Bond, James Bond – Give your man a Bond spy gadget

You know? Men don’t fancy ahkua perfumes and sissy ties. Men like cool toys that make them stood out from their brat pack. Try giving them a chainsaw or something macho like that. Ok, probably not that macho. How about a Bond’s gadget? You know…it will make you like one of Bond’s  hot chick from  Casino Royale  in the process.

How about this Wong Fei Hong (Chinese martial art legend) like glasses that can see the rear view? I bet that boyfriend or spouse of yours is going to be thrilled to be able to see the boss walking in. As if he has eyes on the back of his head. He is going to love you for that. Give him plenty of time to love talk with you on MSN, looking busy while being able to keep an eye on the boss.

But if you think you don’t enjoy that man of yours looking at chicks without anyone noticing, then, how about a night vision binoculars? Of course, the two of you can stalk out lovers spot and get some thrills of being peeping tom and janes. Plus, you can use it to stalk out those religious department officers who are peeping. If you have a infra red camera, your photos will sell!

Now you know where to get gift for him. But wait a minute, you ladies ought to also watch out for suspicious items like these when you are visiting the homes of some new boyfriends or the councillor’s office. You never know when someone’s watching.

Take for example, even a door knob that looks seemingly innocent can have peep-holes and hidden camera like this Peephole Door Camera. They even have punch-clocks, wall clocks, table fans and other innocent looking items with [tag]spy [/tag]cameras hidden in them.
Awww…did I just give you guys some naughty ideas? I bet some of our town councillors are heading over to Brickhouse for some shopping right this minute!

13 thoughts on “Bond, James Bond – Give your man a Bond spy gadget

  1. All those clicks are they like connected to drop ships? Just wondering coz a friend just taught me some internet marketting stuffs that I can capitalise on…

  2. fire80 – drop ships? ape tu? But this post , as you can see I put under sponsored post. Means I do get paid but I like the novelty of it so I write it here, not soley because of the money. Those I usually use other blogs to write. 😛

    Loong – I would need to go Goolge what is Aston Martin ‘cos I haven’t watch James Bond movie far too long liao. LOL

    terence – Not in the package but if next time I get to review call girls site, I fast-fast do it and share with you, ok?

    iblogtogod – Wah, scary you. LOL.

    moo_t – Yalor, our customs won’t let all these get through wan ler. Good also, we got to many perverts.

    CY, DS, Wuching – When there are, I tell you guys, ok?

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