Next time, think twice before spamming 5xmom

I got a spam mail addressed to me:

Hi there

We are pleasant to invite you to join the – Paid to Blog Competition. The objective of the competition is to search for the most reputable food blogger.

This competition is opened to people who are passion on good food. The winners will win away cash and the privilege to get paid everytime blog at This service is FREE.

Regards, Administrator

My reply : LOL. How about improving your yingrish first?

My reasons –

  • 5xmom doesn’t like contests. Contests are for people to who needs to know if they are good enough. 5xmom is already the best. Whether the best of the worst or best of the best.
  • Don’t give me sweets like offering to a little child. I am not a sucker. BTW, I blog for US Dollars. Starting price at least USD10 for a 100-word post? Who wants to hire me? Or USD100 for a 468×60 banner per month? Can afford?
  • Dude, 5xmom has 12 blogs, why in the world would she need to blog on your network?
  • Just in case you do not know, 5xmom has been a web owner/forum administrator for three years, so she doesn’t have time for things like these.

This is not to smite anyone or anything personal. But dear readers and bloggers, there are tonnes of people out there who dream of making it big, getting rich, being famous by just owning a domain. Things don’t work like these, chewren. You have to have real passion in your subject. That passion must be coupled with knowledge. And knowledge is an ongoing process, which means spending a lot of time learning.

You can’t just get one crappy idea, pretend to hand out RM50 as prizes per month and get those suckers to write for you when your Yingrish sucks till my 10 years old boy also can laugh. It is not an excuse to say your Yingrish is bad. Because our Government taught us English since we are seven years old. So, shoo…

7 thoughts on “Next time, think twice before spamming 5xmom

  1. i dont need the comment to show, as long as you read it.
    how ironic it is for you to have this posted in ur blog ““For it is by grace you have been saved, through faith—and this not from yourselves, it is the gift of God— not by works, so that no one can boast.”, together with your latest disparaging post.

  2. hahaha..must be from those mainland china chinese..spamming u & then trying to sell u souvenir on the street pretending to be a taoist nun!

  3. I just saw this blog network ping pps. So fast already invite you. Congrats for getting invited.
    Sorry for the blog network admin getting bashed here. LoL.

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