Year end church concert

Look, ma! You are on candid camera!

Dance presentation by the secondary school students. The blue stripe shirt guy is this blogger . The other boy at the lower left is my #3. He was taking video with my other camera and I just realised that I NEED A REAL VIDEO CAM, NOT SOME DIGITAL CAMERA recording with blurry and jagged movie.

Breakdance, head stand and a beautiful formation with the cross held up high. Bravo to the young people!

On a sidenote, there was these presentation of prizes. They have perfect attendance prizes for Standard One to Form Four students.

Me : Ei, you two got any prizes or not?

Kids : Got lah, if they give out worst attendance prizes.

Next was the best workbook prizes.

Me : So, without asking, I guess you two also no prizes lah?

Kids : Got lah, if they give out prize for ‘most missing workbooks’.

Ahhh, well. At least we get to eat nice tea snacks of curry puffs, spring rolls, sandwiches and nyonya kuehs. Anyway, my eldest son has to be there to collect his Holy Sacrement of Confirmation certificate.

7 thoughts on “Year end church concert

  1. azhan – Their religious classes lah, running throughout the year one. The pressure fell on me ‘cos every time they ponteng, I sure kena from the teachers.

    Bryan – Kehkehkeh, my kids take photo only, not in the breakdance group.

  2. Dewan Holy Spirit…sounds kindda what Alex said..shouldn’t it be Dewan Santo Spiritus? that has a nicer sound to it doesn’t it 😛

  3. LOL, QV & Alex, that is the community hall which the church rents out for weddings, badminton and stuffs like that. So, it is really a Dewan. We Malaysians mah. Takkan panggil Dewan Roh Kudus.

  4. Following the Advise of Datuk Paduka Rais Yatim mah….we have to Malaysianise our words properly (remember the MYCard incident)….so have to become Dewan Roh Kudus..though i felt that Dewan Santo Spiritus sounds nicer… forgot that Roh Kudus is the correct BM version hehehehe

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