Kids, are you supervising your parents’ TV programmes?

Kids (i.e. you are 50 yrs old and below, you fall into this category, ok?), are you supervising your parents and what programme they watch on TV? Do you remember when you were much smaller and they always nagged you not to watch this show, not to watch that show, don’t sit so near the TV, don’t watch violent movie, go and study, do homework etc etc?

Well, let me teach you. Now is the time to revenge and rebel. Time for you to nag them back! Tell them how bad moral it is. Nag them they musn’t watch bad example series. Tell them, ‘Hellllooooo, get real, that is bullsh*ts you are watching.” (maybe not in this tone, a bit polite, ok?)

Do you notice how many foreign soap operas are there on our RTM1 and RTM2? You know…the telenovela that Simon so likes to blog about? It usually involves triangle love and stuffs like that. Or how about our local Astana Impian? I bet our sortan of klang got the idea from there. Where people wear Kuaci sunglasses and drive Be-em-lap-liu.

Just this afternoon, there was this soap opera (names fictional ‘cos I do not know what show it is):


Sexy woman walked into the office.

“Oh George”, hugs each other, carressing…..

“I can’t go on like this. I think Andy is suspecting something.” (Andy is the brother of George)

Kiss, kiss, carress butts.

“What do you want me to do? Stay away from you, Sophia?”

“Noo….” Melt into George’s embrace…..

“I think we should be more discreet. Andy is very vindictive. The other time, he framed Benjamin when he suspected something.”


WTF? How many men you curi makan with, Sophia? You know hor…..on lazy afternoons like these, thousands and millions of housewives are watching. They learn bad moral, wei. If they watch these sorts of series too much, soon, the gas man, the butcher, the fishmonger will also appear attractive to all these silais (housewives lah). Then, I tell you, habis lah.

So, chewren….remember to supervise your mama and papa and monitor the shows they see hor? It is your way of getting back to them because they disallowed you to watch Ultraman and Hawaii-Five-O when you were small.

*muahahahar!!!!! I shall spend my time on the PC, thank you very much.* And I will stay away from the ‘drama’ of the moment. Where keris is being flail around, people throwing mud and clowns like that. I dare not tune in or else….you will get hourly rant from me.

16 thoughts on “Kids, are you supervising your parents’ TV programmes?

  1. where got hamsap la? i oso watch ok! 😛 was addicted few years back with rosalinda and betty la fea and bla bla yadda yadda. wah i wonder why our kountrie kenot produce great stories like those latino, philipino, indon and whatever language they have on tv. even rtm [kononnya sokong rancangan tempatan show alot more] days of our lives and the bold& beautiful is so boring i rather watch animal planet!

  2. HAHAHAHAHA…well, its for lonely desperate housewifes out there (of which you’re not one of them…thank God!!) who has nothing better to do with their afternoon’s mah!

    Yeah! The UMNO convention and all the hoopla in our news this past few days makes me give all printed and electronic media a miss, look at it only make me “tulan”

  3. Ooo … this is good advice! I’ll be sure to warn Mummy and Daddy not to watch all those raunchy MTV videos too much and watch more Playhouse Disney with me instead!

  4. I am the only one in the family who does not have Astro nor standard antenna to receive public channels like RTM, TV3, NTV7.. etc etc. Have tv and dvd to watch screened dvds and cds for kids, and ham sap dvds and cds for myself. LOL….

  5. Darling!!

    Didn’t you know that those soap opera’s that you mention above are mainly directed to little ole desperate housewives who has nothing better to do but to watch those dumb soaps and wishing in the deepest secrets of their hearts that their lives can be as exciting as the characters in the soap?

    Pathetic isn’t it, but its a form of escape for them, oh well!! Its better than having an affair with other people or being a busybody housewife don’t you think so darling Lilian?

    buzz buzz

  6. I totally agree! Have been nagging my mom not to watch so much TV – I don’t think it does anything to one’s brains. Then again, I learnt Cantonese thru’ watching all those movies leh. How ar??

  7. ppl who think hongkong dramas are cheong hei shud really watch the angmoh’s one hor? the bold & the beautiful on channel 70 is like the most cheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeong hei and mou-liu one evar!

  8. sooi2 – I watch the trailier only I already cursed like mad. LOL, I dunno how people can follow the series.

    susila – I learn Cantonese from there too! Educational….

    fly on the wall – I agree, if watch too much, sure screwed up the mind.

    agnes – I think after a few years of Astro I already got sick of it. I can live without it if I have the PC, and my blogs, and the USD I earned. Hehehe.

    mott – I got time, I got time, I got time….Arrgghh…I hate that. And the stupid angmoh who broke the light. And that lembik woman who allowed her children and husband to overtake all her viewing time. Haiyor…if I want to watch a show, everybody must give way. In the house, got hierarchy wan mah hor? Bad moral only, showing the mother’s show interrupted by the kids’ channel surfing and working whole day in the kitchen. Kurang ajar betul.

    ajab booboo – Yayaya, watch Barney. I lap u, you lap me.

    QV – Me too, I stay away from it ‘cos dunwan to get into trouble ranting and rubbing people in the wrong way.

    wuching – No wonder la…you hari hari watch p0rn?

    azhan – Got lah, all those triangle love, tua-tua also triangle love, gila betul. But I agree those Latin one, memang cun chick. Body…fuwah.

    iblogtogod – LOL, I bet you have time to indulge in that now!

  9. Aunty lilian…pasang astro lo, at least your eyes won’t burn watching bad acting and moral values…

    then again…can always blog!! hehehe

  10. Chewren… please supervise your parents’ NET-SURFING activities too, ok?

    People have got the right to watch whatever crap they want what ??!!

  11. Seldom watch TV already. My mum’s rules – no TV on weekdays! – since I was in Primary 1. Think I got so used to it so I can practically live without TV! Read Auntie Lilian’s blog better lah…got pendidikan moral and agama! Summore can learn not to be cheated (when buy ciplak things, etc) Uni oso no teach such thing. No need headache figure out the dunno-how-many-angle love, who kill who, who cheated the company’s money, who rob the bank, etc…

    *Learnt my Cantonese through the dramas too! Useful!

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