Another ping won’t hurt LOL

Those who use WordPress may empathise with me.  The rest, I kasi lu olang malah tak apa.  Gua manyak soli lah.    After I upgraded to WP 2.0.5, I have not been able to ping to PPS.  No matter how I search, I can’t seem to find the solution on WordPress forum.   After I published post, I was led to a blank page.  So, I deleted all my ping list under the Option>Reading>List and voila, now I can ping PPS.

Anyway, at the time of writing this post, those URL with www aren’t working.  So, sorry, I loaded PPS with my old posts.  It went out on its own, not my fault.  Since you all can’t read overseas blogs, read mine lah, wei.

Kak Teh asked : What is Ping?  Ping is to open the window and shout loud-loud “Makcik sekalian oi, aku dah tulis blog baru, mai baca sat.”  Otherwise, it is like sending whatever you write to the directory (portal/blogtal/any other fancy names) so that the others know what you eat, how many hours you sleep, whom you gaduh with today etc etc.

The plus side – You get increased traffic, not much la.

The negative side – Sometimes, you get uninvited guests who barge into your house.

5 thoughts on “Another ping won’t hurt LOL

  1. hahaha! Lilian, you never failed to crack me up. Am rolling on the floor with tears streaming down my cheeks! I will try to ping everytime I post an entry. But must read your previous entries on pings first – yes, I am such a makcik blur!

  2. lol. According to PPS, you’re responsible for your own blog including WP upgrade pings. Talk about being hypocritical and double standards :p But yeah, ping away.

  3. Ping Ping … Interesting to note, the term Ping came from Submarine Technology where they used to send out “Ping” to see if there’s any other submarine, friendly or otherwise in the vincinity and see how far the distance is actually from each other and to inform that person the submarine’s presence. Nowadays we send out “Ping” to inform people of our presence on the net i.e. our blog’s existence, so… as you said aunty, we get friend’s and we also get enemies loh i reply to our “ping” like the submarines.

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