Why do we have so many suckers for those SMS-es craps?

You can’t sit down in front of the TV without being assaulted by those stupid ads like, “SMS 1313-aku-tadak-hotak-888 kepada Dunia Mawi”. Or ‘Find out which type of monster you are by sending SMS to 1-300-I-am-a-total-idiot-888″.

Then, there is those never ending ticker tape, you know….those little lines moving below where subtitles are on the TV screen? My TV is only 14 inches so with all those moronics SMS-es like, ‘Apokabor?’ and ‘xsdar ke?’ etc etc, it looks like a whole colony of ants crawling across the screen. (ok, dun buy into my lie of 14 inches TV ok? but those sms-es are real)

But of course, there is none as stupiak as those who congregated to protest based on SMS alone. Protest what lah. I still remember waiting for him to sail into Langkawi. I remembered how proud I was as a Malayisian back then. The Government put him on the pedestal. His story is in our school textbook. But look what happened now? People wanna stone the devil just based on a hoax SMS.

However, where are those people who are supposed to watch out and beware when the country or maybe the world biggest heist of microchips was carried out? An anon. SMS was sent out. No one bothers. Cheh, malu nyerrr. But wait a minute. Did they say world biggest? Wah, this calls for yet another Guinness Book of World records. Aww…this is so exciting. *clasps hands and rubs in excitment* Is Hollywood going to do a movie based on this? You know…in a land far away….where majority of small brains live, many are mesmerised by an SMS ringtone and all fell into the sea like the Pipe-Piper and the rats.
So, chewren….don’t ever get suckered into sending all those SMS craps. Use it to buy lollipop, give it to the beggar, throw it into the wish pond, SMS to your grandmas instead or whatever. Just don’t let some buggers get rich from your parents’ hard earned money. And it is so uncool to SMS Dunia Mawi, ok?

21 thoughts on “Why do we have so many suckers for those SMS-es craps?

  1. that’s soooo true. now that you have pointed it out, i wonder why didn’t they take the sms about the stolen chips seriously rather than the hoax ones.

    good point 🙂

  2. another entry for Malaysia Boleh … Boleh percaya SMS mengarut … Boleh buang duit hantar SMS yang tidak di ketahui kesahihannya …

  3. they are even those sms to know your japanese name and sms to know your love compatibility. and dungu chatspace. 50sen per sms and they post up silly things such as “pvtla aku”, “JoE JoE JoE JoE…”, rindu-rindu here and there la. so desperate for attention r?!? 6 sms-es cost rm3.00 d lo… might as well i use it to buy chicken rice. my shit summore can jadi fertilizer

  4. the best is..Ppl actually believe SMSs that tell them “YOU’VE WON US100,000. Pls deposit US1000 into XXXX-XXXXXX to receive your money!”


  5. on our local tv, we also have the stupid question and answer using sms, duh will the result prove anything? in statistics, the result will not be valid because so many factors not accounted for. so in the end the money goes to the tv and telecommunication company. while ur effort goes to prove nothing. even if the result remotely proves something, will the authority concerned take action? in boleh land? tak boleh lah

  6. During the Halloween, there are even:

    If you are the scary ghost , send SMS to …


    Are they joking? If I am a scary ghost, why would I want to haunt a stupid handphone? Why not I looking for a warm bimbo body? (no insult to any female intended, but you get what I mean)

  7. Wuching: WTF!!1 hahahahaha Wuching is hawt indeed hehahahahaha

    Aunty: I don’t know why but the lyrics from Jar of Clay entitled Lonely People keep on cropping up to my mind when I read this posting. Maybe they are bored, lonely and have nothing better to do and thus they resort to such sms to fill in their time while they sit down and watch the idiot box.

  8. How do we tell the rest of the world that only 20% of the population contributes to the real growth of Malaysia, while the rest are more interested in sending and believing hoax SMSes, “rempit” in the middle of the night, debate racially sensitive issues, worship useless idols, etc etc?

  9. There must be a way to stop those SMS spam, like e-mail spam.

    My friend kena: You have received prize of RM40-00 just sms this number XXXXXXXXXXXXX,

    See-see he got reply: you have transferred RM4-00 to XXXXXXXXXXXXX phone number.

    hahaha kesian dia it was the Celcom transfer of credit number. Nasib baik sekarang ada Pre-paid registration drive.

  10. those sms thinggy really SIAN SIAN SIANZZZZ la.! And i dun believe got ppl so stupid go n sms sms ..samo now got what “teka mana mawi” crap…

  11. this is a multi million ringgit industry and big corporate organisation like astro getting most of the chunk… sms dunia mawi my kah-chnooi!

  12. TAHNIAH. Simcard Anda Meme-nangi hadiah Cek Tunai RM.9000 dari AFM. Sila hubungi 006281336150111Terimakasih


    Message centre:


    Guess what? That’s the Indonesian country code!! Since when Akademi Fantasia operated by ASTRO ALL ASIA NETWORK BHD owned by Tan Sri Ananda Krishnan and handled by ASTRO RIA got black and white with Indonesia for AF stuff? Madness! But actually like I really care on the money-making shows. Hate Mawi. *wheeeeeeee*

  13. Folks, thanks for all the comments. Sorry lah, I today bring my kids and one of their girlfriend (ooh..the future dil?) shopping for a party tomorrow. Then, I had to rush home and season the meats for BBQ tomorrow. Phew…and it is just the first week of school holidays.

  14. received same sms like AZHAN above(from +62816124), i believe it’s a hoax, pls beware..! do not reply/call

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