Penang Municipal Council president Datuk Abu Bakar Hassan – bila nak minta maaf?

Eliz pointed out to me the link to NST. (Thanks, Eliz)

GEORGE TOWN: Penang Island Municipal Council president [tag]Datuk Abu Bakar Hassan[/tag] has denied making sexist remarks in connection with the closed-circuit television camera Peeping Tom controversy involving a reporter.

He claimed to have been misquoted although all reports on Sunday had virtually the same report on his remarks.

Yawnnn… usual lah. Point fingers to all the reporters present there that they heard wrongly. I hope all these reporters will make life difficult for him because he has implied they are all idiots who can’t comprehend simple remarks and get confused.

Asked if he would apologise to the reporter, Abu Bakar said: “I do not want to comment further on the case. Give me a few more days.

“I am waiting for a detailed report on the incident.’

Like duh, so many people there already, still need to investigate. Investigate what? Want to call CSI? Not the camera tak boleh control lah, Datuk. Yang tak boleh control tu cuma zoom lense yang dalam seluar tu.

Meanwhile, state DAP members yesterday called for Abu Bakar’s resignation.

Its action team chief, Tham Weng Fatt, said Abu Bakar’s comments were unacceptable.

He said the council president should apologise to Chow, failing which the DAP would organise a protest on Nov 27 when the state Legislative Assembly convenes.

We got show to see some more, shiok nyerrr… And I better don’t have enough money to build a bungalow or else my building plans can never get through. Die! Maybe I won’t even get to repair my leaky toilet if I talk further.

Added : Woohoo…

Dust Burns name is inspired by blog readers mob & astrosurge from the comments here.  And no hamsters were sacrificed in this post.

17 thoughts on “Penang Municipal Council president Datuk Abu Bakar Hassan – bila nak minta maaf?

  1. Don’t hope too much. Local politicians are now acting on two pretext – tembak first and claim misquoted; build big bungalows and claim they don’t know it’s not approved . TIME RIPE FOR LOCAL GOVT ELECTIONS. sorry … i think this is very sad situation for all. really

  2. Abu Bakar(Dust Burn) wants to exercise his right for polygamy mah, the actual msg is probably to his wife. =) In other words he needs to get laid.

  3. It just reminds me how that wanker bersongkok is so cartoon la..he looks so like Mr.Burns from the Simpsons. Maybe long lost cousin kot. Dusty Burns? Good one mob1900…

  4. Haha! Just like what I predicted in my previous blog. Updated on a new one today…

    It’s all predictable in the gov people’s misconduct…memang macam-macam ada! Malaysia Boleh! Twisting his words and contradicting with his previous statement…now say ‘misquote’? Hello? You think we are going to buy that?

    We ain’t 3-year-olds to believe that, ok. That limp dick is too lame! Let’s just sit back, relax, and enjoy the show then! Oh, and add one large caramel popcorn.

  5. lilian, i dont think Penang Municipal Council president Datuk Abu Bakar Hassan the Peeping Tom would have anything to do with your toilet. I’ve just realised, how could Muncipal Council be related to PBA and Indah Water? Or they are really related? Could it be? Maybe not?

    Harap2 Penang Municipal Council president Datuk Abu Bakar Hassan tak ngam with people in PBA and Indah Water..

    And just hope Penang Municipal Council president Datuk Abu Bakar Hassan, will never borrow your jamban! ever!!

  6. i heard from the radio today he mintak maap edi wor…but what’s the point. ALready stab one time kau kau at the heart edi…mintak maap many many times also won’t heal la…

  7. “I was misquoted.”
    “Your tape recorder misundertood me.”
    “That’s not what I meant. Wat I meant was …..”
    “It is a misunderstanding.”

    Anybody wanna write a book “Only in Malaysia…”? Sure can make mahney wan..

  8. The female journalist has accepted his apology but the media will still grill him. I think to show how sincere his apology is, he should wear a short skirt to council meetings from now on. 😛

  9. Hey, good idea ler iblogtogod. Should give him that kind of punishment lah. Punish him to wear tight mini skirt everywhere for 3-months…let him taste the humiliation caused to Melissa. Oh, and he has to wear needle-thin high heels to go with that too…

    “Your tape recorder misunderstood me.”
    Yes, all tape recorders in the room misunderstood him. Even all the functioning human ears misunderstood him. He is an egomaniac pervert leh!

    Hopefully the media continue to screw him all the way to his grave.

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