1000 apologies to PPS folks for the pings

I am very, very, very sorry that all my old posts on http://5xmom.com finally purged out like how you shit after taking some laxatives.  It must be my recent upgrade to WP 2.05.  It has not been able to ping and I even signed up with a new account on PPS.

My apologies to Aiz! Hope the rest of my blogs will not do the same thing when I upgrade to WP2.05.  I did not put the ping URL in the lists but in the trackback.
And Happy Halloween to all the devils out there.

2 thoughts on “1000 apologies to PPS folks for the pings

  1. Wow! you installed WP 2.0.5 already??
    I haven’t even upgraded mine yet. I’m a web programmer by profession and I’m beaten to the punch by 5xmom!! Who says you are not tech savvy lilian …?

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