Find out your blogebrity status & how Digg works?

Terry Ng emailed me about this Technorati-powered widget that determines the
bloglebrity list-status of a blogger. The vain pot in me of course cannot resist finding out whether I am an A-list blogger or not. Chey…definitely not an A-list but then, B-list is fine too.

B-List Blogger

And congrats to Liew, the Malaysia first full-time blogger for having listed with the likes of:


Rand Fish (SEOmoz), Darren Rowse (Problogger), Robert Scoble (Scobleizer), Seth Godin, Steve Rubel (Micropersuasion), Xiaxue, Trent Vanegas (Pink is The New Blog), Kathy Sierra (Creating Passionate Users), Richard MacManus (Read/WriteWeb), Pete Cashmore (Mashable!), Dave Sifry (Sifry’s Alerts), Nick Douglas (Valleywag), Jeremy Schoemaker (Shoemoney), Neil Patel (Pronet Advertising), Liew Cheon Fong (LiewCF), Abe Olandres (Ambot ah!), Mia Kim (Popgadget), Mike Arrington (TechCrunch), Todd

So, what are you waiting for? Faster find out your blogebrity status and go kembang-kembang a bit, ok? Don’t forget to tell the others you heard about this from 5xmom, A-list blogebrity wannabe.

BTW, one of my post got dugg but the noob in me doesn’t know how Digg works. Are you a member of Digg? Arrggh…I just joined Digg two days ago and am not sure what is the rules. Can enlighten me?


If the above is too frivolous for you, go read KJ’s blog.  NO! NO! NO!, not that KJ.  This KJ. 

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