14 thoughts on “Moving or not?

  1. Well I know for certain that the JPG image certainly does not move (although my eyes try to fool me), but I’m not so sure about the GIF one.

    – MENJ

  2. Hehhee.. I blogged about it before 😛 In fact now I’m so stress that It moves so fast -_-” Last time not as fast as this time.

  3. Clare – Really? i asked all my kids and they see it. It is optical illusion alright.

    wuching – Hypnotised yet? Go take a video in the bathroom with shower scene using your Gorilla Pad

    David -Wuah..really? This is an email forward. I don’t believe it so I did not paste the original instructions. It says if you see it moving very fast, it means you have pressure. If you are relaxed, it won’t move.

    azhan – Hahaha, don’t blame me.

    Irene – I do not know if it is real or not but it moves ALL the time for me.

    mama nuzul – Hope it did not move too fast for you.

    menj – I have three actually but lazy to post. All three also moves to me.

    Alex & JM – Hehehe, it is new to me

    budokid – Ya, don’t stare too long, later you dream of almonds

    iblogtogod – Feel free to snitch the photo from here.

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