If UMNO is a Malays only party, why are they using UMNO?

I don’t mean to make two posts within an hour. But after I pinged the last post, I found something and cannot sit still and am wondering about it. My site is listed second to UMNO online. I have never bother much about what the acronym [tag]UMNO[/tag] stands for until just now when I saw it :


That’s a very British name, ain’t it?

Dang…their website takes ages to load. *tapping fingers, while waiting….* Eh, why got transfering data from irc malaysia wan? *still waiting for the page to download*

OK, I give up. Umno-Online webmaster, you ought to make your site load faster.

So, peoples, can someone enlighten me. If UMNO is a Malay only party, why are they still sticking to the word UMNO? Why are we changing all the names of cities, roads, ports and etc to Malay names when the single, one and only, Malay party never bothers to change to something else? Like Organisasi Nasional Melayu Bersekutu? ONMB….sounds like the Buddhist chants of OMMMM…plak.

Can you freaking believe I had finished writing this and the site is still loading. Heh, a reflection of the party?

17 thoughts on “If UMNO is a Malays only party, why are they using UMNO?

  1. Hehe Auntie Lilian šŸ™‚
    Then MCA , MIC all become what LoL.Which is why I believe race based politics, like any race based stuff won work.Malaysia belongs to Malaysians.Who are Malaysians? (…suddenly remember Lee Kuan Yew’s famous speech)

  2. don’t support the keris party, although parents are member, but they had no choice or something.. i’m free! not affiliated to anything. *wheeeeeeeeee*

  3. imagine the amount of money they need to spend to change the name!! SHOCKS! HORRORS! Oh..wait..it’ll go into someone’s pocket very nicely ..ahem!

  4. Actually their “official” Malay acronym is PEKEMBAR — Pertubuhan Kebangsaan Melayu Bersatu. Its just that they never used it.

    – MENJ

  5. Hey, good point! DBP should take action, shouldn’t they?

    Btw, aunty Lilian, do you think we can blog about current issues freely? I mean, obviously the limits aren’t clear when it comes to online postings. Sometimes I’m scared, sometimes I click delete.

  6. CY – I don’t know ler…but I’ve never been rude but giving constructive (hehehe) points for thoughts. So, I am not sked ler.

    menj – Really? Pekembar sounds like a woman who tends to give birth to twins. LOL.

    mott – Call for tenders!

    azhan – Good for you.

    jacy – They are so used to calling it UMNO there can be no change unless…they find a Malay version to it. Actually I have something in mind but won’t dare to say it. Shhhh….

    Emmanuel – There has to be race but previously, they play by the rules, keep to their corners. Now, they taunt and then, turn around and point fingers that it is the other parties doing it.

  7. Only after you point it out, I noticed irc-malaysia.com thingy

    Obviously umno-online.com is a add-on domian to irc-malaysia.com

    What a joke. To put such an important website as ‘underlings’ to a chat channel?

  8. Since their website needs such a long time to load, I think early early they have already decided to change the name in the 80s, probably 70s. Changing in progress mah.

    Let’s see if they change it by 2020.

  9. The abbreviation stand for “U Must NOt ask”. That’s why nobody asking why they still stick to a colonial name.
    Talk about colonial influence šŸ˜‰

  10. well Dato’ onn Jaafar did plan on changing the name to United Malaya National Organization in order non-malays can enter the organization, but noooooooooooo, other malay say cannot then blablablakbkabka.. why malaya? well it was still at a time before we gained our independence, so the name “MALAYSIA” wasn’t even around to be used yet. Oh and why the change wasn’t allowed it was either malays at that time were stubborn or ah to lazy to explain, go read some history books, memory serves me right, form5 text book should cut the chase. šŸ˜€

  11. it means…UM dulu, lepas tue cakap NO !!!…join them and it becomes UMNO….thats what they do..subject the people of malaysia to all kinds of difficulties and robbery ( like the Kg Buah Pala case in Penang – a work of UMNO..)

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