School holidays starts NOW! *pull hairs*

Just so you know, the kids long, year-end school holidays start right now. I love to hear the excited screams from the school kids next to my apartment. But, but, but that means almost two months of having the monkeys at home 24/7 for 50 days.

It means….

  • Three main meals and countless in-between snacks
  • Plenty of ‘Can you drive me here, drive me there’
  • Lots of fights to referee
  • Many cups to pick up and wash
  • Rubbish to sweep
  • Fully occupied PCs and laptop
  • TV blasting 24/7
  • Lots of junk foods to buy
  • No privacy to watch p0rn (Ok, I made this up, if you believe me, I smack your head)
  • Lots of clothes to wash

We aren’t going anywhere for holidays because my atm cannot afford to take annual leave. (next time I will tell you why) So it is going to be ‘fun’. Lots of ranting posts coming soon.

I will probably go botak after the holidays are over. Pull hairs, chew nails, knock head on the wall. Hope I can afford real human hair extensions or else I will be bald from the stress and frayed nerves.

But hah!  I am not complaining.  The positive side is my toddler will bug me less because he got his three brothers to occupy him.  I can still steal the laptop to the bedroom, switch on the aircond, lock the door  and peek at a p0rn movie  or two. (smacks heads)
So, moms and dads, what are you all doing this school holidays?  And to all the students, best lah, enjoy!  Oops, I forget to wish Good luck to all those Form Five students taking SPM like CLF and others.

17 thoughts on “School holidays starts NOW! *pull hairs*

  1. My boy is going to ENJOY kau kau…. hehe.
    (Err… not like he’s enjoying kau kau the other non-holiday days already…. hehe, he’s in kindy only lah)

  2. Sei lah, thot want to activate spam karma but my comment count hilang pulak. If you guys commented and did not see your comment appear, it is because of my screwed up spam filter, don’t think I delete your comment hor?

    sasha – Ya, also grow grey hair, wrinkles, zits….

    pablopabla – Torture…..

    Bernard – I just realised that I churn out the same post every year (looking at my related post)

  3. Hmmm..did my earlier comment come up or not or system going a bit haywire?

    Anyway..wanted to say that Its the time of the year where Aunty’s stress level goes up!! With the kids running amok all around the house and asking you to do this and do that hehehehe

    Wishing you all the best aunty and have a good weekend and make sure you stock up extra panadol for the headaches 😛

  4. 3 main meals and countless of snacks? woowee, we can expect 2 entries per day in ur food blogs! 😀

  5. Die! That means my alarm clock would be the sound of kids screaming their heads off! Darn! Thought I could get my peaceful sleep at home after burning the electric lamp (not that I have to pay) every nights studying for final exam in uni.

    My young cousins will be raiding my house for as long as the school holidays!!!

    *thinking of somewhere to escape to*

    (Hmm, Bintulu will be a good idea!)
    *imagine – seaside, lemonade, shady coconut trees, hunky surfers serving at my feet….* ZzzzzzZ

  6. i’m glad its school holiday……I’m not a parent…yet.
    its because my 6yrs old niece coming to visit me…yeay!! its her 1st white xmas…hope the snow stays……*pray hard*

  7. How about crossing “Lot of fights to referee” off the list. Ask the non-fighter to referee, tell him to stall the fight for as long as possible…..then got more time to watch hamsup movie..ahem!

  8. School holidays means no more leisure shopping days as the mall in KL will be packed. Retail and education businesses peaks but parents will go broke till after chinese new year. My toddler and 4 year old sons are in day care.. thank goodness…

  9. It is bittersweet isn’t it. I love and relish the fact I can hang out and reacquaint myself with my boys and then again reevaluate the fact that I have lost any piece and quite till they return to the school schedule. Rant away.

    I have a game room I steer clear of during this time. We put a trampoline in the backyard a skate ramp and a pool. How soon the novelty wears off and they are complaining of boredom like I’m their personal entertainer lol. After the first week the testosterone thickens they bore and hell begins. I wish you luck and strength during your time of need.

  10. No wishes for STPM students ar?

    Holidays are cool, which also means that I’ve to start watching out for speed traps alr

  11. my kids just love to jump around on trampolines and they are sort of addicted to it.:`*

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