Penang Municipal Council president Datuk Abu Bakar Hassan’s response is frivolous and unbecoming of a person in his capacity. Updated : Photo of the ‘sexy dress’

I am putting up this piece of news from The Star, Metro North just in case all Malaysians missed this quote from the Penang Municipal Council president Datuk Abu Bakar Hassan.

It’s the sexy dress, says council president

PENANG: If the dress was not sexy, the incident would not have happened.

This was Penang Municipal Council president Datuk Abu Bakar Hassan response to a complaint that a closed-circuit television (CCTV) camera in the City Hall was zooming in on the thighs of women journalists instead of council proceedings.

Abu Bakar was unhappy over the sexy attire worn by some women reporters during council meetings.

On Friday, a reporter spotted the image of a woman’s thighs on the CCTV monitor in the control room and alerted other journalists who complained to council secretary Ooi Chin Loo.

New Straits Times journalist Melissa Darlyne Chow, 23, who lodged a police report yesterday, said she was surprised by Abu Bakar sexist statement.

“He’s implying that I was not properly attired and that I deserved the unwanted attention,” she said.

State Local Government committee chairman Datuk Dr Teng Hock Nan said he was awaiting a report from the council.

Well, I guess I don’t have anything to say. *speechless* I prefer to let my dear readers sum it up. And I hope all the gung-ho women politicians will pursue this case and screw whoever blame women for their own male lusty actions.

You can see his pic here. The first one on the left, top corner. I don’t want to pollute my blog with neanderthal faces.

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Added : I have included the screenshot from SinChew showing the dress the woman journalist wore on my women blog. (Thanks to Big Bird KJ 😛 )

Eh, Latuk….ini donut pun ada lubang. Ada kira lucah kah?

(OMG, I just made the bestest doughnut today and it is still steaming hot. Crispy on the outside, soft on the inside. I coat it with vanilla butter sugar coating. Later I put up recipe and more pic in my food blog. To make my mouth sweet-sweet or else later municibai cuntcil potong my jamban facility if I talk too much. Don’t play-play orh, later, latuk cakap sama saya, “nyonya, lu pandai kutuk, li pigi korek lubang buat jamban sindiri, kita tarak kasi proper sewage for your sewer’s mouth.)

50 thoughts on “Penang Municipal Council president Datuk Abu Bakar Hassan’s response is frivolous and unbecoming of a person in his capacity. Updated : Photo of the ‘sexy dress’

  1. Peeps (especially women), do quote this name:
    Penang Municipal Council president Datuk Abu Bakar Hassan (write it in full)
    and comment about this issue. Let’s jam the Msian net with his name! Show your support, please!

  2. That hum sup face!!!
    No wonder made such irresponsible comment lar…
    Think I’m gonna blog about this pervert guy’s name big big…
    Seriously, why women always get the blame when we are the victims of male lust? Rape case rising also they blame women, divorce also they blame women, old man marries young women also they blame woemn, local guy marrying other foreign gal also they blame women, now THIS!?!!!
    For heaven’s sake, that old man – what’s his name again? Penang Municipal Council President Datuk Abu Bakar Hassan – his testicles should be ripped off for making such comment!

  3. Overheard in Penang Municipal Council…

    “Meow! Meeeow! Meooow!” – Datuk Abu Bakar Hassan

    Translation : “Yo, homies. Dig this. Fresh Ho…and uncovered! Let’s dig in, yo!”

  4. alamak malaysian politicians so hamsap one meh? do all these things still want 2 blame the women? gosh. better enrol Penang Municipal Council president Datuk Abu Bakar Hassan in religious classes.

  5. aiya, pura pura only. that gatal old man maybe record all those vids n make himself a kinky foot fetish video, and wank in his bathroom. sedar diri lah datuk, awak dah tua, dah nak mampus…taubat la sebelum mampus.

    wanker bersongkok!
    memalukan sungguh.

  6. 5x mom, I just blogged this also in my blog.Qualified as Municipal Council President?
    Malaysia is 6 hours ahead me now; therefore, a bit late for me to blog it.

    This is an insultation to women. If he is in the country which practice gender equality; he needs to apology in public no matter he is joking or not.

    Let’s bet, the press will be blamed again for missquoting his statement.

  7. Omg,how dare that monkey aka ape face ass said that! His statement does not imply only on that poor journalist but also meant as an insult to all the women race! Just because we dress sexily,does that mean that they humsup ass need to focus on our thigh instead of the ones at their home?? Oh god, they should be dead. Those….those fucking pervert!

  8. i heard of the mufti’s saying but its just ridiculous for me as a muslim if anyone dare to say so. rape happens because of the guys became too horny mustard and those who cant control themselves.

    aiyo lilian! just hope the dato’ not blog literate lah! later if he really potong jamban susah la! mana mau cari lubang?

    p/s: the donut is too sexy! drools! i’m gonna get the recipe!

  9. azhan – Wahhhhh manyak takutttttt LOL

    wuching – Ya, I heard of that ‘cos it was international headlines. Just you wait, this one will get very big publicity too ‘cos you know hor…this all political thing lah. Last time, council under Gerakan. Now, UMNO. UMNO general assembly coming, sure got people go ka-ka-cau-cau wan. I just want a part of this to increase blog traffic lah. Who knows, this case also international headlines so I want to be the first, in Penang, Malaysia and the whole world. *gives crazy, obbessed with traffic laughs*

    piggy – Actually, it is not so much of his remarks (cos I am numb to these kind of thing) but rather the leadership. Leaders don’t make goofy remarks like that to protect their own staffs when it is blatantly clear that the staff is wrong. Good leaders will kill one or two cats to scare the whole jungle of monkeys (learn from my sifu this Chinese proverb). Good leader would have owned up, reprimand the staff and make the apologies.

    fire80 – Biasa ler….

    JM – Hehehe, majority also think like him only that they don’t get into the limelight. Scary right? Women are just pieces of meats.

    KJ – There were so many reporters who caught the guy red handed and this Datuk still want to save his staff sorry ass.

    astrosurge – Exactly! This is just simple meeting room with so many reporters around. Think what other tapes they have from other locations, more private places? And our PM still berangan-angan wanna wire up the whole city with CCTV. Kreakkk ptuii…

    LP – Gua caya sama lu lah.

    Daniel – Hehehe. Dare not comment.

    Robin – I hope this case doesn’t just disappear into thin air or else our lives will be dictated by selected few high moral perverts.

    Clare – The only reason I dare not get too anal over this in my post above is because I takut jamban kena sumbat, no one wants to help me. LOL.

    doc – What? You treated him for ED?

    Bryan – Ya, brothers. Kahkahkah. But this one go play with fire, pointing at reporter wor.

    Paris B – It is a never ending thing, and yet, no one learn eventhough there was a lot of uproar last time. Maybe those people who champion for women’s right should get more anal. Make it international kahkahkah.

    Kenny – Yalor…talk never use brain. So many reporters were the eye-witness also mm seng mok.

  10. We all know that municipal council are more powderful than PM.
    The selected councilman plague start since 1970, and it is SUPPOSE to be ended in 1990, but extended by Tun. M 🙂
    MCB, this council people should show their gratitude to Tun M, without him, there will be no King Zakaria in making. 😉

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  12. Only one word will suite this kind of people “Animal”

    kidda sad to see grown up man making stupid statements like this that just goes to show that U wonder what happened to their rational mind or maybe they lack some brain cells due to lacking of certain food in their diet..a case of what my sis and I used to say, one cell missing…

  13. mUAHARHARHAR the doughnut is sexy… with a tongue, it’s lucah alreadi!! LOL

    Pssst, if that dress is ‘sexy’ then it’s good news for c9 like me lar… I can officially declare to the world I am A SEXY C9 and I dress provocatively 100% of the time!! (according to the ‘person”s definition of sexy dressing..)

  14. Sounds like someone is a little sexually repressed and its all coming to the surface. Instead of taking responsibilities for illicit behavior he justifies the objectifying of women. How very sad he doesn’t realize his power. I hope he doesn’t have any daughters.

  15. Keep his face, keep his pic, keep his comment; then when the next election comes along, display all that all over the Bridge and up and down Penang Road. Let his electors know what kind of absolute idiot they have elected.

  16. Think it’s the whole culture that has regressed, or maybe they (or in this case) he has totally misunderstood his holy book. How else do you account for such gross statements, that obviously bypassed his brains.
    Am sure it’s not his/their diet, cos the jews similarly consume only kosher foods, yet do not come up with such inappropriate sexist remarks.
    Thanks to MCPs like him, isn’t it any wonder that the muslim faith draws so much flak everywhere? Then again, when the modern muslims residing among civilised communities (bar that mufti from australia) speak about their faith, it’s nice and pleasant to hear, accept and understand.

  17. OMG, I can’t believe they still think with that kind of narrow minded mentality. Grow up already lah! Don’t try to BS people like this and anger people in the process, okay, Datuk? (this Datuk-ship thing is really cheap. Even idiots can get it)

    Civilized, wordly people can control their urges. Human beings, a class above animals – which follows natural instincts, are able to choose freely. Men should be able to control their urges whether the woman is dressed sexily or not. Besides, I checked the pictures and it’s not sexy at all! Baseless accusations! It’s a standard office attire!

    What an idiotic man.

  18. luxeferi – The girl should sue them for sexual harrassment, isn’t it?

    Ahpek – Maybe next time they ban donuts from their menu also.

    alphabeta – My next post will tell you why they are regressing. I live next to the state mosque. 😛

    fishtail – Ya. If it is from PAS which is a party based on Islam, then, we have nothing to argue. But this is part of the Government office so there is no excuse.

    Branwen – Tks for your thoughts. But this is what we are living with and it gets worse here.

    helen – Siao hor, like that sexy, all of us must be in robe liao lor.

    astrosurge – Later I tambah the link.

    sming – Now they want to implement dress codes wor. Blardy hell, they want to implement rules covering everyone when a few of them with their uncontrollable groin cannot be control. Somemore they insisted it is technical fault, the camera chosed to point at the thighs.

    Bernard – Tks, will add that soon.

    QV – Hehehe. right.

  19. terence – Saya setuju!

    moo_t – Last time under Gerakan, they want to take over. Now take over liao, somemore wan to take over CM’s office. If like this, next time, all of us must wear veil liao.

    iblogtogod – Saya sokong.

    Maverick – They let the devil tempts all the while so everything also lucah.

    sooi – I will share the recipe. Nice donuts lah.

    mott – And to think that they run the state….

  20. Isn’t there a Ministry of Women’s Rights or something like that in the government? Aren’t they suppose to stand up against all these perverted men on behalf of us women? Why are they keeping mum about it? (assuming that they keep quiet la, long time no read news :P)

  21. piggy – I am not sure about that but Sisters-In-Islam also make some protest already. Well, these sort of people are going to blame the women when they go forward to report abusive husbands etc. These sort of people will tell the women, “It must be all your fault.”

  22. Thanks for the link.

    I will supply more juicy stories from Penang Municipal:

    Do you know that 300 of the municipal-own cars are without valid road tax disc?
    Read here

    Do you know that some of the councillors only attended 2 out of 11 meeting?
    Read here

  23. in this cas, mah have to blame the designer who design stupid clothes!!! This bunch of humsup fellow comment nonsense lar. If they are the good type one, you think they will notice and I find when they say this, it reflects that they are just like the monkeys who just migrate from the jungle to the city. Never see all this stuff mah. Like the chinese proverb say – if the cow don’t want to drink water, no one can push it’s head down.

  24. wah i missed the party here … so what happened …

    eh aunty – tak baik tau ini macam, lu taruk itu lucah mia gambar … i repot u baru tau … or i start sms rumor

    “old aunty shows off some hole …”


  25. earl-ku – Make sure you bring screenshots to some mufti baru ada oomph tau.

    Erina – Hahaha, they really lost their credibilities, even with all the ‘siew huan’ (hawkers and people like that). Now people no longer fear the word MPPP.

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