I will tell you why I am extra annoyed with Datuk Abu Bakar Hassan , you know…the Penang Municipal Council president and his remarks of ‘sexy dress’. The reason was….I woke up at 5 am yesterday morning and heard this blasted :

“Kita (I shall leave you to guess who kita means) adalah orang yang bertamadun manakala, mereka-mereka yang bukan beragama (guess again?) adalah di belakang kita.” This was emphasised twice. In the silence of the morning and when the winds blow my direction, all these are loud and clear to me. Even when the bearded guy coughs, I can hear.

**Note – Don’t make any religious or hate comment, please. I am only trying to point out why so many MCP (males chauvinists……..) are out there. They are fed this ‘we are superior, they are inferior’ mantra for breakfast, early morning snack, lunch, tea, dinner’. When they don’t discern the tamadun to those barbaric times when Christians are fed to lions and everyone kill everyone, then, we are in serious trouble.**

Now, I was washing the dishes just now and realised that NST should nail the bugger who captured their NST journalist thighs – charge them for sexual abuse or something. Hound the parties down. So, I tried getting online to NST to see what is their reaction to having their journalist being accused of going into work related meeting to seduce men. But I get an application error and cannot access it.

So, I thought maybe those ladies bloggers in Monsterblog would have taken offence with their fellow female being put in this light – seductress. But nope, no one says anything. This is such a shame.

Ladies, do you all realise the hidden, undercurrent that we are heading to? We are going to be so repressed because people up there, who hold offices are going to be the moral police to dictate what we wear and how we conduct ourselves. They are going to kick us out of their offices next time when we need passports, driving licences, toilet licences and menial stuffs like these. We are under their rules. They are going to invent their own version of moral uprighteousness and weed us out as ‘mereka yang di belakang kita’. Say something, Monsterbloggers. Tell these people that we are not dictated by our religions to cover ourselves up from head to toe and we have every right to our country. Shout to them – Live with it, moral police. Tutup mata, tutup lampah, jangan hafal cepat & tepat when you are all so sampat & lambat.