Persons are gifts


Last night I baked like four cakes and 6 cupcakes. Best nyerrrr….my lemon and poppy seed butter cake. My son wants to bring to eat with his friends lah. Not I go on cake eating binge to thwart the tensions of reading our country depressing news.

Like for e.g. the Mat Rempits stoning policemen. I tell you, if this goes on, habis our country. And the most geram part is the holy people on top are focussing on the wrong thing. As I said earlier, it is not the murtad problems that they should be so concerned about. It is why the youths are not turning to religious teachings (stoning policemen is not the same as stoning the devil, ok? hehehe). OK, enough about that.

Let’s talk about what I did during the weekend.

My two older children attended the camp in our church called ‘Persons are gifts’ – P.A.G.(gift of God, it means). It is a 3-day camp of discovering their talents, skills and how they can do God’s will with them. As you can see, it is no boring, dreary, churchy, preachy event but something the youths enjoyed. Like the above breakdancing. They also have cavemen vs. Spiderman skits and clowns depicting Jesus’s journey on earth and his resurrection.

There is this short sketch which is funny yet relevant. These bunch of people are queueing up at the Heaven’s Gate. God had a conversation with each of them, how brawn, brain, money, beauty and talent can’t get them to Heaven but humbleness can. Can see the grim reaper coming to claim his stocks?

Real funny bunch of youths there. Some of them are trained to lead the team but majority are just regular guys like my children. They had so much fun.

But the best gifts I got was the two kids of mine were asked to write a letter to us, parents. Aww….which mom doesn’t get teary-eyed from reading the letter from their kids? I can tell you, pamper those little kids of yours in the right way and when they are grown up, they remember those moments. Like those nicknames you have for them when they were small etc.

But my toddler got bored during the shows and chose to bite me. Grrr…he is into biting people and insists he must bite because he is a rat. I got a few bite marks on my upper arms. (this is pampering in the wrong way, ok?) *sigh* Either that or he will scream. I chose bite ‘cos I wanted to watch my elder son’s performance. So after that, I took him to the grotto and awww….he looks so cute, putting his hands together in respect of Mother Mary. (It is not the same as praying, we don’t pray to Mother Mary, we only ask Mother Mary to pray for us.)

I must applaud the fantastic team from PAG (which is under the POHD) for the weekend that probably will keep my children rooted in Christ always. The most precious gift we can give to our children is a religious foundation.

Walaueh, check this and see? Dun pway-pway.

3 thoughts on “Persons are gifts

  1. (stoning policemen is not the same as stoning the devil, ok? hehehe).
    5xmom, hah hah hah….you’re the best.

  2. Camps for youths organised by the church are always fun. Used to join them back during my secondary school days…Sketches are all funny and witty…

    Ah, yes…the Mother Mary part…remind me of something. Why people have this mentality that Catholics worship Mother Mary? My friends asked me, my ex-roommate asked me, my current-roommate asked me, non-Catholics all asked the same thing…annoying ler! After explaining that we only ask Mother Mary to intercede for us, lagilah banyak ‘why’ coming up. Some of them dahlah tak faham agama orang, berlagak sombong pulak tu. Bodoh sombong!

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