My baby is so grown up!

Kehkehkeh, if he reads this, he will strangle me. But can’t help being so melancholy today. He has gone to work! Part-time. For a few RM per hour as a waiter. In one of the hotel in town. It is his own idea and own effort to go to Popular, McD and other places to ask for a job.

*sigh* It seems like just yesterday that I gave birth to him. And just only, I told a mom-to-be to treasure the moments of birth, including all the pains. She is due to deliver today and posted in my parenting forum before she leaves for the hospital. I felt so excited for her and suddenly, it hit me. Hey, it wasn’t that long ago, I was in this kind of a excitement. Those tough moments seem to zip through like in a movie.

This is the first born whom gave me sleepless nights when I was working full-time. He got his nerves all tensed up every night due to over excitement (from two crazy, over-the-top parents) and we had to stand in front of one white wall, let him stare into nothing but white wall until he settled. Yeap, some babies took in too much of their surroundings, they got too excited and cannot sleep. Bluek…. at times we felt like ‘hempuk-ing’ him when he cannot sleep and we have to work the next moring. (Hempuk? you guess leh?)

Fast forward somemore, he spent a lot of times in the hospitals. Due to childhood asthma. And once, he injured himself in a bicycle fall and we (including the surgeon) did not know the severity until he pee-ed blood. The surgeon was shocked to find from the scan how serious it was. He said that in a normal person, the guy will be flat out or wrtithing in pain but my son was walking around, normal. For several hours, we thought that he had to get his kidney removed. But thank God, the bleeding stopped and he was fine, except for 1/6 of his kidney permanently damaged. That few moments, I was ready to give him my kidney.

Then, he was the 2nd man in the house during those times when we were busy with Vincent. He helped a lot during the care at home. No one is expert as him to measure medicines, lots and lots of types. He maintained a chart, even.

But he has his stubborn streak that can make any mom goes mad. There is no such thing as ‘No’ as far as he is concerned. One thing I learnt in parenting – give them lots of space and they won’t stray far. Forget about the age-old, “I am your mom, so my word is final.” It is all about negotiations, understandings (like, if you don’t do this, you are going to get me (5xmom) into deep shit, so you better do it). Sometimes, I don’t know who is in charge, really!

So, anyone has any part-time job for a 16 years old? Very reliable, responsible, matured, adorable?, speaks good English, trusty, handsome, strong, agile and well-mannered. (But heh, this is the proud mom talking, so you can minus like 75% of that)

My Jamie Oliver dates and walnut pudding that did not turned out so great ‘cos I never follow recipes.

A good weekend to all!

9 thoughts on “My baby is so grown up!

  1. That’s life…
    You have many more blog to write about him dating…getting marry…..and….grandchildren..Hehe…

  2. Hehehehee, it is also good to know that the house/car installment almost settle with the time pass. 😉

  3. That’s the main reason why party-animal me turned 360deg overnight into a SAHM/WAHM. I dun want to miss out on any of their growing up moments. Sometimes, i’m pretty amazed with myself that i can really do this…..

  4. Memory is a funny thing. Sometimes, I wish I could turn back the clock! Take plenty of fotos and videos of ur kids; it will help u to reminisce the good times.

  5. things like this makes us realise we are getting old hor. only like yesterday, my eldest daughter giving me sleepless nights. now graduated and working oredi.
    hai… lau liao lah.

  6. I just went to a meeting to plan our school reunion dinner. The youngest members did their SPM in 2004. The Oldest did theirs in 1985. Sigh…. it puts things in perspective.

    Given the chance I don’t think we would have dun it any different…

  7. wuching – Choy…you think I am a slave driver meh? But he likes it ‘cos he got his bunch of friends together, get free meals, hot chicks to ogle and like you said, it is character building. Better than staying at home or lepak at internet cafes. Anyway, it is a part-time, on call basis, paid on the spot kinda job. Only work weekends cos school only close in another 2 weeks.

    fire80 – Yeah, que sera sera.

    ahpek – No wor, I don’t feel old but feel proud. That from us (our bodies, I mean) we can grow decent adults like these. Hehehe, you get what I mean? Amazing, isn’t it? Lucky you and I got several to tayang around. Hehehe.

    u-jean – Aiyor, that one long time done liao, but of course, I won’t blog such things la, later, the next girl and the next girl and the next girl got the history on print. Hahaha.

    DAvid – Yeah, not to mention those times when we look like a bunch of teenagers ourselves, carrying the first born. Hehehe.

    Samm – Yeah, I know what you mean. Who would have thought that we can do so well and inspite of our chialatness, things still turned out ok.

    moo t – Phew…those kautim liao ‘cos now the next step is to spend again, on education. Urgggh….

    TehSee – Wuah, that time I maybe too senile to remember my blog password! LOL

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