Beware of Christians, beware of icecream (hiaks)

I read this from Jeff’s post which leads me to mStar. I shall give a brief translation of what transpired. Some groups went to an icecream company to tell them that they found the cross which is a symbol of Christianity on their icecream. They made a police report.

Ketua Polis Daerah, ACP Rosli Ahmad mengesahkan bahawa pihaknya telah menerima laporan itu.

Beliau enggan mengulas lanjut.

Dr Izham memberitahu pemberita pihaknya bertindak demikian selepas menerima aduan daripada beberapa orang pengguna yang menyedari kewujudan imej salib pada produk keluaran syarikat itu.

Well, I have a whole packet of the icecream in my fridge, It is the kids’ favourite because of the energetic advertisement of moOOOO.

Itu abjad t lah! On the other end of the icecream, is a capital T. This is small t.

My brothers and sisters in Christ, if a little t like this on a kids’ icecream is already not tolerated, have you wondered what challenges await us in future?

“You of little faith, why are you so afraid?” This is our Lord’s word to depend on. **Please do not ridicule any parties in your comments!**

But when t is seen as obnoxious, think what is life without t-junction, t-tool, t-square……Let’s destroy all the t in the world! Moo_t and mott – Two of you are forbid to use your nicks. Hehehe.

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  1. Soon, lilian, soon… all the Ts and ts will be omitted from our educational system cause they pose, what…. some hidden agenda???????

  2. aiyo like tat ah then the t-tool you use to change your tire oso cannot use, the aeroplane tail if you look from behind also look like a cross so have to get rid of that or don’t fly at all, use kapal only! but so many support brazil soccer team (wear their shirt) even tho their team crest got cross, england team oso got cross and oso ok to be a RED DEVIL (manu) fan, how come no warnings saying not for sale to certain group?

  3. if they claim that they have aqidah, how come they easily offended with trivial things like that? what a moron.

  4. Let’s talk about history.

    Under the ancient China where the confucius teaching infest the culture, there is one absurd rules call “name circumvent”, which mean to “pay respect” to so and so. For example, if the emperor name has a “Kau” word in it, so this is what happens

    – everything that sounds like “Kau” must change to something else
    – pronounce Kau as something else
    – When writing the word Kau, you must pay respect to “sanction” some portion from the glyph(ok, don’t ask me why, this is how confucius follower thinking, not mine)
    – If your surname unlucky use the word “Kau”, change your surname.
    – Sanction the word at all or avoid to speak it.

    So during Tang dynasty, the 2nd emperor is call “Lee-Shi-Ming”, because the “Shi”, the female buddha “Kwan-Shi-ying” name is force to change to “Kwan-Ying”.

    During the Ching dynasty(1662 -1911), a scholar decapitated because he wrote the emperor father name in proper glyph instead of “cut off” some portion of it.

    Yeah, human history is full of “Duuut” activities.

  5. why should there even be design on a kiddie ice cream biscuit? when i was a kid, i had plan wafer ice cream. Why can’t they make things plain? Once you have plain thing, then no one will claim they are offended because its plain. Plain is safe, plain is good. At the end of the day the biscuit and the ice cream will end up in the stomach.

    I am quite sure if you print any design, someone will find it offensive. Watch da vinci’s code. Symbols are everywhere and they can be interpreted into one thing or another.

    so lilian, is the mooooo better than those good old days PLAIN wafer ice cream? want to know before i splurge on it.

  6. Fly uncle charlie’s kite also cannot lor. Kite there got t frame also. How lidat? Means all the arts class teacher that teach how to make kites (which are mostly from the same party) also langgar ajaran. This is just extremism and giving symbolic meaning to something that is otherwise harmless. Ajaran sesat?

  7. iblogtogod – Hahaha

    simon – HOI! Dun simply think lah, so difficult to take pics of brown thing you know. The aperture adjust adjust also cannot get it right. Hehehe.

    gbyeow – Psstt…you know hor, if they turn any sword or any knife (you get what I mean lah) around, it also looks like a cross. Should someone query this? Hehehe.

    neeshen – I never like Oreo so I never eat it. If you like Oreo, maybe you can try. But it is sold in a whole big packet. You see lah, one day the factory sure kena some scandal, non-halal gelatin or something.

    moo_t – Tks for that history. I didn’t know Kwan Yin also kena change name.

    pablopabla – When I am rich enough, I take over McD, KFC and give away hot cross buns to every customer who walks in. Hehehe.

    Andreas – Yeah, speechless

  8. I wonder whose religion is being attacked. Christians are being made to look like evil brainwashers who only want to lure more and more people into their religion. Sad sad country. And as usual the more important problems in our country are being sidelined for this sort of rubbish. Malaysia Boleh indeed.

  9. oh… they found out about the cross…
    so soon they will notice the bosom symbol in the middle..
    n then ? they lodge to police that ice cream got porn ?

  10. Hahahhaha OMG!! Those Christians better watch out the nexxt time they buy their mooncakes. God forbid the box might feature a cresent…..

  11. *speechless*

    Then hospital also kena close down lor because ‘beroperasi secara haram’ due to some ‘offensice’ symbols. Siao wan!

    The screw also cannot use lor because got cross symbol. Later ban the usage of screw we have to use another type with the minus sign wan.

    Kids will be happy because no need learn addition in Maths due to the plus symbol deemed as being ‘offensive’

    Also the close window button at the top right corner because it is a slanted cross…tak boleh pakai

    They watch too much Da Vinci Code lar! Design on biscuit only need to bising-bising for what? After chewing and swallowing will be digested to sai oredi lar! *shake head*

    This is yet another ‘storm in the teacup’ – much ado about nothing at all. *sigh*

  12. wow… recently I’ve seen a lot of round-abouts turned into crossroads… like a “t”!!! I think T-junctions would be banished, and made it a ‘Y’ instead. And all roads are to be made like Genting roads…

  13. i’m speechless…

    there’s an obvious increase in religious and racial issues lately….what is becoming of our beloved Malaysia.

    our Lord’s words ‘You of little faith, why are you so afraid?’ should be knocked into their heads. I doubt they even understand the word ‘faith’.

    Those people themselves are in serious need of religious guidance from their ulamas etc…*shakes head.

    How could morons like them even exist? i’m disgusted!

  14. When talking about sensitivities;

    The swastika symbol in Germany today is very sensitive, But what about those in Indian temples.. what is bad for the Germans may be Good to the Hindu (I seriously don’t know what the Hindu swastika means. But is the same hindu goes to germany and installs a swastika in front of his house I can guarantee for sure the cops are going to appear.

    Burning a National flag can indicate insult to a flag being burnt i.e., In protest of the gulf war. But burning a flag in mourning of the loss of public freedom and liberties can be out of sheer patriotisme showing the loss of what the stands for.

    Open minded is eating the biscuit knowing full well that design do not affect the designs on your heart and soul. But what if a person being narrow minded serves the biscuit to a muslim at the same time saying “eat and don’t worry about the cross/t”. THat would be highly insensitive.

    For some people their faith is embodied in their heart and soul. For some religious symbolisme is an outwards expression of the faith.

    Sensitivities work both ways. Don’t wear a party dress to a funeral, and please people don’t mourn at my parties when I throw them.

    Take life with a pinch of salt. Don’t keep thinking that everybody is out to get you (though sometimes they are…). Be nice to people. Remember life is too precious and too short.

  15. And Datuk become Dauk Abu Bakar Hassan rite??? Then Tregganu have to change to regganu…Then hor you cannot stretch your arms to the side cause you will look like a cross…

    The government tell us not to “cari pasal” and don’t have “race politics” but look at this?? Who is the one “cari pasal” ???

    Very sad and angry…Malaysia Boleh indeed..


  16. fascinating how some people have the time to scrutinize a piece of biscuit-ice cream. rival company, issit???

  17. Another case of Stupidity and I wld repeat myself again when I bring up the One Cell missing comment… anyway…stupido…

    By the way, Aunty, I’m impressed that u managed to read what is in the journal, well, my explanation for what and why i wrote it is stated there and at the moment, brain blank so don’t know what to write and thus leave that posting there for people to read and know what I am not happy about…

  18. aiyo…if i don’t use “tt”..then I’m just

    Mother Of ……. what?

    sei lor…sei identity lor…*sobs*!!!!!!

  19. btw, thank you thank you thank you 5xmom..I was wondering why my blog got peaked one…..satu mention dari 5 kuasa mom..manyak kuasa leh!

    thank y’all for comin! thank you! thank you!

  20. love the close up shots !
    Thank God you brought it up in the open.
    I shall make a police recort if i find a cresent in my food

  21. lets have a no “t” day. Out of our respect for the government of course. I’ll get the ball rolling.

    from his day onwards i declare here shall no be any ” ” seen in our sree and papers. He Sar and New Srai Imes He Sun and Uusan will remove all ” ” from hier respecive papers. Dewan bahasa dan pusaka will creae new words o replace all he evil ” “. From his day onwards our naional anhem shall have he following lyrics:

    Negara ku
    Anah umpahnya darahku,
    Rakya hidup
    bersau dan maju,
    Rahma bahagia
    Uhan kurniakan,
    Raja kia
    Selama beraha,
    Rahma bahagia
    Uhan kurniakan.
    Raja kia
    selama berakha.

    Erima Kasih.

  22. 1st, it’s just food. Who can be so wu-liao to have time to scrutinise a piece of biscuit and make a big fuss out of it? If wanna scrutinise everything, then no time for other activities lo. In fact, might as well don’t have a live, just dedicate oneself to look for symbols and analyse them.

    2nd, if everything is made plain because it is safe and good, then wouldn’t this world be a very plain, dull and boring world? Designs represents creativity, it represents how we use the gift/talent that is bestowed on us by God.

    3rd, these so-called symbols are not found only in man-made designs/things. If we were to look around us carefully, Mother Nature does carve her own symbols. What then? Destroy Mother Nature just because she portray the wrong/different symbol?

  23. Police report eh? I thought police only tangkap criminals! Is it a crime for using a “t” as design?? Then create a new law to ban all “t”s symbol ( so no more fuss!!) To those paranoid duds! Just refrain from eating or buying those ice-creamlor!

  24. i remember that back in 1973, our school’s metal badges were confiscated for having a yellow cross in the middle and we are only allowed to wear the new ones without the cross. Methodist Girls School, mah, thats why the badge has a cross in it. Didnt know nowadays, biscuit oso suffers the same fate as the badge.

  25. In Malaysia many things would have to be change.. any word has t letter would have re-spell like tikam becomes ikam, Agnes Tan becomes Agnes An. Niah sng… we would be a nation of fork _ongue ci_izens.. chi kan ppl

  26. there are many more things worth making police report on. and for muslims, really, there are many orphans and single parents out there that need more of our attention and help. don’t want to see the “T”, don’t buy lah, got alternatives whattt. if still want to eat, eat the “T” first lah . it’s getting tiring all these huha of nothing ni.

  27. its jus a decoration or designed to make the ice cream looks nice..what the heck is wrong with these malays man?next time..tell them go n make police report once they see any “cross” or “t” designed..damn lifeless man..

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