Focus on the issues!

This morning, I almost lost my appetite for my instant noodle breakfast. I don’t normally read the paper before breakfast but I did today.

First, I read that our municipai (no, not spelling error) cuntcil are getting a huge bunch of busybodies to mark on Mat Rempits and the likes. (oops, it is not the council, I read wrongly but nevertheless, I like municipai cuntcil LOL)

Arif Shah, who is also the state Unity and Social Welfare Council chairman, that 1,000 ‘busybodies’ be recruited to curb petty crime, vice and illegal racing by Mat Rempit in his constituency. (full story)

I was like, WTF!!!!??? Are you serious? ‘Cos this idea is as crazy and ulu as the one in India where they hire 100 eunuchs to sing at the house of those people who evaded tax to shame them. Siao or not? In India, I heard some places the people still shit by the roadside. Dun believe? Ask Dr. Liew. But hey, we are in Malaysia! Since when are normal citizens empowered to be crime busters?
And this is the most siasuey news of all –

PENANG: There were many red faces at the Penang Municipal Council meeting yesterday.

Newsmen covering the full council meeting at City Hall were shocked to find the closed-circuit television (CCTV) camera zooming onto the thighs of the women journalists instead of the council proceedings. (more)

This is what happened when you give first class infrastructure to third class mentality.  municibai cuntcil people turning peeping tom.
Then, flipped further, I see a face that I absolutely tak tahan. I bet we are going to see a lot of the face and the belagak fella in the next few days and prolly weeks. It is on 13th November. That’s why so many issues are cropping up.

But the most sickening one is how sei-phat-por The Star has turned into. Like dude, we do not care if that few pics of the skimpily dressed girl is that Mongolian woman who died or not. She is dead. It is not the issue. The man, whether he cheated or not, also not the issue. Men cheated on their wives, impregnated girls all the time. It is not news.

The media should hound the police. Keep bugging them to faster-faster explain to us. How in the world their police force got hold of explosives? How in the world their police personnels got into the hired killer profession? Are there more personnel who probably can be bought into blowing up buildings and VIPs? Huh? This is the issue. Focus on it.

Oh ya, I have had a good weekend. How’s yours?

3 thoughts on “Focus on the issues!

  1. turn Malaysia into a “fine city” everything summon summon or sit in jail. see whether ppl dare to do stooopid things. but then if bribery comes in den it might not work. to curb bribery must increase pay of mata. but den government also dun wan. wat to do? live with it lor

  2. macam-macam pun bolih ! I like the way u spell the municipai cuntcil ! n dun forget that u r paying 4 it, including the hamsup technician!
    Police is moonlighting to supplement their low incomes?? If you pay peanuts, you get monkeys.

  3. Lilian, I have to agree with you !! The issues are not addressed.
    How can the police be involved !!! And that latuk so darn sia sui Penang.. 🙁

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