One stormy, rainy night….


This is a cross from my Christmas tree. Bought it from Debenhams yang sudah tutup kedai two years ago. Nice hor? Dunno put up   photos of crosses on our blogs must ask for permit or not? (you know…after what happened to this – Taoist temple demolition)


Anyway…it was one crazy stormy, rainy night here.

The commando shooed the four cadets to get their butts down to the lift lobby to wait for the tank. Commando went ahead to drive the tank to pick the four cadets because it was already drizzling. So, the troopers obediently got down several minutes later while the commando waited and waited, tapping fingers, muttering….
Commando sent two to concentration camp at church. Nyek, nyek, nyek, older two gone for the weekend. Woohoo…time for some romance. Otherwise, susah you know… Having teens at home is worst ‘cos if you disappeared suddenly, they probably shouted, ‘Awww….mom, are you having sex right now? I am hungry now, can you go make me some Maggi Mee?’ (ok, ok, my kids dare not talk like that, just copycat from some movie)

So, after that, I drove home with the two younger ones. It was already drizzling and getting very dark. KNNMCB whole island is so jammed and by the time I almost reached home, I realised the house key is not with me. One of them probably took it with them. It is too tedious to fight the traffic jam to get back to church to take the key. Atm is caught up in the jam on the Penang Bridge and won’t be reaching for another 45 minutes.

We then go to McDonald’s and had some food. The rain was freaking heavy and OMG, the thunder and lightning is so scary. Thank God for McDonald’s. SMS the eldest and he said #2 said the key is in the car. Since we can’t find it, I was pretty sure the key must be in his luggage or somewhere. So, after getting out from McDonald’s, we went back to church because the other direction was too jam to drive.

Got back to church in the heavy rain and nope, the key is not with #2 either. Call atm to pick us from church on his way home and I left my car in church overnight since I will be going there again tomorrow.

And guess where is the key? It is still in the keyhole, stucked to the door at home! Duh! I spent 1+ hours fighting traffic jam, after work and school traffic and these out-of-towners who are flooding my island in thunderstorm and heavy rains for nothing. Got me so stressed I ate one Fillet-o-fish, one cup of McD’s coffee, some chips, some nuggets, quarter quarter pounder, 1/3 apple pie (all leftovers lah) AND half a plate of mee mamak. And the school holidays haven’t even start yet.

16 thoughts on “One stormy, rainy night….

  1. LOL…….sound like “Home Alone” movie leh…Where everyone is rushing but forgot the most important thing….The KEY..

    Hey Lilian…just relak lah……Breathe in breathe out…HAHAHAHA


  2. Does anyone notice the Issues that come right around UMNO General Meeting…

    1. Bumi Equity Percentage
    2. Abg Zak/ Datuk Zak
    3. Selangor Exco Village
    4. Altantuya
    5. Temple Demolition??!! (I Thot Penang Government= Gerakan? Still UnmO fault h mai?)

    Drives my conspiracy theory gear into overdrive.

  3. fire80 – I dunno lah, it is very bad timing (or rather well planned). Knowing the current situation, they certainly can wait until someone else get murdered or something, then only pretend pretend go bulldoze mah. Now everyone on the CCTV case, lost respect with the head, somemore go kacau. Cari mampus, for both sides. Then ppl sure dig back, why satay hut can go on, why this deities that people worship also they no respect. And hor, Reuters got it online but none on Bernama or the local news. Like duh…no reporters in Penang issit?

    theng – Hahaha, after McD, hubby go for dinner, so I hentam lagi.

    azhan – If there are proper warnings, the temple never apply proper licences etc etc, then, there is the law to demolish. ‘Cos really some housing estates also melampau with conmen pretending to be gods and buat tokong kat rumah. But this one? I dunno lah, I duduk rumah, never go out, Komtar dah become dusts oso I dunno. LOL.

    TehSee – Eat more, eat more.

  4. one more to add – The other day I already said, last time our local hawkers and those small time businessmen, we call ‘siu huan’ always very respect council people wan. They see them as the law. But what happened after the CCTV, they already have no more respect. Now they can bergelut-gelut already. It takes a long time to earn respect but just one silly mistake, gone in the ash burns. LOL

  5. Wah! Very chim leh! I mean the comments.
    Too much stuff to absorb today…will revisit again some other time after dig out everything from the other ear…Heeheehee!

  6. oh like that ka? i see.. whoah actually ah, i oso dunno how dusty Komtar is now. too lazy to read newspaper because too Reddish ade with the Keris Party. *kurang minat* so i come here see update of penang lorr, mana tau a bit dusty oso! ahaha now i should go eat donut before CCTV catch me ade!

  7. What really happenned at the temple demolition? Any pictorial news? Is the temple legal or not? I realized in these few years some ppl make house (especially terrace types) into places of worship (that is VERY annoying to me). Worship places are the ones that always thrive out of any economic weather (in my own opinion)

  8. TehSee: Thank you for the links.
    Emotions aside.
    Q1: Was the temple built on land approved?
    Q2: Does this temple house a PROPER diety?
    Q3: Whose money used to built it?
    Q4: Whose idea to build this temple?
    Q5: What are the background of the committees who built temple?

  9. Saw a pic of the authorities demolishing a small mosque (in Terengganu I think it was) without planning permission last year too. There was a confrontation with between the locals and the authorities too but I don’t remember if it turned ugly. The news didn’t make it to neither Reuters nor the local print media.

    On another note, my heart gave a little start when I read your key was left in the lock. Glad everything turned out well in the end. If that happened to me I would have been stressed out too.

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