Belly Dancing

Come see my belly dancing video!


Kid : Padin Musa also can do this.

Me : Hoi! you are suppose to learn skateboarding from Padin lah. Not this lah. Learn how to be an Asian X-Games gold medalist lah. Not belly dancing lah.

Kid : No lah, I did it first. Not I learn from Padin. You don’t believe, you ask the skateboarders and see.

Me : Ok lah, ok lah. Do again, do again. I take video and blog it, can ah?

Kid : You upload to Youtube also ok?

**End conversation**

So, can you do that too? Not easy, right? So freaky only. Kid told me he cannot do it with full stomach.

12 thoughts on “Belly Dancing

  1. i was not so geli when i started to watch it but thinking of those internal organs and etc etc.. yorr, kenot do after eating horr! later all food drop out!

  2. yeah, the food will go right back up where they came down…heard that this exercise can slim down the tummy wan ler if donw regularly lar…

  3. Adam – Nope, he didn’t get muscle cramps and in fact, ate a big plate of rice. Hehehe, skinny kid of mine.

    JM- Huh? There is no brain cells required ‘cos this is just a freaky video of my kid and his rolling abdomen muscles. What did you see/read?

    Clare – Oh wow, did you sign up for belly dancing? So sexy ler….If you are female, curvy and wearing those midriffs and Aladdin see through pants. LOL.

    azhan – Yalah, so geli oni. You should see them doing their starvation action. Two of them can pull in their abdoment, leaving bones jutting out. Lagi teruk than the starvings Ethopian. I told them buat malu me oni, like I no kasi makan. LOL.

  4. My aerobic class got little belly dancing… actually it’s those tummy toning exercise lar…

    Can never do it. If I can, rest assured I’ll go sapu all the Victoria Secret bikinis to show off. Maybe I can go Penang beach and u can blog about sexy c9 from Ipoh.. LOL

  5. Either the link to the youtube went haywire or my computer haywire again šŸ˜›

    Anyway, I am having nightmare of wuching now trying to see if he can still do belly dancing as when he was a child!!! HAHAHAHAHAHA Have to ask the Mrs when she gets to Kuching and see if the husband got stomach cramps on this date šŸ˜›

  6. You would be surprised to know that we do this all the time in yoga, as part of our practice to massage the internal organs and expel “dirty air”. It’s a healthy exercise! Good for him.

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