All Saints’ Day & All Souls’ Day

Today, November 1st is [tag]All Saints’ Day[/tag] which is an obligation day. Meaning, all[tag] Catholic[/tag] [tag]Christians [/tag]must attend mass. I got my lazy butt to the church, almost wanting to skip it because my toddler woke up at around 11.30 am. 10 minutes before mass only I decided to shepherd two of the kids (‘cos #3 ponteng school since exam over) to get out of the house with me. We have masses at 7 am, 12 noon and 7 pm to disperse the huge crowds.

I thought that the church will be empty but praise the Lord, it is full. The Gospel for today is the Beatitudes. My favourite. In fact, long before I turned to Christianity, I bought this little plastic bookmarks with the [tag]Beatitudes[/tag] and the Lord’s Prayers. I gave the Beatitudes to a friend and funnily, the Lord’s Prayers is with my atm. Last I saw it, it was kept snugly in his briefcase.

Now, I will tell you about my atm. So, don’t run away, hor? No preachy-preachy stuffs wan. Our church called for volunteers to be part of the handyman team. Doing small repairs, changing locks and bulbs, DIY stuffs. Jokingly, I told my atm about it if he wants to go show off his DIY tools since our apartment is so small and he had nothing to repair at home eventhough he have two Black&Decker drills. (you know lah, men and their screws) And he said, yes! YES! YES! YES! The other day I went to ask my priest, “Father ah, my husband is not a Catholic but he wants to help with the handyman team, ok or not?” Of course lah…..So, I cepat-cepat registered his name. Alleluia!

Some old photos I found while I was organising my new EDD. June 2003

Maybe some of you may not see anything significance with this but this is the man who will never step foot into the church and only be there when one of his sons have some important sacrament. Now, he is going there to be part of the team. A small step for mankind, a giant leap for 5xdad.

Tomorrow is [tag]All Souls’ Day[/tag] or the Christians Ching Ming. The clearing of graves. But I have no grave to clear ‘cos non of my immediate family members are Christians. I took my little toddler to the grotto (a garden in the church where the statue of Mother Mary is). Wuah…that little guy damn pandai ler. He straight away tembak, “Mother Mary, please pray for Vincent ko-ko. Pray for the chewren happy-happy, safety-safety and my papa come back KL fast-fast. Amen.” Which makes me think…… there is never a child too young to know about [tag]Jesus[/tag]. So, parents, don’t overlook the importance of providing your child with the most important education of all – Tell them about Jesus and His Mother.

9 thoughts on “All Saints’ Day & All Souls’ Day

  1. u can still go clean grave mah eventho they’re not christians..chinese clean graves once a year of course cannot find the grave when they go there every year! overgrown with weeds!

  2. I’m Chinese Catholic and my paternal grandparents went to clean graves of their parents on All Souls’ Day. They say Ching Ming very crowded so follow Catholic wan.
    And yes, I totally agree with u, Auntie. Nurture them and teach them from young about Jesus and Mother Mary so that they don’t stray. Have to build a solid firm foundation to mould them into a person that we would be proud of. God bless!

  3. Happy All Saints & All Souls Day! your toddler is adorable! and parents should also, additionally tell their kids about 5xMom and her sons =)

  4. My my. Long time no see…. your kids have grown. Hope you’re doing good, Lillian. Looks like I’m not coming back anymore. Now got Angmoh gf oledi. Hehehe.

  5. budokid, Aunty hides his ATM from prying eyes in case some leng lui has a “yen” for him and starts to compete for affection and then Aunty has to invest on a shot gun and shoot down all those leng lui’s hahahahahahahha

  6. his pulak?? cis..nasib a certain someone don’t come and comment anymore…or else, sure starts all sort of havoc..wanted to say her ATM not HIS ATM as above

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