Streamyx, PayPerPost & ReviewMe

I am stealing my neighbour’s wifi because that pundek[tag] Streamyx[/tag] has been down since afternoon.  God bless neighbours who don’t secure their line.

I am finally getting my money from [tag]PayPerPost[/tag]!  Every single day, money will go into my PayPal.  Woohoo!  I joined PayPerPost exactly one month ago and have earned USD246.52 plus USD5 from referral.  I love PayPerPost because of the bad vibes from many mean bloggers, I love to be in the midst of controversies.  (Hey, if you are going to join PPP, do use my email as referrer ya?  the5xmom(@)

And for ReviewMe, I think I am one of the luckiest blogger because  I already got one writing assignment.  And I also earned USD50 for reviewing [tag]ReviewMe[/tag].

So, you tell me lah, how should I screw Streamyx for such a long downtime?  I am missing out on earning US dollars, you know?  I must publish this fast-fast before my neighbour goes to sleep (and switch of the modem).  I got no idea which unit of the apartment so I can go pay him/her for leaving the line on for me.

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  1. apasai now wan to comment seksa sangat horr? selalu hilang cacat la! now have to repeat what i’ve said earlier..

    anyway, wah lilian, now so shiok use free internet and make money ar! nasib baik no curi WiFi rules here like USA, selamat.. but then ah, since lilian sudah durian runtuh, must belanja me cekodok horr!! 😛

  2. Neo – Spread out amongst my 10 blogs so it is very inconspicuous. I will never blog on my personal blog lah. Only those niche topics

  3. Nicholas – It is basically taking the advertisers links and write something and put their links on our blog. Charity? Got…..donate to myself mah call charity also lor. But I did lah, only one post, I donated to American Red Cross for USD5. Nochet due date so they don’t show on donate yet.

  4. Weh auntie.. U wanna kena saman like the 17YO boy issit?

    Really TAK BERLALOI,. might as well U dialup…
    PS:You may just need to test yr router settings saja mar..normally it’s a BAD PHONELINE or Lousy Settings.
    Note: VCI/VPI is 0/35 instead of the standard 0/38

    Quoted from Straits Times
    A 17-YEAR-OLD polytechnic student has become the first person here to be charged with piggybacking on someone else’s wireless Internet connection.

    Garyl Tan Jia Luo was accused yesterday of using a laptop computer to gain unauthorised access to a home wireless network on May 13 this year.

    If convicted, Tan faces up to three years in jail and fines of up to $10,000 under Section 6(1)(a) of the Computer Misuse Act.

    Tan was released on $6,000 bail and is scheduled to appear at the Subordinate Courts on Wednesday.

    Court documents did not describe the circumstances in which Tan was arrested, but The Straits Times understands that a neighbour near his Casuarina Walk home had lodged a complaint against him.

    While there are no statistics on how commonplace the practice of piggybacking unsecured home wireless networks is, networking firm Cisco System’s spokesman, Mr Rayson Cheo, said it is probably quite widespread here.

    Most modern notebook computers and personal digital assistants (PDAs) have the ability to sniff out unsecured networks and hop online for free with just a few clicks.

    There are numerous guides online that describe how to do this and the low cost of wireless networking equipment means that most HDB or condominium blocks have unprotected networks users can log on to.

    Said Mr Cheo: ‘People assume, wrongly, that since it is there, it is okay to use it.’

    Mr Aloysius Cheang, the chairman of local infocomm security association, the Special Interest Group in Security and Information Integrity, said: ‘Most people probably do it because it is convenient, or because they are cheap and want free Internet.

    ‘But, for some, it is because they want to do something illegal like defaming someone or downloading pirated MP3s, and they don’t want the activities traced back to their own network.’

    In the online world, there are even special terms for it, like ‘wardriving’ and ‘Wi-Fi mooching’.

    The problem, said lawyer Bryan Tan, is that while most people know that mooching is not quite legitimate, they probably do not know that it can be treated as a serious offence.

    ‘Blinkered by the convenience and allure of ‘free Internet’, people don’t realise that mooching is the virtual equivalent of trespassing,’ he added.

    Likewise, many users do not seem to realise that they can block moochers simply by installing a password on their Internet connections.

    For most users, the only indication they get that someone is mooching is when their connection speed slows down, though Mr Cheo said software tools are available for download that can track who is using a network and what they are doing on it.

    While the case is the first of its kind here, there have been at least two similar arrests and convictions in the United States.

    In some countries like Holland, Mr Tan added, Wi-Fi network owners can even be held liable by the courts for crimes committed on their unprotected networks.

    THE OFFENCE: Tan Jia Luo is accused of using a laptop to tap someone else’s home wireless network on May 13 this year.


    If convicted, he faces up to three years in jail and fines of up to $10,000 under the Computer Misuse Act.

  5. Lilian, time to delete this post n do not ‘piggyback’ again. Ignorance is not defensible in court. Dun want to miss ur posts!

  6. Wei, wei, wei! I signed up for PPP about a week ago using you as referral but until now I still haven’t even got any confirmation email wor. I request for a resend, the system tells me it has been sent. I tried to recreate another account, I’m told I can’t because the username and paypal email has been taken up. I wrote to support and posted in the forum but no reply to date. No confirmation email how to submit my blogs for approval? Bleh! Not happy with PPP so far. BTW, you good lah, got so many blogs no need to touch your personal blog. For me, I think no choice, maybe have to use the personal blog for paid posts too. :PpP

  7. Switch to Penang FON broadband service! Streamyx is driving me crazy too, so i am waving ta-ta to them. Furthermore, Penang FON only RM60 per mth for speed up to 2MB.

  8. Was about to raise the same comment but Azrin has raised it already…by the replying to this post, aren’t we witnesses to her crime? hehehehe

    Quick Aunty, delete the post and give them money from your paypal as bribe to us to keep our mouth shut in typical malaysia fashion 😛 hahhaha

  9. Relax people, don’t need to jump on the WIFI “tagging” issue. Some part of 5xmom blog are fiction. Don’t forget, the title says, “5Xmom – Humour, Life, Lies, Sex”.

  10. Exactly Moo_t That’s why its so fun to visit aunty’s blog and poke poke here and there and crack jokes..cos as you said, not all are true as some are fiction so we all can have a good fun and laugh laugh at it 😛

  11. Nah, I dont think Aunty is showing off, she’s just sharing with us her life, as per her title and teaching us how to blog and earn money also at the same time. Thanks Aunty and no, you are not showing off, you are informing us that blogging can be profitable also

  12. LOL, I have stopped being a thief since last midnight. Saya tak mengaku bersalah, Tuan!

    KS – Yalor….I very the lansi wan, u dunno meh? Eh, you haven’t tell me if you want to sell yr PR5/10 old blog to me. How? Give me, I kasi it money making.

    shooi – Really? I must check it out, dunno my area got or not? Whole of Penang?

    MG – They are in beta stage and hari-hari oso got problem wan. But if yr PR is 4/10 and above, then, sure no problem wan. My blog, this personal one, baru get approved too! Whee…I am going to load you all with lots of commercial blogs.

    Wingz – Apamaciam, you want to pay me USD50 to help promote your year end party or not? USD50 is already 50% discount. Hehehe.

  13. Your “pundek” streamyx and your neighbour’s streamyx is different one izzit? How come your neighbour’s one not “pundek-ed” one.

  14. Bernard – I think so ‘cos their line always seem faster than mine. I don’t know lah, I called Streamyx and all I get is their recording about the downtime.

  15. Ya lor, I feel really impatient adi. I want to submit two of my blog with PR5 one but didn’t even receive the confirmation email when create account dat time so can’t even submit blog. Geram!

  16. AiYah Lilian. I told U it’s your settings and the fact YOUR PHONE LINE DIRTY mah…. time and again.

    /*Diagnostics NCIS */
    Get UserLogon=ChanLilian.Net&cookie>60Min&Firewall=False

    IPZone:60.*.*.* (masked for your Identity Sake)
    CurrentLogon:218.*/219.93.8.(*)- OnDemand.Broadband.LinkSys

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