at your capabilities lah. Good cook, good photographer, techie, mother, advisor etc.

    P/s: I wanna ask how you get the “gmail” icon for your email?

  4. Wuching…do u need to ask what the kid was doing with the lap-top in the toilet…all guys know the answer lah…. šŸ˜›

    Wah!! So techie lah aunty today šŸ˜› well, the page looks very bright and less cluttered but as I said earlier, whatever that suits Aunty’s convenience so that she can write more wonderful stuff, its all up to her to decide what she want to put in her blog and what advert she wants to put up.

    Wuching…u know what the kid was doing with a laptop in the toilet? Aiyah..don’t get your hansap brain working overtime lah…he was in the toilet with the lap top cos he was too engrossed with his online computer game and thus can’t even afford to stop it even when he has to go for a bit of poo poo šŸ˜› hahaha

  5. Why so fast upgrade to IE7?? Bound to have patch files wan..

    Wa..USD500 pm is a motivation for me to start a blog..

  6. i like firefox old one better somehow. but i stop heart-ing IE because give me headache last time and I use pirated windows so kenot upgrade dee =P

  7. I use Opera 9, IE7 and Firefox 2.0… but then a lot of the extensions i use kenot work with firefox 2.0… kena sabo liao. Have to wait for the updates for the extensions. šŸ™

    Tried Opera? My favourite.

  8. Thanks for the info about the new Firefox version. And to think I was the first in my (previous) entire organisation to use the browser. Not good for my reputation.

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