Crocodile tears can never soften my heart

I am too lazy to find photos so I shall re-direct you guys to Sensintrovert for all the crocodiles and their dramas photos.

I don’t know about others but I am immune to tears of such nature. Once, when I was working, one of our factory was developing PCB (printed circuit boards). They just started out and the Chairman of the factory was a Taiwanese Datuk which the GMs often referred as FU. There was a lot of teething problems and day after day, they had marathon meetings and I was transported to the plant in Bayan Lepas just to take minutes of meeting. (I work in town.) That was probably one of the most character building period for me. Because, I know that the engineers were delivering shoddy works and not living up to the salaries they were paid. So, the factory manager and all his senior engineers were scolded by Datuk FU till they cried and sobbed. OMG, I was expected to sit there, prettily and jotted down whatever Datuk FU assigned them. After that long marathon of male crying, I could no longer be moved by tears.

Then, we have another snake in our HQ. He was the king of ampu bodek, bodek the big boss, the wife, right down to the grandchildren. However, ex-my boss (the 2nd boss in line) saw through his facade . Mr. Ular would grab every damn projects to glorify himself and to get close to family members. Nepotism rules but nepotism kills too. (remember this, kids) One day, he failed to deliver an important project (for the employees’ welfare) and got my boss so mad he scolded Mr. Ular till he cried too. “You are employed by the company to make sure the employees (something something, cannot reveal too much), not to make sure if (big boss) house is built on time. Get your priorities right or f*ck off.” Heh, see? My ex-boss also use four-letters words mah. It is powerful and make fashion statement, you know?

So, in conclusion, none of us should be influenced by any tearful breakdowns. I always prided myself that throughout my 12 years of working in that awfully stressed company, I never shed a single tear, except for the day when I had to hand in my resignation letter. And my ex-boss cried along with me too! ‘Cos he had no choice but to let me go because my mom died suddenly and I was left with three kids, including a newborn to care for.

BTW, I have developed quite a good dam management system. If you feel like crying, just take quick deep breaths and concentrate on that breathing alone and not allowing yourself to think of the situation at that warrants the tear. But of course, tears are very good weapon. And also stress reliever. Not forgetting, it can determines your character, the good and bad of it. Plus learn how to cry at the right time for the right audience and tune that intensity according to your audience response!

Obviously the people on Sensintrovert’s blog have mastered them. What about you?

19 thoughts on “Crocodile tears can never soften my heart

  1. Same. Tears is a very powerful weapon. I unleashed it in an occasion or two to get myself out of treble. Hehe………

  2. Same same. I forgot what ‘crying’ means. Even forgot when was the last time I actually cried. Can’t remember what is the feeling for crying. Haha!!! And I find those gals who easily shed ‘crocodile’ tears are so damn annoying! Spotting one, I’d back out slowly, turn around and run far far….Haha! =>

  3. i can still remember the last time i cried! it was in 1980 for reason i’m not going to reveal but after that cry, i promised myself never to shed a tear & up till today i’ve still haven’t cried! lihai anot u tell me! hahahaha

  4. Thanks for the plug.

    Of course lar, goyang kaki punya periuk nasi picah already! Although his sons and daughter-in-laws still having heaps of money. Money not enough, eh?

  5. I find ppl who use tears to get their way very manipulative and despicable. I have a few in my office who does the same thing – turn on the taps when they know they’re about to get into trouble for doing shoddy work. But at least there’re women – not like your ex-colleagues who’re male!

  6. when you put on a stage show, of do a theatre bangsawan, you need special effects to make it interesting. Shedding tears is a sure fire special effect!!
    Bwahahhahaaaa!!!! make me laugh oni. Those buaya tears!!

  7. Hiaya…he knows he is in hot soup so cry a little bit to get some kesian points…

    Hopefully not too many ppl are silly enough to fall for that same trick – Dr M did it and ppl thought what a great and dedicated leader…want to see his country prosper…now…stabbing own country men in their backs!

  8. once, i had a row with my 3mths old boyfriend (now husband), started crying, all of a sudden, he said (or rather, yelled) “DONT THINK THT CRYING CAN SOFTEN MY HEART SO U BETTER STOP IT NOW !!!!” shrunk sia šŸ™‚ since than, i never cry in front of him. no matter how u try to control ur tears sometimes it’ll just want to come out, i just turn away,let it roll down my cheeks & then my chin & kind of whisk it off with my hand quickly.

  9. No point “crying” when ppl know the truth and whatever statement the person make will not matter cuz the truth is out in the public. I think if that person was not told to go, he will surely stay cuz the skin is also as thick as crocodile. God save us all!

  10. So malu…. croc’s tears are a shameful action.
    Thery say, some politicians are really good actors, should’ve been nominated into Oscar awards. XD

  11. Of course lah! U mentioned it’s a trick oredi lor. There was once when Dr. M visited our university earlier this year, they purposely showed the video of him crying (but i forgot what event) and everybody in the hall had to stand and bowed in solemn silent(like a funeral like that). I was indeed annoyed by the deafening silence and started to chat with the ‘bodyguard’ standing nearby. I mean, what the fuss was that crocodile tears all about? I don’t get it! That was just so PATHETIC!!! I mean, c’mon!

  12. Really buat malu, saja…….

    So annoying having all these orang melayu leaders who are sooooo crooked.

    So more, such a Drama King!

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