They blew up a Mongolian woman and shred our trusts, no?

This is a disturbing news.

Sources said a report lodged by her sister and cousin led to the arrest of three police personnel – a chief inspector, a woman detective and a corporal with the Special Action Force or SAF, more commonly known as the Unit Tindakan Khas.

The corporal is part of a pool of SAF members used to guard VIPs and other dignitaries.

All three police personnel have been remanded by the police.

How the hell they get hold of explosives to simply bomb an innocent, beautiful woman like this?
Don’t they have an ounce of sympathy? If rapists kill their victims, we understand that these are sickos who are trying to cover their tracks. But hey, these are police forces. They are a uniform body and have status as a person in authority. How did they lose that dignity and got themselves into the dark side?

I hope that chicken shit of a man who made a woman pregnant, give her a sick son (as reported in the paper lah), left her in her home country and shirks his duties plus ordered the killings and bombing will be laknat-ed by Tuhan. (incur God’s wrath)
I hope no stones are left unturned. Weed them out, Tan Sri Musa. Give us back our confidence in the police force.

BTW, I think Tan Sri Musa is awfully handsome, much more handsome than that ‘Anda pasti?’ brother of his (Jalaluddin Hassan is his brother lah! You know….the Who wants to be a millionaire?) His eyes are so sharp and piercing. If I kena stopped for beating a red light, let the police be Tan Sri Musa. *lembik kaki*

18 thoughts on “They blew up a Mongolian woman and shred our trusts, no?

  1. If you think the country become worst, let not forget that this is how it works for pass 20+ years. During T.M. time, high profile “news” rarely leave the country.

  2. Well it is not surprising that they are able to obtain C4 since they have access to such explosive materials. It’s a shame to the Royal Malaysian Police. Anyway, blowing up the body is not a bright idea considering only limited persons can access such materials. People would figure it out sooner than one can expect!

  3. good thing those perpetrators( how you spell this word) are not that smart……or didnt watch enough CSI…..C4 or any other explosives does not destroy evidence… just scatters it around……..and then the explosive can be tracked back to its source somemore………

  4. When did the police force has become body guards of our country poltician???

    The whole espisode is a like a mafia movie…


  5. mott – We wait for the skeletons to walk out of the closet and haunt them one day.

    tehsee – This looks like some interesting case. But then, usually, these women are at the losing end lah. So many big shots went scot free.

    ront – Ya, so right.

    wuching – Pretty woman lah, so kesian only.

    kervene – Yalah, why not just dig hole and bury. Explode so messy.

    moo_t – Yeah, so many cases went unanswered especially those involve old (politikus) men and young girls.

    ront – Tks for the link, I saw the pic of the suspect.

    mama23beas – Yakah? It wasn’t mentioned or did I miss reading that? Imagine, RM1M can do this, how much to sell out our country’s security?

    penanglady – Yalah, I remember they did an interview together before. That time masa Tan Sri Musa belum famous, masa DSAnwar punya case. You agree tak? He is handsome, cukup bergaya, sungguh serius dan mata tu memang errr….melembikkan kaki. Kahkahkah…

    astrosurge – Hahaha, kurang asem betul…

  6. they are siblings?? no joke??

    my grandma calls Jalaluddin Hassan, “anak Pak Aji(Haji) Hassan” cheewahh macam dulu pernah dating. lol

  7. by the way, kesian sama itu anak.. belum 1 tahun mak kena bom.. bodoh la.. our bolehland is not safe anymore. why? even the authority go bomb people! iskh.. now i think we bloggers should protect ourself and protect each other..

    anyway, lilian sudah cair sama tan sri musa! jatuh cintan izzit?

  8. Another example of Malaysia Boleh 😛

    Lets hope the PRDM can do something about it..

    Aiyoo Aunty…hehehe maybe someone shld suggest that they shld get handsome man and gorgeous ladies to join the police force, for sure we all don’t mind kenak saman then 😛

  9. Bury much easier than kasi letup isnt it? Burn oso easier. might as well use the meat grinder at ramly burger or something like that. tak ader otak or is so vengeful. misti kah pakai itu bom. Kalau tembak dan buang dalam tasik kan ke senang. what is it that they have to hide that the have to kasi letup itu orang?

    Tapi tak boleh cerita sekarang nanti Datuk Shafee cakap sub-judice and can jeapordise his clients chances and good name? HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA

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