Three DELL stolen plus wedding ring

Thieves broke into my atm’s office and stole his Dell laptop. They cut the cable that secured the laptop. Some inside job ‘cos they knew which office to steal from. Poor thieves…the company laptop uses Windows NT with so many protected passwords they are going to bang their heads on the wall when they can’t find any p0rn in there. Oh wait a minute, didn’t I just emailed our errmm…video to him? Oh die! Oh die! *ROTFLMAO*
And they took his wedding ring away too! Both of us have outgrown our RM180 per ring gold band. Already ‘fatt’ so the fingers no longer fit.

Atm : You remember the gold tie-pin (some service award) and its box?

Me : Yeah.

Atm : My jade ring and wedding ring in there too

Me : So, you don’t have a wedding ring anymore? That means must get married again.

Atm : Yes, fast-fast find one for me?

Me : Wait, find WHAT for you?

Atm : A new wife mah, you say get married again what.

Me : Your head! I said we marry again. This time, I want a one-carat diamond ring.

Community message : Don’t ever store anything incriminating in your laptop. Or else you will end up on You-tube and become famous overnight.

18 thoughts on “Three DELL stolen plus wedding ring

  1. LOL Ah Pek, tks for pointing that out. Must be the last article that I copied and pasted over. Baru realised I copied their Adsense as well. Chey…no wonder my margin all cabut lari. I put the last one back into ‘draft’ and problem solved.

  2. oh dear..sorry to hear tht. but i must say this. really admire u & ur atm. after all tht has happened, u guys still got sense of humor. good on u ;O)

  3. Don’t need to be insider. E.g. dispatch boy can easily scout an office layout and “contents”; or any outsource cleaner, etc.

  4. aiya y leave ring in office? if cannot fit, can put on lil pinky finger ma… or else can keep the ring at home wat?

    must be very sad, having to lose a wedding ring…

  5. Noways…theft and robbery are part of Malaysia culture alreadly ah??? Can still made joke out of it..


  6. TehSee – Abuden? Go take a rope and hang self?

    Shimmers – Aiyor, cheap-cheap old ring liao. No sentimental value stuffs ‘cos we grabbed that on the run, not like some heirloom or what.

    moo_t – Got more to the real situation but I am not mentioning here lah. The police came and can’t find any finger prints. My hubby who is in charge of the company’s safe? The safe is intact.

    Suzy – The laptops are all insured, nothing P&C inside and nothing else damaged.

    wingz – Yahor? Later he come back, I get him to kneel on si-ham’s shells until he confess, ok?

    midnite – Too bad, there are none or else I will see my traffic skyrocket! LOL.

    iblog – My own wedding ring oso dunno where I stuffed it, so it can menghilangkan diri, never mind. Tarak sakit hati wan.

    wingz – Can… you PR6/10, sure can lah.

  7. Remember to give us the youtube link if ever your ‘things’ made it into the net.. lol

    I’m sorry to hear about your hubby’s stuff being stolen. I hope your hubby catch the culprit who took his stuffs. It’s unsettling knowing somebody in the ‘inside’ might be involved.

  8. Lilian, 1 carat not enough lah! count by the years you two have been maried!! Anyway my dad’s factory in Bangi also kena rob, 3 laptops and dunno what. Orang dalam juga!

  9. azhan – The polis said almost every factory also kena in that area.

    JK – ATM = man/machine that vomits money for me to spend aka husband LOL

    aprilcherrie – tks

    Helen – Yalor, they knew exactly which offices to ransack. And sure insider job cos they dun simply mess up also, just take whatever valuables only.

    wuching – Dream on…

  10. almost every factory also kena in that area.

    I wonder what does it mean? HmmMmm…

    Does it mean
    the police are too incapable to catch thieves?
    the thieves are too smart to catch?

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