Thank God He gave me short memory

I recently got my Random Posts plugin working.  Had always wanted to put a Random Post on my sidebar to reminds me of some of my old posts which is over 1,500 in numbers.  Siao hor?  One of me can write that many posts.  Never mind, nowadays, I write for money in some of my blogs so the effort doesn’t go down the drain totally.

In fact, lately, I have website owners writing to me directly to ask me to post something about their site in return for some cash.  Of course, I take it lah, who doesn’t want money in USD wor.  Let’s get a little technical first, you can skip and go down to the next para if this bores you.  The latest trend is to get links by other sites with high PR.  So, all these business sites like to be mentioned.  Of course, this is against the Big-G big no-no but there is a little gray line somewhere.  So, I am doing it eventhough there is  a lot of talks that we can get penalised with lower Adsense payout.  Anyway, I do see a little drop but what to do….if I write 50 words, praising some good stuffs and get paid USD10, don’t you think I should  risk it?  I have to sit dunno how long only see my Big-G income increase to USD10 each day.   Moreoever, I hate being bullied by anyone, Big-G included.  But don’t go run out and start a few blogs to write for money. just shut down several blogs when they found that the owners are writing for money. is the free service, not to be confused with WordPress.ORG. Note also that my blogs that I used to write for money are still essentially filled with my real intention of sharing parenting stuffs, not merely to use as a money making one.

Now, back to my sidebar, random post.  I found one title Warning. I have a good laugh reading back this post dated September 17, 2005.  And thank God, I forget who I was scolding and what got me off.  I had tried recalling since the last 12 hours and heck, I cannot remember at all!  It is either I have short memory or I have made too many enemies.
What the hell lah, who cares, right?  It is good to have a blog, isn’t it?  We can press the rewind button and watch our lives pass by and then, analyse  where we go wrong.   So, ever think of starting a blog too?  In the next few days, I am going to write some tutorials to help a girl start one.  You can log on to my Make$ Money$ blog for the updates. (psst…I just got over RM1K from Bryan ‘cos he helped me cash out my PayPal money, money I earned from blogging)
Now, go read that Warning post and tell me you sked of me or what?  You better enjoy it ‘cos nowadays, I dare not write like that anymore as too many eyes are watching.  And I got no time to make enemies online anymore.  Only enemies make enemy out of me.  I so kwai-kwai and kawaii mah.

9 thoughts on “Thank God He gave me short memory

  1. Hahaha, read your WARNING post, scary loh…..better dun play play. But now, you’re different leh….. 🙂

  2. i was just googling around the net the other and found one of my old posts which i almost forgot about. it’s nice to see how different (and yet same) you were just a year ago…

  3. Great, so next time, i zapp my pp$ 2u, and u gimme rm, k. Dont hv to buy things liao. Can hv hard cold cash instead. I LOVE YOU, LILIAN!!!!!!!!1

  4. Die lah, all my readers run away or what? How come no one says anything about that old post? *cold sweats*

    Simon – It is kinda weird isn’t it, like we have matured somehow. LOL, as if we CAN grow any wiser.

    AhPek- I only talk PayPal. On top of that french kiss.

    KGC – Yalor, dunno where that Mrs. Jekyll have gone to? I sold my soul, for a tamer day. If I write like that everyday, I kena flame 99.

    wuching – wei, i tag you too many times, you scold me. That’s what meme are for lor….

  5. eh be careful of paypal. they skarli bo tai ji lock up ur account one. den only can draw out after 6 months. i kena before. so betting take out every cent u have inside.

  6. Daniel – Tks for the info. I got no choice wan cos some of these ads programme use only PayPal. But now can get that chettiar Bryansamy LOL to help cash, ok lah. Otherwise, I every day surf online stores to buy stuffs only.

    pablopabla – Hehehe. Good distraction.

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