Let’s talk vitamins

My previous posts have been too ‘heavy’ so thought of writing light and easy stuffs like what I ate for lunch. I had this crunchy French loaf smothered with garlic butter and toasted till crispy. Then, topped it with a cube of cream cheese with more garlic and herbs and a piece of smoke salmon. Wait… before everyone yells ‘That is a killer and so fattening!!!!!” I only get to eat one single piece of this ‘cos my kids wallop the rest. Smoked salmon is so expensive so it is more like a treat.

I have another slab of frozen salmon (not this pic) hidden in the fridge and most probably, I will cook and eat it when no one is watching. *evil laughs* Otherwise, I will have to buy myself some salmon Oil as supplement to satisfy my cravings for salmon. In case you do not know, I take cod liver oil and evening primrose oil because my doctor told me it will keep me off from flu. I think my skin radiates good shine after a month and I don’t suffer from PMS (which means less rants on this blog!).

I have turned into a little bit of a health nut recently and been supplementing with lots of vitamins and actually drink raw vegetables juices heavily flavoured with ginger (to hide the ‘green’ smell of the vege). I love ginger…it makes me farts. *burps*

15 thoughts on “Let’s talk vitamins

  1. terence & wuching – Actually hor, ini ada berunsur iklan lah. Gua lapat luit tulis ini. Lu tengok itu category? But hor, I didn’t know I am so good with promoting salmons. LOL. Now, the seas are going to have less fish. Salmon will be extinct!

    Hey, terence – Sushi king is having salmon promotion, I see. I wanted to go too….Can I follow?

    wuching – ‘Cos it is pink-pink, so colourful mah.

  2. I’m craving for Sushi King! And in this frobidden jungle university dun have such thing. Only got stingray curry at Subaidah Nasi Kandar. Fresh salmon is just to-die-for! *drool*

    Ya, I’m taking evening primrose oil too. Yupe, it makes your skin more beautiful and suculent. It actually balance your hormones-estrogen and pregesterone that’s why no PMS every month. Haha!

  3. Anyone tried UDOS oil? It has omega 3,6 9. Only thing is it comes in oil form, so have to telan 15 or 20 ml of pure oil. Am on my third bottle, and going to get my cholesterol levels tested soon. It’s supposed to up your good cholesterol.

  4. smoked salmon damn nice but erm u have to eat it “coffee bean” style. costs SGD $7.90 for one. its smoked salmon on panini with side salad. woohoo

  5. yup, EPO (evening primrose oil) is really good not only for PMS symptoms but also to hydrate your skin šŸ˜€ a lot of my aunt’s friends took it and all talked about the same thing šŸ˜›

    I felt a significant difference on my skin too after taking it šŸ™‚

  6. I don’t know about you..but I took fish oil for like 9 months, now, I got a tummy so fat..I can’t get rid off! everyone keeps thinking i’m pregged! sigh…

  7. Moo, I tried pouring on my food and as dressing for my salads…ugh..the oily taste on everything else! So I gulp and wash with water la.
    No, am not vegetarian (don’t that that will be a choice for me in any circumstances) …I now alternate between salmon oil (in capsules) and UDOS.

  8. alphabeta,
    This is my secret recipe, if you don’t mind the smell of sesame oil, just put a few drops of sesame oil with the cod liver oil. You will be surprise how well they compliment each other.

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