Sata, HDD, seagate, great legs and api

External Hard Drive
What is SATA? The computer shop told us it is the latest technology and computers will be using it instead of USB. It is supposed to be faster than USB. My 3 yrs + Dell desktop is still using the old version of USB. Whatever lah. (I will Google it later) So, we bought a Seagate external hard drive, 250GB with Smart Drive external casing. Around RM400. Three years guarantee and another two years back-up service.

Muscular legs

I couldn’t resist this pair of legs and bought it. But my son whom had read Rojakz, refused to have anything to do with it. Now, instead of ‘thin kai chook’, I have to fry it with dried chillies, ‘kung po thin kai‘ for my own consumption. Look at those muscles. Ooohh…. Can’t wait till dinner when I devour them.


Thank God for civic-mindness like this young man. The roti canai stall was on fire and there was a tank of gas nearby. No one dares to go remove the tank of gas. This guy used a water hose to try to douse the fire but it keep spreading.

The Bomba is just a few roads away so I guess someone would have called them because the fire gets bigger and bigger. Of course, I cabut after taking a few pics from inside the car. But not before my atm asked me if I want to get down from the car to take better pics. Choy…I may be curious and need some photos for blogging materials but I am not the sei phat phor who stands and waits for the gas tank to explode and kill a few people nearby or wait to see the row of shophouse razed to the ground.

Roti api, anyone?

14 thoughts on “Sata, HDD, seagate, great legs and api

  1. Crap! Latest computers using SATA instead of USB?

    Well, SATA is only applicable to HDD. How can the computer shop makes a substitutionary relationship between SATA and USB??? And he dare sounding like USB will be replaced with SATA some more….. ah dui~~~~~

    Sometime, I really want to laugh listening to the craps from some less-IT-literate computer shops; they just simply say something without really understanding what it is actually

  2. Wahh, ur hubby also very supportive of ur blogging woh. If mine, he’d cepat-cepat drive away lest i contemplate stopping to snap away, lol.

  3. actually’s like the star-lrt that was hanging off the rails. People actually stood under it. Next to it was a TNB Substation, if the train fell, hor..the KA-BOOM lA!!!!…ppl here a bit slow one…

    “eh..tengok tu…wahhhhhhh…’tu lrt…wah..macam nak jatuh..bahayanya!” they edge closer and closer to check out the scene !

  4. Where can you find “tin kai” in Penang? I have been trying to look for it. Usually I get my supplies imported from KL via my mum.

  5. Wat a juicy piece of irresistible frog legs!!!!
    That pic obviously made me salivate!!!
    Haha! Anyway, typically Malaysians just love to sampat near near an event just to get the FIRST-hand news and ‘saksi-dengan-kaca-mata-sendiri’ anything that would be going to be on the news. Probably the kiasu virus had long infested us lor…so cannot blame us for being PEKA TERHADAP ISU-ISU SOSIAL DALAM MASYARAKAT as one of the nilai-nilai I used to studied in Pendidikan Moral when I was in Form Five. Don’t accuse us for being ignorant and do not practice what was taught in school. We do!
    Haha! I’ll do the same. Move even closer and snapping away happily…buat bodoh till someone with authority come and halau lah! Then smile and cabut lor…no need to pay wan wat…who knows can sell the pics to the press for some bucks…=>

  6. azhan – Dunno lah, happened kat Beach Street. I cabut already ‘cos today’s sun so hot.

    shoppingmum – Hehehe, anything for blog topics.

    Clare – Ya, we are always drawn to tragedies and stuffs like magnet. And then, pok-pek behind. You know…the other day the person who jumped and died at One-Stop (a shopping mall). First we heard a woman. Then, another shop told us it is a man who came across from the hospital Adventist. Now, we also dunno male or female that died. ‘Cos both versions also dramatic.

    WMD – Try Pulau Tikus market or Air Itam market. Air Itam market sure got. Near the bridge, somewhere where the Methodist church, Siam-ee curry mee is. By the roadside. I got mine from GAMA supermarket frozen section. Expensive wor, RM10 for 3. Two very tiny only.

    mott – Ya, this morning when I saw the paper, I was like, OMG, are they waiting to die along?

    wuching – No bloggers can win you in being kepohchi.

    Samm – Nolah, my hubby is actually perli-ing me. Hahaha.

    Tien Soon – Aiks, I kena tipu-ed? Jialat lor.

  7. Haha… the IT guy kelentong you one big big round lah Lilian. The SATA he’s referring to is enclosed in the external casing, and if I’m guessing correctly, your external HDD is connected via USB, no? If so, no use boasting about SATA or whatnot. Because you’re still limited by whatever speed USB can transmit. Bottleneck like that lah. Whether it will replace USB in future is totally not relevant to your purchase. So basically he cakap banyak banyak to impress/confuse you lah.

    What he’s referring to, is the eSATA (external SATA), which is a type of port/interface you can plug into one (similar to USB interface and the manner in which you use it)… that’s only available now and high end motherboards. Super super expensive one. Newest technology. So what for mention that? Nothing to do with your purchase!! Siau one, that guy. *lol*

    SATA on Wikipedia

  8. Aiyo Lilian, the taukay of the comp shop bullshit u la..USB & SATA is langsung not in the same league at all! In simple words USB is a type of plug n play standard lar applies to most external hardware that plugs to ur PC from outside wan, whilst SATA is also a data transfer cabling standard that deals with with storage devices. If he says e-ATA still oklah but e-ATA is new standard that havent been widely used yet.

    Eh go out n help put out fire la, become samaritan mana tau get award for bravery?? Hehe. But hor that guy use wrong extinguisher leh! The stall fire is a Class B fire from gas, so need CO2 fire extinguishers ler..not water! Water is only suitable to extinguish Class A fires!


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