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It has twitched since yesterday. I did a little Googling but get all sort of weird explanations. I remember when I was small people tell me if the left eye twitches, it is bad luck. If right eye twitches, it means you are going to see a long, lost love. But then, don’t trust me, I can’t tell left from right. šŸ˜›

I am not sure why I get it. It could be the flickering Christmas lights next to my PC table. It could be my contact lenses. I haven’t wear contact lense for several days last week because I ran out of stock. So maybe my eyes got a little uncomfortable with it.

Got another fright on Sunday morning. Since I haven’t been wearing contacts (only wear when I go out) and I have mono-vision, i.e. one eye see distance, one eye see close-up, my brain usually needs some adjustments when reading fine prints. I was up on the lectern and OMGODDDDD…. the words on the Bible looks blurry!!!!! Thank God, I did not freak out but rely on my practices to get the words out.

Seriously, I do wish to try[tag] Lasik[/tag] so that I don’t need a spectacle unless I need to do serious reading. I am not fond of old-grandma bi-focals and I hate to wear specs all day long. But there are so many pros and cons about Lasik, I no longer know who to believe. There’s a forum for that for users but I am too chicken to trust my eyes to an eye surgeon. I am not sure if I bring this 50 tough questions to ask your lasik doctor, will he/she kick me out after five questions?

Arrgggh!!!!!The eye is twitching again. Will I see ghost? Will I see a long, lost love? What? Tell me?

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  1. i thought eye twitching could also mean that the eyes are tired….or the blood vessels arnd the eye area are not circulating well…hence the muscle spasm…….fatigue? not enough sleep?

  2. well the bf did lasik early this year and he has 2020 vision now. now he can see better then i am! =)

    so far (touch wood), cant seem to see any downside of the procedure

  3. eye twitching can occur during periods of stress. my aunt had lasik surgery done, and it was very good. i guess it’s up to you to do the research for a good lasik surgeon? otherwise it’s safe. and she did it in KL.

  4. mebbe got hansum guy with g-string around..mebbe u just hamsup lah…hahaaha…ask your atm to give you some lovin’ la..!!! šŸ˜‰

  5. Maybe your eyes just tired aunty…give it a bit of rest once in a while, go for a walk in the garden and admire the greenery and not the guys šŸ˜› hehehehe

    Lasik surgery, a good friend of mine went and she’s doing ok. She highly recommend it and they seem to be no side effects so far. So, maybe its worth it to go for it and no need to wear bifocals or suffer from lau lang bak šŸ˜›

  6. fire80 – Yes, yes, yes, hari-hari kasi bagi brainwash. LOL.

    QV – Maybe also la, cos i so gila in $$$ lately. Hehehe.

    mott – I think I watched too much p0rn

    vonzie – But my life stress free wor…Then, maybe school holidays coming lor. Hahaha.

    crhiseee- I regret I didn’t do that 10 years earlier but then, that time lasik was so new everyone sked become buta

    sooi2- Haiyor…so kerng wan. Like that go interview, the eye twitches and the interviewr thinks you try to seduce him leh?

    ront – I read a bit but it seems to be unknown cause too.

  7. 5Xmom,
    So that’s it!! mono vision!!!! I’ve been having that problem all these while and it’s causing me migraine, so I carry 2 sets of specs with me all the time depending on when to use, to see near or to see far…..But how do you manage to put on the contact lens? Everytime got to poke and change, meh?

  8. mama-irma – No lah sayang…LOL. I used to have 400/475 for my eyes. Now, I am fitted with 400/200+ power contacts. Our brain is such that it works the way we want, getting use to it is easy. But you must find an expert eyecare specialist, not any kedai cermin mata. I am under the expert care of Ronald Tai, an optometrist in Penang. Make sure the guy who prescribe knows what he is doing ‘cos we need good adjustments for both distance and close up. Maklumlah, driving kan?

  9. Hmm… nothing to worry about Lilian. My mom got the twitching too and she got it when she handled a particularly stressful situation at work (she’s normally cooler than a cucumber) and then her eye (right eye I think) started twitching.

    It means you’re under stress. Or having not enough sleep. Or worrying about something. It’s an involuntary action you can’t control, and you may or may not feel it.

    Just try to relax and don’t worry about the twitchy eye – the more you worry, the worse it gets!

  10. I did mine in 1998 when they had PRK, not LASIK yet. My power was very high but I’m glad I did it cos ever since then, I’ve got 20/20 vision. Did it at Optimax.

  11. Hi Ms Lilian,
    I know why it happens.In Tamil they call it ‘vaivu’ .. honestly i dono what you call it in English,haha,..but apparently if you eat certain types of foods which cause that, (like the raw banana which Indian like to put in curry/dhal) or certain types of lentils,or even too much of fried banana,then you will get it.I happen to get these twitches too.I guess stress is a cause too,so I think good blood circulation would prevent this šŸ™‚

    take care,
    Ana šŸ˜‰

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