Don’t pretend you don’t know why old men marry young chicks lah!

Deputy Home Minister Datuk Tan Chai Ho said the number of foreign marriages had gone up from 3,953 in 2000 to 7,277 last year.

“Our statistics show that non-Muslim Malaysian men marrying foreigners are on the rise. We have to ask them why they prefer foreigners,”

Asked the reasons for the trend among local men, he said: “It is difficult to explain why people fall in love. Maybe foreign women are less demanding than local women.”

Tan said it was hard to determine whether such marriages were genuine or not. “How do you tell if two people are in love?” (full news)

Aisay, YB Datuk Tan, don’t pretend lah you don’t know why. Because hor…these men are so old and so gatal mah. But hor, they are not handsome or rich or a stud mah. So, you think local women wants liabilities meh? What for marry a piece of lap cheong (Chinese sausage) who cannot sweet talk or talk inteligently? Buka the baju, see so many folds of skins until the kkc go where also cannot find liao, they all somemore want young, nubile woman. Of course, local women not so bodoh mah. Local women wants a secure home with good financial backing and a loyal man. You very the insult local women, you know or not? You said:

Maybe foreign women are less demanding than local women.

I don’t know why our Wanita Umno, Wanita MIC, Wanita MCA, Wanita Gerakan, Wanita DAP and dunno what other Wanita never bambu you for making this remark. What do you mean we are demanding? What we demand wor? Except for men to be a little bit more caring, understanding, got some decent income, don’t always see women like a piece of sex toy and expect them to be the maid cum sex slave?

You know what, ah, Datuk  Tan? I think you are very clever to skirt the issues. Why? All your kawan-kawan got themselves a few young, foreign wives and you scare you step on their toes, issit? Why you keep on insisting that these are marriages out of love?

How do you tell if two people are in love

Malaysia and these countries Indonesia, China, Thailand and Vietnam are separated by big-big oceans, how to fall in love if these men have not engage some matchmaking, buy wives company to help them find some girls? You think they suddenly stumbled into the land, drop down from the sky, meet eye-to-eye, and sardenly fall in love one meh?

My point is – Of course, there are genuine marriages where these couples met in normal circumstances. (so don’t take offence with my joke up there) But remember that out of that numbers, a huge majority are men getting a renew version of wives because they can afford to. And out of this number 7,277, I am sure there are many abandoned old wives with children who are going to grow up in broken homes.

So, Datuk   Tan, don’t pretend and sweep this aside. And yeah, I am sorry to tell you that local women don’t dig squarish looking, hair combed flat-flat, spectacle square-square, eyes mata sepet, bush-jacket wearing Cina-apek officials who talk with no direction , too. Take some pointers from my current idol, Tan Sri Musa the policeman. He is da man of the season.

So, why do Malaysian men marry foreign girls? Please tell?

19 thoughts on “Don’t pretend you don’t know why old men marry young chicks lah!

  1. aiya, so obvious. our men simply no money, no handsome, no smart enough, no good in sweet talk ,no more young and time catching up liao. these men try and try and try to get local women but failed.
    so ? they turn to foreigners whereby they pay a token sum they can get pretty young women mah. you think these men dont want true love meh?? they can’t get it locally mah. of course some of these men are chosey, they keep searching for better one , in the end they have to get it from oversea.
    why indonesian and china ?? simply because they speak the same languages and ‘affordable’.
    ah lian, correct or not ?

  2. Hmmm..asking for trouble with the statement. Well, Aunty has raised very valid points but my comment to this..err…marry whoever you want lah..local gals kah, foreign imports kah? all up to your taste and preference loh……. 😛

    I think whoever people want to marry is their own choice, but do not ketuk local gals lah 😛 and best answer is to just let it be, so what if they want to marry local gals or foreign gals….

    Ladies can also do the same..marry whoever you want, local guys kah or foreign guys..all up to you..its your right and your choice.

  3. Source from the Ministry said the number of young-wives marriages had gone up from 43,953 in 2000 to 87,277 last year.

    “Our statistics show that Muslim Malaysian men marrying young wives oftern twice age, and some thriple their age – are on the rise. We have to ask them why they prefer these really old mens,”

    Asked the reasons for the trend among local men, he said: “It is very difficult for me to have sex with my old wife which looks all saggy and old, she is just too old for me, i needed something young.”

    Tan said it was hard to determine whether such marriages were genuine or not. “How do you tell if two people are in love?”

  4. Well, I will have you know, foreign men simply love us local girls. Local girls are choosy too, but we dont just look for toyboy or an atm. We look for men with substance. Dato Tan’s cronies sound suspiciously like atm machines for them foreign bimbo lar and i beg your pardon but Dato Tan sounds like he is pea green over it.

  5. harlo datuk, when u r uneducated and live in hardcore poverty, what u want to demand? great sex ah?

  6. “So, why do Malaysian men marry foreign girls? Please tell?”

    i have another question, why did the political analyst ask 3 police people go bomb the mother of his baby?

  7. singapore also like that wat. u call them “sai lo por”. the ah pek machiam 60-70 year old the sai lo por 20-25. come from vietnam, myanmar and thailand. basket. which local girl wan to marry such an old man unless he is someone like “M”.

  8. Daniel – yalor, most of these are old men ‘cos I always hear them boasting in the kopitiam.

    iblogtogod – Your comments masuk spam bin dunno why. You said foreign women don’t pull ear? They got ‘kong thau’ black magic wor. They cook panty soup. LOL.

    azhan – Because they can?

    sooi2 – Yalor, these Ministers protecting their own cronies lah. All also want to go China get virgins mah.

    mom2one – Agree!

    earl-ku – LOL, no lah, all because of you lor. The old men watch too many Playboy downloaded from your site. Who wants Playboy go to earl-ku’s site. Fast-fast before he kena ban.

    QV – Wuah, lucky you are not a minister too. Must tighten the process lah cos terang-terang, all these people marry because of sex and all these girls agree because of money.

    Saygore – Correct, correct, setuju 100%

    JoeC – Dun worry, you sure no problem to find one. Or you prefer to import?

    thatjames -Too late, too bad.

  9. Because us local women are becoming too good for them :P. No lar…joking. But it might be true.

  10. over here also got men getting mail order wives from vietnam & china but they very smart wor coz when they get their PR they dump their old husbands! hahahaha

  11. No wonder our traffics and road system going down the drain. This TCH got so much free time make statement on people marriage. Isn’t the marriage keapo topics belongs to his rival, OKT that manage the local & housing department. 😉

    According to nature rules, foreign marriage is good. It is less susceptible to genetic illness problem, hence it will enhance the human gene pool.

    And honest speaking : Thai/vietname/Mynmar girl are quite “zheng”. (and can save lots of $$$ on cosmetic product)

  12. Hehehehe..well, as mentioned..its their preference..if they want to marry for sex..apa boleh buat…humans are first and foremost animals and that’s one of the main thing in their mind 😛 hehehehe… hiding from aunty now

  13. Whether local or foreign women, they are all human-women. Remember this nationality is a man-made differentiation.

    It does not mean that just because they are non-Chinese, non-Malaysian or non-Vietnamese….that they are worse off or better off….

    If one does not look at race, do not look at nationality. It does not matter if you are local or not-local, If you want to cheat and treat your spouse badly, you would have do it anyway regardless which country you come from.

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