Updated : Datuk Zakaria has passed away on March 11, 2008. RIP. The below post was written in 2006 during the fiasco of Datuk Zakaria Istana. If you are looking for Dato’ Zakaria house or rather his palace, you can see it here.

Did you read this? About Datuk Zakaria and his bad fengshui?

 House on bad feng shui plot

I told him that he was already experiencing the effects of the defect and such an unfriendly plot would invite unwanted trouble and would defame the owner.

He nodded his head in agreement and when I told him that his present east-facing house, although small, was better, he agreed.

I have been staying there for 38 years and that is the place I prospered,  he said.

What can I do now? he asked.

The only way to correct the T-junction fault is to disallow traffic from using the road, as there is no other remedy.

Whatever happened to ‘Rezeki tu Tuhan yang bagi?’

You know why I bring this up? Because firstly, it is wrong for any Muslims or even Christians to believe in anything other than God. Our lives, our wealth , each of our hairs even are God given. We are not supposed to meddle with stuffs to make us prosper or have better looking mistresses or something like that.

Secondly, stop pushing the buck to bad fengshui. It is more like greed, human nature and abuse of office powers. And to think that The Star approved such article. Duh!