Join the Christmas sing-song project now

Once again, it is [tag]Christmas[/tag] sing-song project time.  Last year, we had so much fun doing the group singing.  After that project, we had the Chinese New Year project and sadly,  we also recorded our voice twice for Lisa who is/was in coma.  So, bloggers, if singing Rudolph The Red Noise Reindeer is not against your faith, hehehehe, in case your ancestors don’t like you sing Christmas song mah….go over to LinPeh’s blog and get the details.
The closing date is November 30th.  So start practise now.

BTW, my church choir is going carolling at Shangri-La RasaSayang (the latest and most posh resort) on 17th, 24th and 25th December, 2006.  Looks like this will be the last year we are under our great choir leader, Gerard.  So, fast-fast catch us carolling this year.

7 thoughts on “Join the Christmas sing-song project now

  1. Interesting the way, singing at the shang on 24 and 25? No singing on Midnight Mass and Christmas Day Mass? 😛 Make sure you drink enough and take a shot of brandy each time before u perform to lubricate the throat.

  2. wuching – But I want to duet with you!!!!!

    QV – Of course lah, we sing for the Lord, sure got sing at mass. This year we are scheduled for Christmas morning mass(take turns with another group, last year we sang for Christmas Eve mass). So lucky no need to sing Gaudette anymore. Minuet Noel, Oh Tanenbeum etc etc. I hope my kid will be kind enuff to take a video so I can share the joy online. Glory to the Lord, not to show off hor?

  3. Tank Q u for help promoting Lin Peh’s Sing Song projeck ! For dat…I make sure I blast 9 your voice kao kao for the final cut! LOL! Tank Q again.

  4. Exactly, Laudate Jesus Christe, Praise to Jesus Christ….aduh..besar juga ur singing schedule, make sure you rest your throat well in between, don’t scream at the kids 😛

    Wuch: Yes sir, yes sir, three bags full

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