Someone please start a blog war cos things are GETTING BORING on the BLOGSPHERE and Zakaria QUITS and MAN SAVES two children FROM blaze and BLEK


Let’s see what you people comment.  Sorry I have not responded to the comments COS I DON’T HAVE CONTACT LENSES because my last pairs expired on 31st Oct and my new supplies aren’t here yet.

21 thoughts on “Someone please start a blog war cos things are GETTING BORING on the BLOGSPHERE and Zakaria QUITS and MAN SAVES two children FROM blaze and BLEK

  1. Blog War? Hmmm….have you seen the outcome of the great experiment in Wuching’s comment box in his posting Boring Post Vol.1 dated 31st Oct 06 😛

    Why not pick on this topic…the inactivity of our Malaysian Garment under Abdl the Bad Wi hehehehe..make it fictional so as you wldnt join me in ISA 😛 hahahaha

    Anyway, have a great weekend aunty

  2. Well JoeC, how does one starts a blog war..well. it either starts by picking a comment a person said, attacking that comment, either the author of the blog or some commentar, and shredding it to shred and pray and hope that the other person picks up on it and attack u back. Or it can be a planned war, to spice up the blog, that is two people purposely pick fight with each other but all in harmless fun to see who can come up with the most bitter remarks… but most important thing to note…If you can’t take it, don’t dish it….in other words, do not attack people or pass sarcastic remarks on others or some stupid remarks on people and when they attack you, you scream murder and say people has no respect and such and become childish and be a CBC (cry baby in hokkien)

  3. Blog war? Nth interesting to bicker about these days…The headlines are so lame and predictable…oso must be careful lor later end up in ISA how? Some topics are deemed ‘sensitive’ to certain people…i also dunno why cant they just accept it open-mindedly…Urgh!!! So suffocating…

  4. QV – I like it for the entertainment sake! Woohoo!

    JoeC – It is good to have a good war on line, keeps other entertained.

    Ky – She got bf liao, tamed already.

    Ah Pek – Abuden? I thot you also enjoy it what?

    QV – I missed that ‘cos I saw some Star Wars and I cabut fast fast

    nyonyapenang – And lots of skeletons out of the closet lagi best.

  5. Be proactive lah!
    Just go to one of the “top bloggers” sites and simply blast them….

    Or take some time to dedicate an entire post (or more) on how stupid they are.

    That should be able to at least start a spark, right?

  6. earl-ku – I just returned from there, saw your kerosene burning. Hope it is just beginning. LOL. But chey…I don’t waste time with anons. But that fella damn perasan betul.

    J – I only want to see other blog wars, be the bystander and cheer them on, not get into it myself. That will be call sheer stupidity. BTW, what top-bloggers, ah? I don’t recognise anyone as top-bloggers. Kehkehkeh.

    pablopabla – Where? Certainly not here.

    earl-ku – Go supply to ST.

    ST – After 25 comments, I hope it is only a quarter way. LOL.

    MamaBok -I know you are one of those who enjoy watching. Chloe is such a big girl now, more angmoh looking, ya? Love her Halloween golden dress.

    wuching – Chey…you two very senang. Is that why I don’t see STP around? Tell him I miss him, ya!

    JoeC – Kehkehkeh, must learn to curse more evil lah, you.

    Hijackqueen – Heh, not so easy to ruffle my feathers wan……

    Wingz – Abuden? That’s how others blog mah. Put big big title. But mine kalah lah, only appear two lines on PPS. I am going to try a three lines one, next week.

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