Fly me to the moon

Fly me to the moon

Let me sing among those stars

Let me see what spring is like

On jupiter and mars

In other words, hold my hand

In other words, baby kiss me

Fill my heart with song

Let me sing for ever more

You are all I long for All

I worship and adore

In other words, please be true In other words,I love you

By Frank Sinatra

And this is our Malaysia Boleh’s version

Fly me to the moon

Let me play batu

‘Cos I sked moon no batu

Nor batik sarong

In other words, make me laugh

In other words, baby kill me (cos it is so embarassing)

Fill my heart with shame

Let me hide for ever more

For I belong to a country who worship and adore (roti canai, teh tarik and batu)

In other words, please be true In other words,

I love you, Malaysia, but don’t act like that

‘Cos Neil Armstrong Never go to the moon, and eat American hotdogs and burgers

Russian astronauts never drink vodka

Save the patriotic act

Save the money

Feed the poor in our kampungs

Roti canai and teh tarik

Use the money to buy batu  and build homes for the homeless

17 thoughts on “Fly me to the moon

  1. Lilian Darling!!!

    How absolutely delicious!! marvelous posting dear and so full of mockery of the Malaysian Culture, lovely lovely!!

    Anyway, I’ve launched my new site today with the fist exclusive interview, maybe i should interview you one of this day darling!! The sordid life of the 5xmom? hmmm, lovely idea…



  2. I got it, I got it….eh, but last time they said tak jadi as astronauts mana can eat that type of foot, tak sesuai.
    At least when I’m done with my sulking (of not being able to be in the ‘competition’), this can get me to laugh.
    But we in the unis are also asked to take part in some of the ‘research’, said to be done by the astronauts in ISS, they gave out a long list. But mainly in medic., so we here not involved. Anyway, I’m eager to know later on the progress.

  3. breaking records and be the first are always in these idiots’ brain, they’ve got nothing better to do. Maybe they should get smashpOp to perform ‘space jump” on board heh ?? that would be awesome !!

  4. The govt is paying for someone’s expensive holiday trip to space! It’s as if we are accomplishing some “keng” that Msian’s should be proud. Here I am, unemployed, pokai, struggling to feed kids, bla, bla, bla. KNN, I cannot accept that I paid money to the govt(tax) to fund such b***sh*t! I would have preferred if they had given my money away to the poor.

  5. My version,

    Fly me to the moon

    Let me play your ku ku

    ‘Cos I sked in the moon no nen ku

    Nor ahmoi yang tak pakai batik sarong atau baju.

  6. pecah itu mahligai di kampung Port Klang, kutip small small batu and build more mini little houses around Bolehland for poor people =)

  7. Ok guys to be fair a bit, about the money, they say it is not from the “Perbendaharaan”, it is already in the package when we, I mean the gov. decided to buy those Russian fighter jets. So, IMHO, takkan la nak tolak anything that can be another case of “Malaysia Boleh”;)

  8. mama23beas: Agree as reported ‘that the money is not from the “Perbendaharaan”, but from the purchase package of the fighter jets’ – well, I dont think the Russians are so dumb not to inflate the total purchase price just to accomodate our Bolehnaut to play games in the ISS. And no prize for guessing who’s footing the bill!

  9. I replied THREE times but my comments all gone missing ‘cos of the KNNMCB internet line!!! Grr….

    Mr. Beh 🙂 – mama23beas is one of the earlier finalists in the astronaut programme, a doctorate in geology (I think) and we were cheering her on to go on the moon and plant our breastfeeding support flag. Hehehe…but she got pregnant when the selection was on.

  10. Tau tak per!! Experiments:

    American= Roast Marshmallows on Mars.
    Russian= Play Roulette on Haleys Comet.

    That woman joking or what, I could’ve sworn it is the 1st day of April today. How-lah to teh tarik in Zero Gravity???

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