The price of plagiarising 5xmom’s blog

One of my food blog reader pointed out to me a post exactly as mine. It seems that the person even hotlinked my Flickr photos.

So, this is the price for copying me. Fast-fast check before he takes down the post.

From ketayap to Saddam Hussein (link removed because the blog is no longer there)

Saddam Hussein photos I borrow from Rojaks

How it works? The person linked to my beautiful photos so I replaced those kuehs with Saddam Hussein photos. I took down my original post temporarily until I changed the photos. Meantime, thanks to the plagiarist for giving my children and I a very good laugh.

31 thoughts on “The price of plagiarising 5xmom’s blog

  1. I think that person had learn`t his lesson and would not dare to copy your post ever again!! ha..ha.ha.. very hilarious.. laugh till I cried too..

  2. hahaha funny, wat a good way to start the day. if i have come across the blog (the plagiarist) and not read your blog first, i would have thought it was hacked by someone….lilian the hacker mom šŸ™‚

  3. Auntie, how on earth you can replace your Flickr photos exactly same as the link? If you removed your photos, then on the pirate’s site there wont be any pics…. O_o

  4. Aunty, that’s so funny! Best lah!!

    And that’s the person’s first post too? Hahaha! I say, “Welcome to the blogging world! Now learn some manners or my Mummy will make you sit in the notty corner.” šŸ˜€

  5. Glad you all find it funny too. I hope he gets a shock of his life. LOL.

    CLF – My Flickr is a Pro account so we can replace photos. But I had to upload new batch and corrected my own post lah.

    Earl – Flickr doesn’t allow p0rn la…I kasi chance to him only, if there are more posts I would have switched with the roasted ‘siew chee’ from ching ming, head and all. LOL

  6. Hoe Yea..Hoe Yea…!!!!

    Give credit where credit is duela… this one stealing only.. did you find out if others are using your pictures?? Pls tell can or not?

  7. LOL! For Sadam, RIP will not be on his headstone for sure!
    Guess this blogger’s readers’ in for a real ketayap, chiffon cake treat.

  8. I never though pandan kaya cake can be so sexy…

    LOL until want to fall down from chair…”Pandan Muka”…I meant “Padan Muka”..HAHAHAHA


  9. I going out to buy santan flour sugar and things and try to make things special Lapis Pandan with two big spotlight!!! wakakakakakakakaka! Sugar & Spice & All things nice. That’s what Carmen Elektra is made of!! (I know-lah its not Carmen, I say ony).

  10. teruk betul. oredi using ppl’s words summore want to link to the fotos! tak tau malu nie!

  11. lilian,
    There is a web gadget you can use in the internet to check if people stole your pictures literaly steal it and even changed and watermaked as theirs. FYI.

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