Datuk Zakaria believes in Indian fengshui?

Updated : Datuk Zakaria has passed away on March 11, 2008. RIP. The below post was written in 2006 during the fiasco of Datuk Zakaria Istana. If you are looking for Dato’ Zakaria house or rather his palace, you can see it here.

Did you read this? About Datuk Zakaria and his bad fengshui?

 House on bad feng shui plot

I told him that he was already experiencing the effects of the defect and such an unfriendly plot would invite unwanted trouble and would defame the owner.

He nodded his head in agreement and when I told him that his present east-facing house, although small, was better, he agreed.

I have been staying there for 38 years and that is the place I prospered,  he said.

What can I do now? he asked.

The only way to correct the T-junction fault is to disallow traffic from using the road, as there is no other remedy.

Whatever happened to ‘Rezeki tu Tuhan yang bagi?’

You know why I bring this up? Because firstly, it is wrong for any Muslims or even Christians to believe in anything other than God. Our lives, our wealth , each of our hairs even are God given. We are not supposed to meddle with stuffs to make us prosper or have better looking mistresses or something like that.

Secondly, stop pushing the buck to bad fengshui. It is more like greed, human nature and abuse of office powers. And to think that The Star approved such article. Duh!

16 thoughts on “Datuk Zakaria believes in Indian fengshui?

  1. Spot on.

    IMHO, no rightenous person, regardless of your faith, would resort to breaking the law to make their fortune. ;-(

  2. all his misdeeds is coming back to whip him in his *ss. serves him right and a lesson to all to buck up or pack up.

  3. “He excused himself after our 30-minute meeting saying that he wanted to perform his prayers”

    praying for better fengshui kot?

  4. IMHO, that article was to counter allegations that he’s arrogant, because he actually got friends! An Indian fengshui expert, no doubt.

  5. I bet later King-Z will blame for people for unpatriotic, anti-government, blah blah blah. Well, he just one of many “king” inside local municipal council.
    btw, his new “castle” is real bad taste rojaks design, similar to Klang township.

  6. You will be surprise how many non chinese buy into fung shui but I think chinese one is better lor, however, for this datok, no amount of fung shui can save his behind lei. Cheers!

  7. iblogtogod – he is the tip of the iceberg. Gucci sunglasses worrrrr.

    JoeC – Though I respect fengshui and their followers, I find that The Star featuring the fengshui as an excuse for his misdeeds is way overboard. Come on, I am very sure there are many much more deserving educational things to feature than that article that take up half a page.

    Bernard –
    Hypocrisy killed the Zak
    Left him with nothing to yak
    Rumah, seluar pun koyak

    moo_t – Standard lah…those fakey looking pillars, round-round balls, you know….the kind of landscaping we have?

    CY – Ya, it is to save his sorry asses but I wonder why the Muslims did not make a fuss of this fengshui/Hinduism related matter when they make a big fuss of Deeparaya?

    sooi2 – To show that he is holy mah.

    wuching – In fengshui, the only one getting rich are the fengshui masters.

    theng – I hope there are more to come, all races, I hope so that there cannot be any twist of facts later.

    nyonyapenang – And it is muhibbah too. LOL.

    helen – LOL, we should refrain from reading the papers and political blogs or else we also end up as one of those political bloggers.

  8. In a course understanding Satanism and Devil Worship, Feng Shui, geomancy, astrology and such came under the spell of influence of Satanism….hmmm..what else is new 😛

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