Tarzan rants

Do you all remember the old, old version of Tarzan where he thumped his chest like a gorilla? He did it after a victory or is it when he was frustrated? I am not sure but I feel like thumping my chest in tulan-ness. That’s how I feel the other day when I read about this old couple whose ever so sweet, ever so slow, ever so gentle sleep were rudely waken by some over zealous officers on duty.

I am not questioning the religious or duty side of things. They have every right to do their duty, not my level to question. What irks me is how the top officials always pushed the bucks by saying something in similar line, “We will check with our officers and get a clear picture before making a comment.” Dey, if I am the boss, I would immediately pick up the phone and demand for an explanation immediately. Not wait for several days until the matter had caused shame to the whole country. Remember that this is the era of the internet where things get transmitted within seconds. We are not living on trees and relying on smoke signals, pigeons, horses to get our messages across. That’s why I said I feel like Tarzan. Monkeys remind me of the jungle, jungle reminds me of Tarzan.

Of course, this is not the first case. The case that is still fresh in our mind is how the whole of China got mad with us. Why? Because some pigeons did not deliver the message to the jungle to reach the monkeys. Monkeys thought it was a Chinese girl.

Haih…I believe each of us, humans, have this inner voice in us. Black is black, white is white. Why can’t these lower ranks officers just stood up and owned up? Where is their integrity? Isn’t it better to be wrong in the eyes of the law than to be wrong in the eyes of God? Tiu, I know this is wishful thinking.

Ok, rant #2. Recently, I wrote for PayPerPost and there were some bad vibes from the Big G. You know what? I’d rather take off Big G, lose about USD50 each month from that site. Read why here. Why should I let anyone breathe down my neck?

One more rant. I have two food blogs which sells textlinkads and I wondered why I can over-sell one of them (each month all 10 slots were taken with others waiting) but I cannot get more than two links on the other. The one with two links have a much better content, updated more regularly and have twice the traffic of the other one. Then I realised that I made the mistake of calling it with our country’s name. So, bai-bai country’s name! Now it is known as ‘Best Food, recipe and travel’ until I can think of a more unique name which sells. So much for being patriotic. The only time our country’s name get on the international media is when there is a haze or something like that. Oh ya, there is still hope yet. We strive for most expensive public toilets! Blek.

11 thoughts on “Tarzan rants

  1. agree with JM! btw i heard they have this fancy high tech toilet in KLCC ground floor where you have to pay few bucks. i’ve lost the photos in my inbox, maybe i’ll search for it later days but it look fantastic.

    and Monkeys with Tarter Sauce has nothing to do with Tarzan at all. =P

  2. Talking about the midnight calling from the religous dept, I wonder who is their informer? Someone must have informed right?
    When my MIL was very sick in the hospital, her Malay BF always come visit her. (the FIL left her decades ago for another woman) When she passed on, the religious officer came and wanted to grab her body. Hey, she’s not a Muslim, summore her IC name is Chinese.
    Hospital morgue refuse to release her body to her next of kin. In the end, my hubby gotta get the pastor to come sort things out. Thank God!

  3. wuching – You dirty minded!

    helen – LOL, that’s salvation to the extreme. I wonder if we can do pranks like giving the religious dept. a call when we catch some straying hubby overnight with someone? Cool hor? Be sure to go along and bring a camera too.

    azhan – Eh, they are also building some hi-tech toilet in Youth Park lah. The other day, I heard of the MPPP officer telling a group of reporters. “This is our hi-tech toilets….” BTW, did the community message on RTM1 regarding the right way to use toilets sort of make you puke?

    JM – Good lah. šŸ˜›

  4. actually, i was gonna say, “don’t beat your chest like tarzan..or ur boobs will be like airport runway..”…but..if u’r ranting..shudn’t it be punching a punching bag?

  5. sooi2 – That one never mind ‘cos ppl (I mean those US advertisers) will see only the name of the blog when they go shopping for links. Moreover, it is not like the Tourism Min. want to help me pay for webhosting with some subsidies. I wrote to them to ask before ler, give me a load of craps and red tapes etc. Must register company before I can even think of applying for subsidies etc. Go fly kite lah. My site turns up on the search engines higher than the tourism ministry, so who cares…

    mott – LOL, I don’t have that big bags.

    nyonyapenang – Another thing I forget to rant is how these bad habits of running away from responsibilities and not responding to command is so prevalent. Like a certain Klang person who takes time to see the royalty.

  6. YES LILIAN! ITS A STUPID ANNOYING ADVERTISEMENT made by some cheap company, or at least the RTM themselves. I haven’t been to Youth Park, maybe I’ll stroll after SPM. And it annoys me when they changed the name Youth Park to MPPP Park. To hell with that! I’m still with the Youth Park name!

  7. #1 – absolute power corrupt absolutely. 1st world acknowledge the danger of religious abuse 200 years ago. IMHO, establishing the “ahem…concern” department/court has destroy the constitution integrity (as in unbreakable shield vs unstoppable spear).

    #2 – Bravo, congratulation for going global. šŸ™‚ You just bring more bee-kim back home.

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