On the PM, The Star and MOH and those pigs

I woke up this morning at 8 am (which is like 5am your time 😛 ), all groggy and made my way to the kitchen to get a bottle of milk for the kid. The day’s paper is usually placed on the dining table and usually, I will scanned through the headlines. I thought someone was stung by bees or bitten by snake with the title “Doses of Venom”. Then, I head back to sleep.
I had to make a second trip because my toddler found that I did not make exactly 4 oz of milk but only 3 oz. Ish, picky, fussy, finicky kid. He demanded me to make “NEW ONE”. So, got my butt out to the kitchen again to add some hot water to touch the mark of 4. But I cannot go back immediately because he will know that I did not ‘make new one’. To trick him, I lingered to read the full news. I am thoroughly shocked with the actual news.

Caption : Hi! My name is Venom. I used to run a country for 22 years. Now, I moonlight as Venom and my arch enemy is….NO! not Spiderman. Guess again?

Is our PM being spiteful? (read from 4896 a statement from Dr. M on Malaysia-Today)Or is it The Star Publications making these up to sell more papers? I know a couple of guys (gals) in The Star and they are some of the nicest people I know. The Editor, Mr. Koh (I don’t know who is the main Ed now) had once helped me in some issues. Why did The Star come up with juvenile headlines like these? Why did they go to the level of the vernacular papers? Mr. Editor of The Star, remember that many of your readers have the intelligence to make up our mind to an issue without needing the newspapers to lead us on. If I need titles like these, I can just go to the wet markets and talk with the bunch of housewives. Doh!

Now, the lembik attitude of the Ministry of Health. Datuk Seri Dr. Chua, you have been pwned by a couple of pigs. I am thoroughly disgusted with the way the various ministries are handling the matters. Pig rearers and butchers are making a fool of the Government. Your lackadaisical, tidak apa attitude are putting risks on our health. How difficult is it to nail a couple of irresponsible, money-eyed pigs’ rearers? Datuk Seri Dr. Chua, how can you say on national papers that ‘Ini daging babi gua mya section, itu babi hidup Ministry of Agriculture mya pasal, itu kandang babi Ministry of Local Housing. Gua tarak boleh buat apa.” (It sounds to me like : lu orang cina makan babi penuh beta-agonist kena cancer, pi mati, gua tarak peduli. Oklah, I made this up.) The point is – Whatever ministry, you are all part of the Government and Government is suppose to take care of its voters’ health. Not subject us to cancer just because all of you are not well co-ordinated, dude.

Minister Datuk Seri Dr Chua Soi Lek said monitoring the use of beta-agonist was complex and involved many levels in the food chain.

“At our level, we monitor beta-agonist in pork while the Agriculture Ministry monitors the substance in pigs in the farms, before they are slaughtered,”

Dr Chua said there was also difficulty monitoring the use of beta-agonist in pigs due to religious obstacles. (link)

And to those pig rearers who feed the pigs beta-agonist, a cancer causing agent, to make the pigs grow 20 days faster and less fatty, I hope you remember to put a bowl of blood and a sharp cleaver under your bed when you are about to breathe your last. (It is believed that pig rearers and those who slaughter pigs have heavy debts to pay for the killings and usually, they are believed to suffer before dying, hence the bowl of blood and cleaver is to hasten and make it less painful. Now, it is not my curse but this is what most people told me.)

Haiyor! Correct or not?

15 thoughts on “On the PM, The Star and MOH and those pigs

  1. Using words such as ‘venom’ will only poison the readers’ mind further on the whole situation. What will the rest of the world think of this country with two leaders who are shooting one another down relentlessly??

  2. the ministries are territorial like wolf packs. they run autonomously sendirian berhadly. so the esprit de corp & camaraderie is basically non-existant in their modus operandi.

  3. Yup, the PM said Venom.. he was equating Dr. M’s attack on him as Doses of Deadly Venom..so…do we have the anti-venom or is the PM going to die due to it?

    Mind you, The arguments that Ministers and YB’s have raised on this matter is getting more and more ridiculous…some are saying that it is the view on one individual that the Govt is doing badly and not the views of all M’sian and we also have the Sultan of Johor saying that Dr. M should act like a pensioner…hmmm..Well, Dr. M, in his capacity as the Leader of the Perdana Leadership Foundation, who studies the contributinos of past leaders to the development of Msia, he speaks not only with 1voice, but is echoing the sentiments of a lot of majority grass root people who are personally getting sick and tired of the state of the National Economy, the continual problems, price fluctuations, increase in cost of living under the Leadership of the Prime Minister Abdullah. Furthermore, can we honestly say that we are progress under Prime Minister Abdullah? I don’t think so, all I ever see on television that the Prime Minister Abdullah seems to speak about is Moderate Islam and his Islam Hadari Principles and the most regular news we have on our National News is the highlights on Toilets!! So, wldnt you agree with Dr. M that there is something really wrong with the current Government when the only thing we can seem to talk about all the time (apart from blasting Dr. M) is Islam and Tandas? Are we a country of Islam and Toilets?

    As for the matter of the of the “Babi” well..that’s the case of our Malaysian beuracracy under Prime Minsiter Abdullah, where nothing seems to get done cos everyone is passing the buck around and no one seems to want to get the responsibility of doing something. Anyway..this Dr. Chua, Minister of Health, is one of the most useless Minister of Health I have ever seen, take for example the HFM illness in Sarawak, up to today, there is no end in sight in Sarawak, children are still admitted to Hospital because of it and he is doing nothing about it or have even said anything about it. Its a case of, the less I talk about it,maybe it will go away.

    I have no confidence in the Government of Abdullah Badawi and his Cabinet. Its time to vote them out..don’t u agreee….??

    (My next posting will be from ISA detention camp in Kamunting…anyone want to join me and plant vege’s?? hehehe)

  4. i was wondering abt the venom word too…sounds very erm, venoumous. maybe star translated what the pm said from bm?

  5. Dr. Bernard – You also dunno ah? Haiyor…die lah, our Ministry of Health said can cause cancer mah. *off to Google* Chey….only asthma treatment only wor. My kids had a lot of that la. Ventolin was like their oxygen only wor. So, who is telling us lies? The MOH? That means I am going to eat my tau yew bak now without worry lah.

    alex – Yes, pasti Boleh.

    QV – You masuk, dun tarik me sekali masuk air wor. You got read what our ex-PM said about people who kutuk?

    astrosurge – Wuah, it takes me three times of reading to understand. hahaha.

    Gallivinater – Yeah, sad to say it is so true. The other day I almost puked my breakfast when they showed this bloodied robber and victim who hacked each other. In full colour somemore. Cilaka betul.

    bkworm – Yeah, it looks so petty. And it involves not only two of them but the whole bunch including royalties.

  6. wah apa pasai wan to kutuk Super M? he criticize pak lah so pak lah must ikut nasihat la. sudah buat silap ngaku saja la. so kejam lah the current people supporting pak lah around up there. Super M kena serangan balas. iskh.. actually ah, when Super M turun he should have become Senior Minister a.k.a. Minister Mentor like Lee Kwan Yew. kan senang? haiyah..

  7. i doubt they’d pursue the beta-agonist matter. used on pigs ma, the *coff*majority dont eat pork so why should they bother?

  8. This is more humorous than the Taksin-cabut-lari-to-London thingy coz, well, this Pak Lah and Dr. M cat and dog fight happening right at our own backyard. Really men-sia-soi-kan leh doing it publicly. But then hor, Malaysia Boleh mar, apa-apa pun boleh, so…faham-faham sajalah!
    ‘Ini daging babi gua mya section, itu babi hidup Ministry of Agriculture mya pasal, itu kandang babi Ministry of Local Housing. Gua tarak boleh buat apa.’
    Love this bit!!!

  9. ok, let’s eat wild boar then. that one…sooo deliciously tender..that kampung “choy yin” pig!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  10. I don’t read the papers as much nowadays. Unless there is one lying somewhere… I’ve not read today’s headlines, but after reading your post, I will. 🙂

    I’m now heading to your gadget review to check out your take on the digital cameras.

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