Guess who is ahead in Persidangan UMNO? Me again!

ADDED : Apa it hartal? Layari laman web ini – 10 tahun sebelum Merdeka.

Ok, this is another childish thrill of mine.Γ‚ To be onΓ‚ the first spot or first page of Google search results.Γ‚ I am on oneoneoneoneonesatusatusatusatu111111 for persidangan UMNO. Way ahead of Berita Harian, Malaysiakini, Malaysia-Today……

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What I mention was just a joke :

Entah sempat jadi merah balik sebelum persidangan UMNO pada Nov. 13 tak? Kalau tidak, mampus, tak boleh masuk pasukan merah. Nanti kena tendang pergi bulan

from my post where TV3 footage of the parliament sitting turned green due to some camera technical fault.

Now I am sitting down and gleefully wait for Datuk Abu Bakar Hassan to hit number one. Ah….I am turning into a SEO guru soon.

6 thoughts on “Guess who is ahead in Persidangan UMNO? Me again!

  1. The thrill of blogging is best when Google have your blog on their #1 search. Who knows.. one day the media wants to put their piece on your blog. Congrats!!

  2. Don’t worry, they won’t after you. 99% of those join the “king-queen-prince-princess” convention is more likely to google sex, siti, mongolian,etc. πŸ˜‰

  3. moo_t – I still rules with Siti’s name. Hehehe.

    Agnes – Hahaha, I like to stay far far away from the media cos I can tembak with no worries.

    azhan – Hehehe, sudah paham.

    pablopabla – It is my hobby.

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