Fake nuns on the run

This is the ‘costume’ of a Taoist ‘nun’. Taoist nuns differ from Buddhist nuns. Taoists eat meat. Buddhists are vegetarian. Note that this is not a religious post but rather a community message. So, don’t come getting holy-moly with me please!

Last Saturday, my atm was at the atm. I was in the car with my children. One of these nuns came knocking on my window. I had seen her approaching from my rear view mirror and prepared to ignore her. You see, I know she is a fake. She persistently knocked on my window even after I shoo-ed her off with my hands. But she refused to go and wanted to push this dangling souvenir. She doesn’t look Malaysian Chinese but mainland China Chinese or some immigrants like dat. So, after my atm had returned to the car, she ran after him and no matter how he indicated ‘no interest, get lost’ she kept tailing him until he opened the door and slammed on her face. Ok, I exaggerate a bit. She actually ran off because she found another victim across the street.

This was the nun that approached us earlier. So, what do I do but take out my camera and shoot scenes like these so that none of you get conned into handing over money to these fake nuns. Please do not give any alms to people dressed in religious robes like these nuns here or those yellow robe Buddhist monks with humsup looks (I swear that these fake monks ogle big boobs housewives when they bend down to buy vegetables). They are all con-men and con-women. Real nuns and monks have no time to run on the street selling souvenirs or asking for money. They are in the temples and monasteries doing real important stuffs like caring for orphans, old folks and holy stuffs like that.

If you give alms to them, the money is not going to pay for your extra brownies points to heaven and I bet you are sending them to hell faster than anything else. So, do them a favour, don’t encourage them. They are better off doing some other jobs like washing dishes to earn decent money.

I notice that nowadays, there are so many types of beggars. And the worst is they cursed you! There is this one Indian woman who is constantly pregnant and dragging her barefeet toddler, asking for money outside Giant, Burmah Road. You know she is a druggie from her looks. If you pity the child and offer some foods (which we just bought from the bakery nearby), she will curse you to hell! If you give one ringgit, she will also cursed you. I kena twice already. And she hit her toddler for nothing. Then, there is another couple, an Indian woman and a blind Chinese man around Perak Road. Indian woman will pull the hand of the Chinese man. If you don’t give them money, she will begin her swearings until her saliva almost get into your foods.

Someone please call pests control! If the council is not doing anything, soon tourists are going to be so freaked out. Oh ya, have you also seen this bare butt, extremely dirty beggar walking along Scotland Road. Adoi!

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  1. My parents joined a tour to Europe few years ago and in that tour, they found 15 members of the same family from Malaysia– Father ( bald monk) Wives number 1 and 2 plus their kids and of course latest young wife number 3. (total 15 and they had wads of money all the time) They were quite blatant about their money when they found my parents no longer lived in Malaysia.

  2. ohmigawd Nun scam!! and that Indian lady ah.. gila ka? 1 ringgit oso want to curse??? at least you gave her something. speaking of which, my mum just told me she heard of this sindiket kutip duit raya

    Apparently, there’s this 1 elder guy who would drive little kampung kids on his little van and bring them all around kutip duit raya. They will gather back at the end of the day and bundle up the green packet collection, throw away the green packets like they don’t bother how many trees being chopped off just to print those nice envelope and stack up the money they got and divide among each other and give half to the driver. GIVE TO THE BLADY DRIVER?? This is real. But thankfully school reopened and no more open house available. I believe this would happen on Chinese New Year soon!

  3. *tsks tsk tsk

    I totally agree on those hamsup look men in robe. I’ll be looking at them from far.. murmuring “Fakey Fakey Fakey. Once they saw me looking at them, they will flash one of their cheesy smile and offer me their bowl. At times, i contemplated in putting my hand in, grab the cash and hurry off to the nearest temple.

    as i was told.. monks and nuns are not allowed to collect money at all. Only temple and monastery are alllowed to do so. Those thick black bowls are supposed to hold food, not cash.

    er, Question: why is the nun holding the door on the second picture? Are they turning into illegal Penjaga Kereta too??

  4. i saw a buddist monk selling those yellow paper “hu” when i was in kl years ago while trying to eat breakfast! yes, there are lots of them around..i just ignore saja!

  5. The Jelutong market that I frequently visit has many beggars too. I loathe the one that has her daughter (barely 2 years old!) on her lap while she begs, both under the hot sun! The place is so dirty with flies around. Sometimes there is a milk bottle nearby but without a cover. I take pity on the daughter but giving money would only encourage the mother to beg more.

  6. Hey…I have seen that Indian lady near Giant too…as soon as she spots you she will start calling out to you…and if you don’t respond she will try to follow you with her kid in tow… Have also seen her with a man – I’m guessing it’s her husband. Kena curse with her quite a few times already cause I refused to part with my cash…

  7. monks, nuns, whatever. They are not suppose to ask for money. They can only ask for food. What I did the last time a “monk” pushed his brass bowl in my face expecting me to drop a few bucks, was empty my bowl of kon low mee into his bowl. He was a rude monk. Didn’t thank me for the food I gave him.

  8. melbourne here.. there’r vagrants and ….teenagers asking for money. if u dun give.. (they onli want minimum $1), some’d say ‘for f*ck’s sake!!’.. and then wuching says “oi.. wtf u cussing?”

    and then he calls for his storm troopers. 🙂

  9. yeah… seen the the Indian lady at Giant before. Her kids ran after me and pull my hands begging for money. Freaked me out!

  10. Talking about beggars, I had my worst encounter in the streets of Chennai few years ago. I was totally `rob` of all the money in my wallet while waiting for a friend in the car.In the beginning out of pity for the poor naked, dirty and almost skeleton like children I part with a few rupees. Then minutes later I was swarm with a whole gang of ten to twenty plus their pregnant mother. Out of desperation to get them away from me, I give them every dollar & cent. They only go away when I show them my empty purse!!

  11. i’ve also been approached by some fake Hindu priests. they carry a brass plate with the Hindu idol and some jasmine garlands. i’ve never given them any money.

  12. All this nuns or monks are not suppose to ask for money. Like Ah Pek said they can beg for food but not money. I normally don’t give them also. Abt the Indian lady, she is also another person which I kena a few time. Gave her a dollar and she ask me for another RM5 for his son to buy medicine. There was once I told her I will get the an association to help her, she turn away from me and say no. After tat incident, I never giver her money anymore. She is looking for a way to earn ‘easy money’. She got hands and legs given by God – why can’t she find a proper job?

  13. What about those who beg for donations for private orphanages/ old folks homes / surgery procedures / a bus fare home? Are they fakes as well?

  14. Yeah they even got them here in Miri. Selling all this necklace crap … shouldn’t they be in some temple somewhere doing stuff? Like waiting for a donation or something … hehe …

  15. oh, pandainya dat nun begging in pulau tikus the bevery hills of penang. i’ve seen nuns in kl with those robes shopping in jusco with an indonesian maid summore!! and yes, some thai monks can look quite scary and humsup like rapists!!

  16. Yes. Monks and nuns who ask for money on the streets are fake. Give them food if they ask it. But if they ask for cash, don’t oblige. They’re not supposed to.

  17. In England, there’s a similar problem. But the beggar here is youngster who are not even handicapped or poor they begged for fun.

    English beggars will say ‘Spare a change please mate’. So once I saw a rude beggar asking for alms from passers-by at the subway, & he cursed those who did not offer him their pennies.

    So when my turn kena, he swore at me, so i turned back & scold him, so I said; ‘I ain’t your mate you motherfuckin english twat & stop asking me spare changes like I own Bank Of England you pathetic racist mother fucker, u got a problem with me not sparing any fucking change on your white smelly english ass u motherfuckin twat?’ Go get a job, even a blow job on your fuckin dad you fuckin homo.’

    The beggar was shocked cos never in his life confronting a Asian man who can swear so perfectly mengalahkan his dad.

  18. astrosurge – Last time when I was in Europe, the beggars are all immigrants from East Europe. Now they have locals begging? Wah…must wash your mouth with Dettol liao. LOL

    CY – Yet many people believed and even let them bless with holy water. Haiyor…

    sooi2 – Ya, they dare not go to market ‘cos all the market traders will tell the people not to give. So, they hang around that strip of coffeeshop. Looks so healthy, go be pros also earn better la. Somemore no need to walk in the hot sun. LOL.

    Loong – Ya, many of them are working in a syndicate. A van dropped the whole bunch, carrying some certificate and say they are doing it for some charitable homes.

    theng – Some of the earn a commission from the donations. But then, how to trust how much they really give to charitable homes?

  19. Erina – Yalor, she cursed a lot. Next time, I cursed her back dunno what happened hor? LOL.

    nyonyapenang – Sometimes, got door-to-door to ask for temple donation, I tell them I am Christian. LOL. They say, Christian also can give. I said, I give to my church, no more money. Kek si.

    molly – Last time when we were in Rome also like that. Whole bunch of East Europe followed and begged. Sometimes when we have our own children, we see them kesian also throw a few coins. That’s why they flourished.

  20. For starters there, I thought there was a an expulsion of Sister Maria’s from some convent in Penang off to see The Sound of Music Musical or trying out for the new reproduction of it 😛 hehehe..

    Yeah..those begging “nuns” and “monks” pesky at times, especially when u’re in the coffee shop enjoying ur breakfast and they come up with the bowl begging…was so tempted to drop into it a packet of noodles but usually just wave them away like flies.

    The even worse one’s are those who solicit for funds for some temple renovations…those people are so persistent that I blantantly lied and told them, “excuse me, I’m a Muslim convert, you force me again, I report you to police” 😛 (the joy of living in this Muslim County haahhaaha) and they just walk off saying sorry and they must have been wondering..what in the world is this muslim convert eating a fried noodles with pork liver and such hahahahaha

  21. Regarding India, you’re not supposed to give them as what molly has experienced…

    Same thing like in Indonesia. Last time i went to Lake Toba we stopped for dinner at some highlands place. As soon as i stepped out of the bus this little boy carrying a dirty newspaper ran right up to me and “polished” my shoes with 2 strokes then stood up and held his hand out for payment. Thank God for the tour guide who saw him and shooed him away. He then said, don’t EVER give them money. There’s plenty more behind the building. One is sent out to test the waters. If you fall for one, the others will swarm you.

    Anyway, I’ve never given a cent to beggars. Although i once fell for the “my motorcycle is broke and i need money to fix it” excuse once. I kinda knew it but my kind soul couldn’t resist then. Only once did i do that. Never again.

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